Season 2 Episode 5

Dear Boy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Angel is walking down the promenade, after the fight and before the flashback, the footage of him from the front and behind don't match. For example, Angel walks toward a juggler and will clearly pass him just before the camera angle switches, but there is no juggler behind him.

    • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2 episode "Some Assembly Required," Angel reveals that he is 241 years old. But in this episode, Angel says that he is 247. The years don't add up. If the age from BtVS was correct, then Angel should only be 244, not 247. Discrepancies in Angel's age occur throughout the series.

    • Right before Angel says that Wes slept with a bleached blonde, Wes finishes loosening his tie. Then he pats Angel on the back and in the next shot he's loosening his tie again.

    • Darla gives her address as 1409 Galloway in Studio City. Galloway is in Pacific Palisades. Also, across the street from her address you can see a house with the number 729.

    • Why doesn't Kate know about Darla? She did extensive research on Angel in a previous episode, "Somnambulist" (1x11), and even found out information in that episode that Giles claimed only the Watchers had in their diaries.

  • Quotes

    • Darla: What do you expect? They're only human.
      Angel: You better embrace that mediocrity, honey. You're talking about your own kind now.

    • Angel: That's enough!
      Darla: I'm pretty familiar with the international sign for enough and you have a ways to go!
      (Angel grabs Darla's arm)
      Darla: You're hurting me! I like it!

    • Wesley: You really stood up to him. (as Cordelia) "The next time I talk to him I won't weenie out like you, Wesley."
      Cordelia: Don't start with me. And if I sound like that, shoot me. (Wesley pulls out a gun) Just a joke!
      Wesley: It's not for you. It's a tranquilizer.

    • Wesley: You can't blame Angel for... he's trying to do what's right!
      Kate: That's right, he's good, I keep forgetting. I'm sorry, and why'd he kidnap that woman again?

    • Angel: The bltch is you have a soul now. Pretty soon those memories are gonna start eating away at you. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to escape the truth of what you were. Believe me, I know.
      Darla: But you can escape. You can escape it all. Remember what it was like to get lost, huh? Every thought a million miles away, every part of your being alive! All you have to do is let me give you one little moment of happiness.
      Angel: You took me places, showed me things, huh? You blew the top off my head. But you never made me happy.
      Darla: But that - that cheerleader did? We were together 150 years! We shared everything. You're saying never?
      Angel: You couldn't understand.
      Darla: I understand alright. Guy gets taste of something fresh and he thinks he's touching God.
      Angel: It wasn't about...
      Darla: Oh, you bet your ass it was! There was a time, in the early years, when you would have said I was the definition of bliss! Buffy wasn't happiness. She was just new!

    • Gunn: As evil blood-sucking vampires go, how would you rate Angelus?
      Wesley: Historically, as bad as they come. Especially when he was with his sire, Darla.
      Cordelia: We're researching her now to see if she has some kind of resurrection powers. Maybe she's a vampire cat with nine lives!
      Gunn: So, he and Darla together, bad combo.
      Wesley: They rampaged through half the known world, until Angel got his soul.
      Cordelia: Imagine Bonnie and Clyde if they had 150 years to get it right.

    • Darla: (about Lindsey's plastic hand) He did that to you. What's it feel like?
      Lindsey: Doesn't feel like anything.
      Darla: Can I? It's very smooth. You don't feel anything.
      Lindsey: Not in my hand. How is it seeing him again?
      Darla: It's strange.
      Lindsey: He betrayed you.
      Darla: Everyone betrays you, that's not what eats you in the long winter's night...
      Lindsey: Yeah? What does?
      Darla: Missed opportunities. He got a soul and it sickened me. All that power wasted on a whiny mopey do-gooder. God, I could eat his eyeballs.
      Lindsey: Our plans for Angel are a little more long term than that, but if you can't help yourself, then, by all means, be my guest.
      Darla: You're fun for a human.

