Season 2 Episode 5

Dear Boy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2000 on The WB

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  • The great Darla/Angel get together


    The Good;

    All the Angel and Darla stuff and the Kate stuff. Love the cheating wife subplot too.

    The Bad;


    Best line:

    "God doesn't want you, but I do"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    Awful scene between Darla and Angelus whilst driving Dru mad. She is a virgin and a saint, how different her life could have been. Darla grabbing/killing the actor.

    Apocalypses: 4

    Angel Cliches

    Damsel in distress; 17

    In disguise;

    Whilst surveiling the cheating wife in the hotel so 6

    DB get's his shirt off; 10

    Cordy's tattoo;3

    Cheap Angel; AI jump at the chance of a paying client Cordy noting he has Mastercard etc. Angel asks Wes if he has any money he can lend him for Caritas


    Fang Gang in bondage:

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 8

    Wes: 2

    Fang gang knocked out:

    Cordy: 10

    Angel: 12

    Wes: 5

    Doyle; 1

    Kills: one demon for Gunn

    Cordy: 5 vamps, 1 demons

    Angel; 17 vamps, 18 and 1/2 demons, 3 humans

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 1/2 a demon

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 16 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.

    Gunn; 5 vamps + 1 demon.

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 2

    Alternate Fang Gang:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 6

    Characters killed: 3, the actor, the Lord and the Streetwalker


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations:

    4, Angel, Cordy, Wes and Gunn

    Angel Investigations shot: Angel shot by the cops who respond to the call

    Angel: 9,

    Packing heat; we have the first appearance the tranquliser guns.

    Wes; 4

    Doyle; 2

    Angel; 1

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 2 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast

    Angel: 1;Buffy

    Wes; 1 bleached blonde according to Angel and to the amazement of Cordy

    Kinky dinky:

    Angel forces himself on Darla but being Darla she revels in it. "You're hurting me, I like it". Angel tells Darla she can 'Scream all she wants'. Darla says she's pretty familar with the international sign for 'enough' whilst Angel says what they did together 'blew the top of my head off'. Angel has 'a thing for convents', hmmm? The nuns or the teenage schoolgirls in uniforms? Darla kills the streetwalker even though she was one herself. Angel smells Cordy's hair, the first hint of Cangel. When Angel refers to his love Cordy thinks he's talking about Buffy. Cordy's 'Pet me I'm a whore' outfit certainly fits the bill. Angel observes that Wes has recently had sex with a bleach blonde, probably the girl from 'Judgement', much to Cordelia's incredulity. Buffy the cheerleader gave Angel a happiness Darla couldn't give, maybe Darla should get the costume and some pompoms?

    Captain Subtext;

    In fanfic the bleach blonde Wes had sex with is often Spike. Lorne refers to his bartender Ramon as a 'treasure'.

    Know the face, different character; 2

    Parking garages;


    Guantanamo Bay;

    Buffy characters on Angel; Dru for the first time 12

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru

    Questions and observations;

    Angel is 247 years old and now a coffee addict contrary to what was stated in The Prom. Great ep, the renewal of the Angel/Darla relationship and it's terrific on all levels, great things to come. Angel seems to have established a reputation as a PI for the superanatural, AI's spying on the cheating wife is quite professional with listening devices, mini-camera's, the works. In the Buffyverse there appear to be no aliens (what about the Queller demon from season 5?). Kate is now a pariah in the LAPD but is still loved by her friends and colleagues. Lorne is back for the first time in a while. Some great satire on Hollywood actors. Gunn has a long and colourful record with LAPD.

    Marks out of 10; 9/10

  • 'It's like living with the world's oldest teen-ager. He can't be having a growth spurt at two hundred and forty-eight, could he?'

    ‘Dear Boy’ is one of the most amazing episodes of this show thus far. In this episode Angel discovers that Darla is back, only now as a human.

    The episode begins with a Cordy vision which brings the gang to a place with a lot of monk-ish people who all seem to be possessed, but there is something wrong with Angel, he seems to be off his game and instead of helping the gang he keeps hitting the same guy.

