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My god what a bad ending

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    I thought the Angel finale was fitting for the show. It was an emotional ending, and the kind that makes people annoyed at first and confused that it seems to end on a cliffhanger, but thinking about it, it's deffinitely a great ending to the show. I really like it .

    ilovedb wrote:
    As for Buffy "not" being alone, a person doesn't have to not have any friends or family to be alone in the world. Being the one and only slayer (aside from Kendra and Faith of course) she was indeed alone a lot of the time. Yes, the other Scoobies helped her, but their work was mostly the behind the scenes stuff. Buffy was the one who was forced to make all of the hard decisions, and she was the one who was mostly out in the battlefield. I think Conversations With Dead People excellantly demonstrates how Buffy is alone in the world.

    And if you say that Buffy wasn't alone, then you cannot say that Angel was. When Angel was human, he made the bad decisions to waste away his life with alcohol, and he made the decision to become a vampire. While he was a vampire, he was with Darla, and then with Drusilla and Spike. He certainly wasn't alone then. Going by your guidelines for what qualifies someone as being alone, there was really only that period after Angel got his soul back because after that, he was with Buffy and the other Scoobies, and then he was with the Fang Gang.

    I still don't get how you can say that nothing great happenned at the end of the Buffy finale. Every potential was made into a slayer! That has to be the greatest thing to happen in the entire series!!! It is a MAJOR event! No longer is Buffy the one and only, but there are other people to help battle the evil in the world. And yes, Willow and Buffy did both develop significantly as characters, but they were certainly not the only ones. Take Anya, dying for a cause rather than running away as she did in season 3. Xander clearly grew up through out the series as well. And what about Dawn? You don't think her character developed at all since season 5?
    I defintely prefer Angel's finale over Buffy's. I didn't actually like that they made all the 'potentials' (a concept I didn't like to start with) into slayers. Taking away every single girl who was one's chance at a normal happy life. Forcing a duty on them that Buffy has hated to carry since she was 15, even if she wouldn't ever give it up. It seemed like a decision that would have endless consequences. Thousands of slayers, thousands of people given super powers, not everyone's nice or responsible... Buffy didn't have any chance of a normal life any time soon after they turned those girls, seeing as someone has to help the endless stream of them. Also considering in that same season that Buffy found out what had happened to start the slayer line. It's surprising that they would force that fight on a lot of young girls. It's not exactly temporary. Not just for their one battle.

    Buffy did make a lot of hard decisions, but her friends were all there for her. All willing to help. She did occasionally try and push them away because it was to dangerous for them. Though they were there in the midst of it anyway all the time.

    Angel has been more alone in the world than you say. He wasn't always with Darla as Angelus. After the soul he spent a very long time almost entirely on his own. Even in S1 of Buffy he was mostly pretty much on his own. In his own series he almost always had people with him. Though at points pushed them away.
    masterofaeons wrote:
    What they didn't explain was who sent robots after Wesley.
    No one sent them. They were acting on their own. Fighting for good. They didn't believe that W&H had changed for the better. Or that Angel was really on the same side as them.

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