Season 4 Episode 1

Deep Down

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

The scene begins with the entire gang sitting around a table about to dine on what looks like a fabulous feast. Angel, Cordelia, Fred, Gunn, Connor, Lorne and even Wesley are all enjoying each other's company. Angel says that he wishes he could just freeze the moment, especially after what they all went through this summer. Wesley raises a toast to family. Angel and Cordelia do a little smooching. The gang then starts passing the food around but always skipping Angel. He gets frustrated and grabs a plate from Connor, but it's filled with murky water. Everyone disappears from the table, except for Connor, and Angel realizes he's up to his ankles in water. Connor says, "Freeze the moment, Dad. It'll last forever." Angel then comes back to reality and is trapped in his box at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, Gunn and Fred are trying to get information on a girl named Marissa from a gang of vampires. The gang leader tells them where she is, but attacks them anyway. Gunn and Fred stake all but one of the vamps, who throws an ax at Fred. Connor appears and grabs the ax and kills the vamp with it. Back at the hotel, Gunn scolds Connor for running off by himself in the first place. Fred and Gunn both act all parental when it comes to Connor. Fred looks for more information on the vampire Marissa's location because she might have some information on what happened at the docks the night Angel and Cordelia disappeared. She can't get a hold of Lorne because he's too busy in Vegas. Angel is standing on a bluff. Cordelia shows up and says sweet things. Angel says this isn't how it happened. Cordelia agrees, but says she likes this version better. Cordelia then confesses that she loves Angel. They kiss. Angel tells her how he needs her and then starts to bite her while apologizing. Gunn and Fred are talking about Marissa when Connor overhears. They explain she might have information on Angel's whereabouts, so he insists that he goes with them to find her, despite Gunn's objections. Wes and Lilah have just finished another romp in the sack. Lilah tries to casually get information on Angel's whereabouts, and Wesley says he doesn't know or care. He tells her that part of his life is dead. She believes him. They kiss passionately again and she leaves. Wesley then gets up and opens the closet where he has Justine gagged and trapped in a cage. He tells her it's time to go for a boat ride. As Wesley and Justine search for Angel at the bottom of the sea, Justine tries to discourage Wesley with talk about how he'll never be forgiven. Wesley brings up her sister and her need for revenge. They both try to hurt each other more and more with psychological taunts. As his back is turned, Justine tries to ambush Wesley with a wrench. He senses what she plans to do and threatens to take away her bucket in the cage. Dejected, she tosses the wrench away. Fred, Gunn and Connor find and trap Marissa. Just as she's about to talk, Connor "accidentally" lets her go. He chases her to a nearby rooftop and stakes her. When Fred and Gunn approach, he cuts himself and claims she attacked him. Gunn is angry and scolds Connor, who proceeds to jump off the roof. Gunn and Fred argue about Connor's behavior with Fred sticking up for him. Angel approaches Connor on another rooftop. Vampires attack. They fight together and Connor warns Angel of an impending attack. Angel thanks Connor right before he snaps his neck. Angel yells and is once again in the box at the bottom of the ocean, revealing it to be another hallucination. Fred finally gets through to Lorne in Vegas who tells her that he doesn't have any information on Angel or Cordelia. Over at Wolfram & Hart, Linwood and Gavin tell Lilah that the psychics have said that Angel is safe and immobilized. Lilah scolds them for not doing more to find out his exact location. Linwood reveals that they know about her and Wesley. She insists Wesley doesn't know anything and what she does on her personal time is none of their business. Linwood looks irritated and tells them that there is a staff meeting in an hour. On the boat, Wesley finds something large in the ocean and makes Justine dive in to see if it is Angel. She sees it is and they bring the box on board. As Wesley opens the box, Justine taunts him some more. Once it is open, Angel grabs Wesley's neck. Wesley takes Angel's hand away and puts him on a table where he feeds him some animal blood. He explains to Justine that although vampires can survive indefinitely without blood, some of their higher brain functions can be damaged. Justine says it's a waste of time because they all are going to still hate Wesley and won't take him back. Connor finally comes back to the hotel. Gunn and Fred say they were worried and he apologizes. When Gunn says he's a lot like Angel, Connor gets angry. Fred intercedes and Connor leaves. Fred and Gunn smooch for a little bit until they are interrupted by a phone call. Angel is on the table on the boat but is talking to Lorne. He tells Lorne that everything he touches turns to ashes. Wesley tells Angel to rest. Angel looks at Wesley but sees Connor and tells him that he ought to have killed him. Justine laughs. Wesley says that Angel needs more substantial nourishment, i.e. human blood. Justine freaks out, but Wesley cuts him own arm and feeds it to Angel. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Linwood tries to bring Lilah down at the staff meeting by talking about all over her failures. She turns it around on him by talking about all of his fears and his inability to take action when it came to Connor and Angel. She tells him that one of the senior partners agrees with her. She punches a button on PDA and a Linwood's own chair chops his head off. She tells the people in the room that she's in charge now and they all need to get out. She makes sure that Gavin gets to clean up Linwood's head. Fred brings a snack up to Connor's room. She tells him that she doesn't know about all the horrible things he's gone through, but they aren't near as horrible as what he's going to go through for doing what he did to his own father. Before he can react, Fred zaps him with a stun gun. Fred and Gunn tie Connor up in the chair. She is really mad because of all that they've done for him. She gets so worked up that she shocks Connor again. Wesley puts Angel in his car and leaves Justine handcuffed to the dock. She says that Angel will turn on them all, that it is in his nature. He tells her that she can keep being a slave or she can live her own life and tosses her the keys. At the hotel, Fred tells Gunn that she would have done anything for Connor but now all she wants to do is hurt him. Connor tells her to go ahead, he's used to pain. He says Angel got what he deserves. At that moment, Wesley comes in with Angel. Immediately, Fred and Gunn get on Wesley's case for not telling them sooner about Connor. He says that he thought they would be safer not knowing. Fred replies, "You really don't care, do you?" Wesley turns to leave, but tells them that Angel will be needing more blood and that he's fresh out. As they are dragging Angel across the room, they hear Connor escaping. Connor quickly takes them down, but is stopped by a now lucid Angel. He tells Connor to sit down and explains how Holtz really died. Connor says that Angel still deserved what he got. Angel says that what he deserves is up for debate. The real question is, what does Connor deserve? Connor says he didn't do anything to Cordelia and Angel believes him. Angel tells Connor that the world isn't how it should be. It's harsh and cruel and that's why there are champions like them. They need to act as if the world was the way it should be. He tells Connor that he isn't a part of that yet and that he loves him, but he needs to get out of his house. When Connor leaves, Angel nearly collapses and tells Fred and Gunn that they need to find Cordelia. Somewhere, lots of glowing clouds and mists swirl together against the backdrop of what looks like a dark sky and Cordelia's face can be seen. She opens up her mouth and says, "God, I am so bored."