    Angel is really off and goes outside after being weird and sniffing Cordy, outside he sees Darla who is trying to make Angel crazy together with Lindsey.

    Both Darla and Lindsey want to get back at Angel, only both are also using each other. They hire an actor who will play Darla’s husband and she has to play the innocent woman who is being stalked by Angel. At a restaurant where Angel and his crew are investigating if a woman is being abducted by aliens or just having an affair, Angel sees Darla but when she runs into the light his crew thinks he’s gone insane but he knows better, she came back as human. Kate is also back in this episode, a friend gives her Angel’s case and where he might be hiding, she goes to the hotel where she meets Gunn and says that she cares about the victims and even though Angel isn’t bad, he isn’t good to her either.

    Darla should get her own series, together with the actor they make Angel come in but when he comes in she has called the police and made a vampire hit her and kill the actor, in that way it seems like Angel did all that. When Darla tells everything to Kate she makes it seem obvious it was Angel, when Kate doesn’t look he grabs Darla from above.

    Angel takes Darla back to the place they fought the demon at the beginning, there he makes her loose her innocent appearance and brings out the real her. Darla was brought back as a human and wants to be together with Angel again, he’s her Dear Boy. But Angel doesn’t want to go bad and tells her that now that she has a soul the memories of everything she did will come back to haunt her sooner or later. This episode is absolutely amazing, the flashbacks of Angelus and Darla were fantastic and we also saw Drusilla and a scene just before she got turned. Also Darla proved to be a brilliant character and Julie Benz gave an amazing performance together with David Boreanaz. Angel begins to go off his path just like W&H wanted, he sings for the Host who tells him he’s not on the right path and at the end he tells his crew that he wants the lawyers to bring it on, this episode marks the beginning of his darkest time.
  • This episode is filled with the most passionate acting I have ever seen.

    This is the reason why they pay big bucks to great actors. This episode is the example of the reason why people love vampire stories.

    The dialog and wording of this episode was great. I give props to the writers and the actors of this episode. This episode is filled with the most passionate acting I have ever seen.

    It brought back memories of a few relationships that I had in the past. Karen, Kayla, and Gabriella, this one's for you.
  • Overall, this episode was the first of the second season to address the season arc directly, and it set up many of the important plot elements in the process.

    Much like the “Buffy” episode that aired during the same week, this episode was all about bringing the smoldering plot elements strewn throughout the first few episodes into the forefront. Where the fifth season arc for “Buffy” began in earnest, with many elements left open to question, the second season arc for “Angel” was more or less laid out in this episode. When this one was over, the goals of Wolfram and Hart were fairly clear; the character exploration that resulted was the entire point of the arc.

    Following up on Darla’s slow but steady seduction of Angel, this episode takes it to the next level and explores the desired effect in more detail. As a result, the rest of the world around Angel finally gets the chance to react to the subtle changes in his personality. It’s not a pretty sight, especially since the writers finally get around to bringing Kate back into the picture.

    As mentioned in many other Buffyverse reviews, one of the primary theories regarding vampires pertains to how the darkest impulses of the human personality translated into the demonic personality. As seen with characters like Spike and Angelus, the prevailing psychology of the vampire appears to be an extreme and twisted version of the worst aspects of the original human. In terms of Angel, Liam wanted to prove how clever he could be, devalued by his family and society. Angelus thus became cruel and unusual in how he would toy with the world around him, gaining infamy in the process.

    This is important, because it was something largely untouched in the early seasons of “Buffy” and the first season of “Angel”. The earlier seasons always set a wide divide between the human and the demon. In Angel’s case, Angelus was evil in and of himself. Angel was the human haunted by the deprivation of Angelus, this horrible alter-ego that had taken over his body. But this season arc explores the intricacies of the concept, showing how Angelus was an outgrowth of something within Angel from the very beginning.

