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Funniest Episodes of Angel

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    I'm not much of a fan of the funny episodes, but I admit that The Girl in Question was incredibly great ^^
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    Smile Time is IMO by far the most hilarious hour of Buffyverse. "I don't have puppet cancer!" Hee!

    Guise Will Be Guise has wonderful scenes with the false swami ("You're deeply ambivalent." "Yeah, well, I am and I'm not.") and of course NotEunuch!Angel.

    Spin The Bottle has great teenage versions of characters.

    Wes and Cordy summarizing Bangel relationship is comedy gold.

    I have unreasonable love for Angel/Wes motorcycle scene from First Impressions "Hop on board, gorgeous."

    Angel and Wes dancing is only part od She worth watching.

    Sense And Sensitivity has "Herb Saunders, Baltimore." and of course sensitive Angel. "You both withdraw when I go vamp. I feel you judge me."

    The "I have 37 cats, and I've just changed all their names to Jasmine." scene from magic Bullet is hilarious as hell. And also very, very creepy.

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