    • Lindsey: You've given us more information on Angel than we had when he first got here. Nobody knows him better than you do. Especially the side we're interested in.
      Darla: So, what is the plan exactly? I tease him to death?

    • Darla: Down boy, let the plum ripen.
      Angelus: You always come up with something new.
      Darla: Keeps me young.

    • Gunn: My Uncle Theo always said, "Never buy a dull plow, and never get in the middle of a religious war."
      Cordelia: Do you really have an Uncle Theo?
      Gunn: Nah. But it's still good advice.

    • Cordelia: Its disciples are human; they're killing each other. I think the fight is over how to worship it.
      Angel: This is why personally I rarely go to church…(nobody laughs) I thought it was funny.

    • (after Cordy has a vision)
      Angel: You all right? You sure you don't want to sit down?
      Cordelia: If I sit, I'll throw up in my head.

    • Cordelia: It's us. We haven't seen you all day. We were just wondering if everything was, you know, copasetic?
      Angel: I didn't go bad, Cordelia.
      Cordelia: Oh, I was never worried about that, Boss. Of course, Mr. Fussypants always assumes the worst.

    • Angel: You're gonna feel it, you know. What you did. That man you got killed.
      Darla: Please - he was an actor.
      Angel: I'm serious.
      Darla: Like a heart attack and just about as much fun.
      Angel: Darla, you hurt anyone else and I'll kill you.
      Darla: Will you? Isn't that against your Cub Scout code?

    • Angel: It was Darla. She's back - and she's human now - but I know her scent.
      Wesley: Angel, you can't just, sniff a person and know...
      Angel: You had sex last night, with a bleached blonde.
      Wesley: Good Lord! How'd you...?
      Cordelia: That's unbelievable. I didn't think you ever had sex.

    • Cordelia: What if, every time you identified a demon in one of your big old books we give you ten bucks...or a chicken pot pie?
      Wesley: Wait, I have another idea, no! Get a vision.
      Cordelia: Well it's not like you can hit me in the head and "wham!" it happens.
      Wesley: What if we test that theory with one of my big old books?

    • Cordelia (while Angel is smelling her hair): Personal bubble! Personal bubble!

    • Wesley: (talking about Angel) Oh, he's an eccentric, all the great ones are. Sherlock Holmes, Phillip Marlowe...
      Jenkins: Those are fictional characters.
      Wesley: Right you are, which gives Angel rather a leg up when you come to think of it.

    • Wesley: We made you some tea.
      Angel: Yeah.
      Cordelia: It's right on the table right there in front of you.
      Angel: Table seems far.
      Cordelia: Oh, you must be all worn out from sleeping for the past few days. It's like living with the world's oldest teenager. (to Wesley) You don't think he's having a growth spurt at 248, is he?
      Angel: 247!

    • Kate: He hasn't changed.
      Gunn: You're right. He hasn't. He's still a vampire.
      Cordelia: Gunn, not helping.
      Gunn: So how did he get into that house?

    • Wesley: (talking about Darla) Vampires don't come back from the dead.
      Angel: I did and I saw her. I'm not crazy.
      Wesley: Where?
      Angel: Right between the clowns and the big talking hot dog.

    • (after going undercover)
      Cordelia: That was really fun. The public humilitation, running from the hotel security staff, and the nifty little outfit which seemed to tell so many conventioneers, "Pet me, I'm a whore."

    • Darla: (to Angel, after burning him with a cross) You see, no matter how good a boy you are, God doesn't want you! But I still do.

    • Angelus: Convents. They're just a big cookie jar.

  • Notes

    • This marks the first appearance of Elisabeth Rohm as Detective Kate Lockley this season.

    • Music:
      Sung by Angel at Caritas -- "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung

      When Angel sees Darla -- "Stinky Stinky Ashtray" by Damn!

    • Though not credited as a co-writer, Marti Noxon wrote parts of this episode, including the Angel/Darla confrontation scene in the water tank.

    • Juliet Landau (Drusilla) makes her first appearence in the series.

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