    That idea was an important response to the end of the first season. If Angel is foretold to be restored to his humanity at the end of the fight, there are metaphorical aspects that come into play. Is this meant literally or spiritually? Overall, it works better from the spiritual point of view, and this season is very important in terms of exploring the part of Angel that fuels Angelus. It’s not the demon, as noted later, but the full depths of Angel’s emotional and psychological anger and bitterness.

    As noted, the plan by Wolfram and Hart is to use Darla, as Angel’s obsession for 150 years as Angelus, to bring out the darkness within the core of Angel’s human personality. The theory would be: if the evil within Angel was a seed that flourished in Angelus, how much darkness was actually present in the man? And if Darla was the woman who turned him, wouldn’t she be the best chance at bringing out that darkness again?

    The plan definitely works, because despite what Angel might say otherwise, his entire existence is shaken by the possibility that Darla is alive and manipulating him. It doesn’t take very much to make him act out, and Darla is more than happy to see it happen. Julie Benz does an incredible job (with the help of the wardrobe department!) of playing up Darla’s seductive side, but she’s equally effective at portraying Darla as the wounded ex-wife, returning with a vengeance.

    After all, Darla was the center of Angelus’ universe for a long time, and a lot of his choices were made to live up to her expectations. It was bad enough when Angel’s soul was restored, but then Angel chose Buffy over her. There are few rejections more crushing than a stake to the heart. Darla is the woman scorned, and this is not only her way of getting back a pound of flesh, but stealing Angel back from Buffy.

    One key to the larger season arc is dropped in this episode, in terms of Angel’s curse and how it works. In the second season of “Buffy”, the emphasis was on sex as the trigger for Angelus’ return. However, the true condition was “a moment of pure happiness”, which is something else entirely. Angel makes it clear that he never loved Darla, no matter how heated a passion they felt for each other. So the stage is set for the moment, later in the season, when Angel and Darla have sex, without Angelus being unleashed.

    Like Wesley and Darla before him, Gunn demonstrates his willingness to take Angel down if he should return to his evil ways. This is also an important element of the season arc, because if his entire team is willing to take that measure, then the later decision not to stake Angel becomes a sign that the team does not believe he has fully reverted. It also sets them apart from Kate, who has little patience for the nuances of the situation.

    Kate’s journey has taken some interesting turns by this point, and by making her one of Angel’s opponents, that dynamic is a lot better than the first few episodes would have indicated. Her reaction to her father’s death has led her to a Mulder-esque fall, which has led her to blame Angel for every bad thing that happens. It doesn’t matter whether or not Angel could have prevented the deaths or foreseen the danger.

    It’s not unlike shooting the messenger, but it pertains to the season arc in a number of ways. Kate’s animosity eliminates one source of cooperation from Angel’s world, which serves to isolate him even more. More importantly, Kate’s attitude foreshadows what would happen later in the season, as Angel makes the direct choice to allow people to be killed. Where does one draw the line? At what point does Angel’s culpability begin? It is a question that would continue to be explored right up until the end of the series.

    Dave Greenwalt always had a strong sense of Angel and his psychology, and this episode hits at the heart of what the second season would accomplish: transforming the series from a noir-heavy action piece into a study of redemption and the demon within. The strength of the second season is reflected in this episode, especially in terms of the foreshadowing and plot development. This is a stepping stone to some of the disturbing yet rewarding episodes still to come.
  • darla's problems

    beautyful just beautiful. a darla episode about her past and how she and angel met drusilla. the episode was so well written!!! the end of the episode is one of the best moments of the series. i also loved cordelia she was funny and lookg beautiful in her yellow dress
  • Dear Boy brings to a head Darla and W&H’s efforts over the last few episodes as Angel learns that his sire is alive.

    A truly good episode and for it to come so early in the season means it is due for some praise. All the actors and in particular Julie Benz and David Boreanaz put in some wonderful performances. Julie truly brings evil Darla to life and Angel creates the mood of crazy, yet determined very well.

