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    I believe Nick may be spoofing you.
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    Oooh. Ok. Idiot. Right here! *points to self*
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    I was basically making up rumours, much like the part I bolded in the quote.

    I wish people wouldn't make up conjectures, or post things they hear without any solid proof.
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    [164]May 8, 2008
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    I think Cordelia was at her finest in season 1 and 2 of Angel. I liked her a lot as a character but I prefer her as slightly clueless and mean but still lovable. I think when she became too nice and noble that the writers may have run out of things for her. She used to be the comic relief and then became a champion. I wish they had kept her in Season 5 b/c it did not feel the same but I'm glad they brought her back in Your Welcome at least. She was s good character, it was sad to see her go. I have to admit that Your Welcome kind of pissed me off too b/c the rest of the Gang did not seem very happy to see her besides Angel. Plus they did not even say goodbye. That really irritated me.

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    I think that having Charisma in the the fifth season may have been wrong with the story arc that they set out with. It would've been to many characters with addition of Spike, Harmony, and Eve to've worked well. Plus I don't think her character would've went along very well with the move to Wolfram and Hart unless they wanted the character's sole purpose being super annoying, even more so than she normally is. To do that though would've meant that the character would've digressed, and with all the growth that the character had over those four seasons it would've been out of place. Also there was the whole business about their relationship, Angel and Cordelia's, and just burying it after all that happened would've been quite awkward because we would've assumed that given the fact she was hijacked by a demon she certainly couldn't have been held accountable for her actions, so the romance would still be there and that would have been awkward to just dismiss. Cordelia had grown leaps and bounds from season one to season four and became the only one who would confront Angel and not back down from him no matter how hard he tried to push her away. Cordelia and Wesley had evolved into such dynamic characters from where they first started but it was easier to keep Wesley because him and Angel didn't have a romantic relationship. All in all I miss Cordelia's character yet at the same time with the direction they took in season five I really couldn't see a place for her character. Yet to who knows if there was a sixth season she could have made a comeback had they not killed her off in the episode "You're Welcome". In my humble opinion that is. Take care.

    Peace To All

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    I liked Cordy a lot on Buffy and the first couple of seasons of Angel, but then they began the Angel and Cordy romance....I'm not a crazy shipper like some people, so its not that I needed to see Buffy and Angel together. The Angel loves Cordy plot twist just never rang true for me. I guess I disagree with people who say Cordy's character development wasn't realistic, but that doesn't mean I liked it. David and Charisma just didn't have much sexual chemistry in my book. I didn't buy that Cordy was the love of Angel's life. Then suddenly her character stopped being comical. Worse, they made some bad decisions about what to do with her in season 4. By season 5, I couldn't really miss her because she'd ceased bringing something to the show for the better part of the last season.

    By the way, feel free to disagree as long as you can do so respectfully.

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    I was disappointed when she got killed off, she was a great character and was always underused. She never got to battle later on, cause angel kept stopping her.
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    Heya guys...

    I'm a bit late in here but i think Cordy's return in You're Welcome was was like she said she put her guy back on track...I mean outta Spike and Angel..spike was becoming the hero Angel had reached a stage where he had given up on himself..he no longer believed in the big fight.... Cordy's return was brilliant and I loved that she gave Angel her visions i mean we saw how much that meant when Doyle gave them to Cordy way back in the first season...

    And I think Cordy's developmant was believeable she went from being Little Miss Spoiled and Superficial to well....our Cordy!! I loved the way she was mentioned by Wes in the last comic tho'...and I am also a Fred fan i can't you be???

    And AOT i find it strange that the charachters you dislike are probably the most centeral charachters in the show...i Mean Cordy, Wes,Fred and Gunn were angel's friends...fang gang?!
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