Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on The WB

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  • An episode about Spike.. again.

    Destiny is a good episode that would have been great if it hadn't been ANOTHER Spike episode in a season just full of them. I like Spike but at this point I'm getting sick of him, as he's just getting too overused at this point and it grates.

    I usually enjoy flashback episodes but here I was quite disappointed. Seeing Drusilla again was great and she was as fun as ever but they could have done so much more with them. Why no Darla? She's the best character out of the Fanged Four (IMO) and she could have easily fitted in here. If she had of I would have probably loved this episode but unfortunately she was nowhere to be seen. Season 5 just has a supreme lack of her. Secondly, we only get four short flashbacks that were all quite lame. It was interesting to see that Drusilla is the reason Spike and Angel are less than fond of each other but the flashbacks weren't too great and Drusilla was quite underused.

    I really didn't care for the whole Chalice of Torment thing as it was just sort of forced in order to have a Spike vs. Angel showdown. Their speeches were just overdramatic, especially Angel (who's melodrama really grates on me at times). All that stuff "It's a burden", it's like "Stop whining Angel!". And to add salt to the wound, Spike gets the chalice! Of course it's only Mountain Dew but to have our main character and the reason he fights get screwed over by Blondie Bear who's only been in 10 episodes is just aggravating. We get invested in a plot and I for one don't want to see Spike win the battle for humanity- it's rightfully Angel's. I enjoyed the Eve scenes, especially when Gunn tries to strangle her. Just when you feel all sorry for her, she reveals she's working with Lindsey. Why they brought Lindsey back baffles me, as I never liked him and he was pointless this season. I'm really not a fan of Christian Kane's acting and find his repeated smirking just irritating. He puts me off Lindsey.

    Destiny is a great episode marred by the poor flashbacks and the wrong person getting the cup. It's not a series best but it's worth a watch. Just don't go thinking it's going to be awesome though.
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