    Darla’s plot to make Angel crazy is an ingenious one. Pretending she is someone different makes even the audience confused that she may not be Darla. But of course she is and by involving the police in her evil plot brings a fantastic dimension to the storyline. Making Angel contend with another of his foes, Kate, brings Angel even closer to his dark side. The best part of this episode has to be the confrontation between Angel and Darla in the water tank. Stunningly written this scene just screams with sexual tension and some unbelievable chemistry between the two. Highly entertaining and dark, Darla’s true intentions are revealed. Earlier in the episode Lindsey reveals to her that W&H want him ‘dark not dead’ (though his words reveal that he wouldn’t be too upset if Angel went to dust!) and although Darla seems to want revenge, when she tells Angel “God doesn’t want you. But I still do” It shows that she doesn’t want revenge on the man that killed her, she is still in love (in her own vampiric way) with Angelus and she wants him back.
    This becomes increasingly important for the rest of the season as we see her try to turn him and ultimately fail. However for now, it sets up for the next wonderful arc episode “Darla.”
  • \"Angel isnt on top of his game\" \"Since when is it a game?\"

    Angel is becoming increasingly more cut off from the group. His sleep pattern has gone to hell and Darla is really turning up the heat. He has started flashing back to the past with Darla more, and also sleeping ALOT more. The gang is worried about him and thinks that he is imagining seeing Darla in public. Angel is obsessed with finding Darla, though, and he relentlessly pursues her. When he catches up with her, there is one thing he didnt count on; Darla is now a human. She sets him up to take a fall when she makes it appear he broke into her and her \"husbands\" house and kills the \"husband\". Angel basically kidnaps her and gets the truth out of her. Wes, Gunn, Cordy and Kate finally find out Angel wasnt crazy and indeed Darla is back.
  • Darla is revealed!

    The back plot being set up over the last couple of episodes where Darla is in Angel's dreams moves to the forefont.

    Angel is barely functioning in the real world and continues to let the team down as they struggle through two involving a demon where Angel loses focus on the overall battle and one involving a cheating spouse that although paying, Angel finds unworthy. W&H put Darla in the real world for her path to cross with Angel although under an assumed identity. Convinced Darla is back, Angel finally tells the team about his dreams of Darla and running into her. The team is not convinced what is really happening, but they know Angel is in trouble and they are standing behind him. At story close, Angel has captured Darla and gets her to reveal her true identity and that W&H is behind this for some evil purpose. He warns Darla what she is up against being newly ensouled and also that he will kill her if she causes more trouble. Angel lets Darla go and after admitting that she still wants him (hmmm....wonder if thats good Angel or bad Angelus she wants), she walks away into the sunlight.
  • A Darlicious episode!

    Dear Boy-Angel's continued restless nights send him into dreams of 1860 London and his first encounter with Drusilla , but when he sees Darla in his waking life, Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn fear he has gone off the deep end and may revert to his evil ways.

    Finally, we get an episode completely devoted to the first arc of the series and the writers make it into one juicy episode! Darla finally reveals herself to Angel and really messes with his head. It's shocking to find out Darla returned as a human, but is still the manipulative and tricky vampiress she was before. I just love the scenes where Darla fakes out Angel and others to believe she's just a normal housewife and as well as he plans with Wolfram and Hart. The last 20 mintues or so has some amazing acting from David and Julie who both play off each other so well. It's also so well-written how Darla thinks she is the same old villianess she was before, but Angel reassures her she has a soul now, and it will start to kill her. The flashbacks are also brilliant with Juliet Landau giving a superb performance as the pre-vamped Drusilla. A small downside is Kate returns and is still in b!%ch mood which she just annoys throughout trying to find Angel and making herself look like an idiot in the end. She is just so irrelevent at this point! All and All, a fantastic episode with amazing acting, a fine plot and one of the best episodes of Season 2!
  • darla and angel.

    this episode was really good. i loved darla's "make angel crazy" scheme. itwas really funny. he was really shocked. kate didnt even believe angel. she is even more not liking or trusting him. it seemed so evil of darla, but it was cool. angel is slowly going toward the dark side with each episode. when angel takes darla but cant hurt her, it is a great scene. so much tension and love. very beautifully written and acted. the team takes on a private investigating case, which angel ruins. when they were folling darla, cordy was hilarious. her whore thing was cool. very funny. great episode.
  • Darla continues to force Angel down the path of darkness.

