Season 2 Episode 5

Dear Boy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'It's like living with the world's oldest teen-ager. He can't be having a growth spurt at two hundred and forty-eight, could he?'

    ‘Dear Boy’ is one of the most amazing episodes of this show thus far. In this episode Angel discovers that Darla is back, only now as a human.

    The episode begins with a Cordy vision which brings the gang to a place with a lot of monk-ish people who all seem to be possessed, but there is something wrong with Angel, he seems to be off his game and instead of helping the gang he keeps hitting the same guy.

    Angel is really off and goes outside after being weird and sniffing Cordy, outside he sees Darla who is trying to make Angel crazy together with Lindsey.

    Both Darla and Lindsey want to get back at Angel, only both are also using each other. They hire an actor who will play Darla’s husband and she has to play the innocent woman who is being stalked by Angel. At a restaurant where Angel and his crew are investigating if a woman is being abducted by aliens or just having an affair, Angel sees Darla but when she runs into the light his crew thinks he’s gone insane but he knows better, she came back as human. Kate is also back in this episode, a friend gives her Angel’s case and where he might be hiding, she goes to the hotel where she meets Gunn and says that she cares about the victims and even though Angel isn’t bad, he isn’t good to her either.

    Darla should get her own series, together with the actor they make Angel come in but when he comes in she has called the police and made a vampire hit her and kill the actor, in that way it seems like Angel did all that. When Darla tells everything to Kate she makes it seem obvious it was Angel, when Kate doesn’t look he grabs Darla from above.

    Angel takes Darla back to the place they fought the demon at the beginning, there he makes her loose her innocent appearance and brings out the real her. Darla was brought back as a human and wants to be together with Angel again, he’s her Dear Boy. But Angel doesn’t want to go bad and tells her that now that she has a soul the memories of everything she did will come back to haunt her sooner or later. This episode is absolutely amazing, the flashbacks of Angelus and Darla were fantastic and we also saw Drusilla and a scene just before she got turned. Also Darla proved to be a brilliant character and Julie Benz gave an amazing performance together with David Boreanaz. Angel begins to go off his path just like W&H wanted, he sings for the Host who tells him he’s not on the right path and at the end he tells his crew that he wants the lawyers to bring it on, this episode marks the beginning of his darkest time.
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