Season 2 Episode 5

Dear Boy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2000 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Darla: (about Lindsey's plastic hand) He did that to you. What's it feel like?
      Lindsey: Doesn't feel like anything.
      Darla: Can I? It's very smooth. You don't feel anything.
      Lindsey: Not in my hand. How is it seeing him again?
      Darla: It's strange.
      Lindsey: He betrayed you.
      Darla: Everyone betrays you, that's not what eats you in the long winter's night...
      Lindsey: Yeah? What does?
      Darla: Missed opportunities. He got a soul and it sickened me. All that power wasted on a whiny mopey do-gooder. God, I could eat his eyeballs.
      Lindsey: Our plans for Angel are a little more long term than that, but if you can't help yourself, then, by all means, be my guest.
      Darla: You're fun for a human.