    Dear Boy is an absolutely outstanding episode and in my opinion, the best so far. It had everything needed for a great show; humour, action and of course, unbelievably incredible drama. Every scene was breathtaking and it was truly impossible to tear your eyes from the screen. I remember the first time I watched this episode I was literally blown away, so much so that when I watched the next episode, I didn't appreciate it at all because it wasn't to do with the Darla arc. But on rewatch, Dear Boy still delivers everything I remember about it and I was just engrossed in it.

    The Darla arc kicks in to high gear in this episode- finishing with the dreams and within the first six minutes, Angel sees Darla walking along the street next to him. It was good this was early- so we had more of them together. The scenes in the actor's house where Darla is pretending to be Dietta Kramer were pulse pounding- not knowing what her and Lindsey's plan was and the way they framed Angel was so effortless. The water tank scenes were on another level altogether though. They were outstanding and completely perfect- I can't find any fault with them. We know Angel's darkness has been brewing but here it just seems to escalate- whilst he's obviously not going to kill Darla, we get the feeling he'd like to. She can sense Angelus inside him, trying to force himself out and Angel looks close to letting him. But Angel can also sense Darla isn't as evil as she'd have everyone believe- he can sense her soul. He knows that pretty soon it will eat away at her- all her murders will come back to haunt her. She doesn't seem to make much of a denial against this claim- I think she is already feeling the guilt. Their relationship is such an interesting one- he claims she never made him happy but she claims that there was a time when he would have called her the definition of bliss. They know each other so completely and I think Angel does feel something for her. She lets him know she still wants him and the line "God doesn't want you. But I still do" still sends chills down my spine.

    Kate was so completely annoying in this episode I wanted Angel to kill her. She doesn't seem to realise that there are bigger things going on at all and all she is concerned about is that her father is still dead. I understand where she is coming from but she needs to understand- Angel saves everyone he can. Not everyone can be saved. Her complete refusal to believe Angel is innocent is also completely annoying- she has proof that Dietta Kramer is in fact Darla but still presses on that he kidnapped her. The flashbacks were short but used to great effect. We see more of Angel and Darla and get a better understanding of their relationship. We get the feeling that Darla created Angelus not just in siring him but honing him into an instrument of pure, malicious evil. The convent scene with Drusilla was so eerie and shocking- Angelus is such a brutal demon. Juliet Landau was fantasic in the few scenes in which Drusilla was featured- her journey into madness is chilling and hard to watch.

    The performances in this episode were excellent. Standouts were Julie Benz and David Boreanaz. We believe that Julie Benz IS Darla and she just makes her such an amazing character. No one else could ever play Darla like she can- she's simply perfect for the role. David Boreanaz was excellent also, portraying Angel's angst with great effect. The rest of the cast were brilliant as well (even Christian Kane was good) but Julie and David truly were outstanding.

    The end of this episode shows that Angel has fallen for W&H's plan- he wants this battle and he wants to hurt them. This is the beginning of his change from helping the helpless to hunting down the guilty. He is fulfilling their wishes unwittingly and letting Darla get to him.

    Dear Boy is a truly outstanding of Angel and one of the best of the show. Everything was excellent and it is definitely not to be missed.
  • Dear Boy

    Dear Boy was a really good episode of Angel. I enjoyed watching this episode with its flash backs, Angel singing, and some familiar faces. We get to see more of Darla and Angel in the past, while Angel trys to flush Darla out of her charade. It was interesting to watch Cordelia and Wesley react to what was going on, and how the Wolfram & Hart lawyers continue their plots. This episode definitely lays foundations for the rest of the season show casing multiple story lines while giving the characters complexity. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next episode!!!!!
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