Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

The show begins with Wesley, Gunn, Cordelia and Fred all doing an inventory of weapons in the hotel. Angel has apparently gone to see Buffy. Fred asks if Angel and Buffy will get back together. Wesley says no, and he and Cordelia do a dramatic interpretation of Angel and Buffy's relationship to explain. Angel shows up and interrupts and refuses to tell them what happened between him and Buffy. He invites Fred out for ice cream.

Angel and Fred are next seen in a sewer with their ice cream tracking some demon. She notices some weird pink crystals on the sewer walls while rambling on and on. Angel sends her back to the hotel, assuring her that he doesn't need her.

Gunn, Cordelia and Wesley are still doing the inventory when hey take note of some strange weapon designed by Fred. Suddenly, a man and woman show up at the door. Their names are Roger and Trish and they are looking for their daughter. Wesley takes them into the office to discuss the case until the gang realizes that the couple is looking for Fred. While they are talking, Fred comes in from outside, sees the couple in the office, and runs upstairs before she is spotted.

In the office, Wesley and Cordelia give the couple vague details about how they came across Fred and what she's been doing. Angel shows up with a dripping demon head and Cordelia covers for him by telling the couple it is a movie prop. She fills Angel in on who they claim to be.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Fred tries to wipe the writing the writing off of her walls, gives up and packs to leave.

The gang takes the couple upstairs to see Fred but she is already gone. The couple sees her writing and is concerned about how crazy it sounds. Roger whispers to his wife about possibly having to "call them in sooner than we thought." Cordelia points out secretly to the gang about how Fred has never left the hotel on her own before. Wesley wonders what she is running from.

Fred is then seen outside on the streets, looking a bit panicked and afraid.

Back at the hotel, the parents wait in the lobby while the gang discusses the situation in the office. Cordelia says that something is off about the couple. The gang figures out that Fred must have run after seeing her parents, so they are all suspicious of the couple. They try to figure out where Fred may have gone and they all realize that they don't really know a lot about her. Angel decides to check the sewers while the rest of the gang takes the parents and searches the library.

In the meantime, Fred shows up at Lorne's place. She tells him she needs cash. Lorne can read her aura and sees that she tried to run from the monsters but they have hunted her down. He tells her they that have found her because she hasn't run far enough.

Angel doesn't find anything in the sewers. There is, however, a big, ugly bug-looking thing with glowing eyes watching him as we walks through them.

The rest of the gang doesn't find anything in the library, either. Cordelia really thinks that something is going on with the parents. Wesley calls Angel in the sewer where the bug thing is still watching him. They decide to meet at Caritas.

The whole gang shows up at Lorne's. He is a bit irritated because the place is still trashed from the massacre and Gunn ends up waiting outside. Cordelia explains his appearance to the couple by saying he works in monster movies with Angel, but Lorne doesn't play along and the parents are suspicious. Angel pulls Lorne aside to talk to him. Lorne is upset because everyone always comes to find his destiny but no one cares about Lorne's destiny. Angel figures out that he knows where Fred is. Lorne tells him she doesn't want to see her parents and maybe he should leave it alone. Angel wants to protect her, so Lorne tells him where she is after a warning.

Fred is at the bus station. The whole gang shows up and she freaks when she sees her parents. She then has a breakdown and freaks because she feels that if her parents see her and find out what happened to her the last five years then it makes it real. Her parents assure her it is all okay and there is a big tearful reunion. That is, until a gigantic bug shows up. Angel fights it and gets thrown outside where the others are running. Cordelia and Wesley beat it with golf clubs and Gunn shoots it with a bow and arrow. The bug stabs Angel in the shoulders so Fred picks up a club and whacks it good. Her dad then whacks it with a fire extinguisher when it goes for her. Angel struggles with it some more until Fred's mom runs over it with a bus.

When they return to the hotel, Cordelia patches up Fred. Fred notices the same crystals she saw in the sewer on the decapitated head that Angel brought in earlier. Her parents are really supportive about what she's been through and kind of proud, too. Cordelia then starts to patch up Angel. Fred tells her mom what everyone's role at the agency is and realizes that she doesn't have one herself. She announces that she wants to go home with her parents and that she isn't cut out for demon fighting. Her mom and dad get all excited – the others, not so much.

Fred is packing upstairs when Angel comes to talk. She tells him all her writings on the wall tell a story about a girl who lived in all alone in a cave, trapped by monsters, until she was rescued by a handsome man who took her back to his castle. That wasn't the end, though, because the handsome man left again and she built another cave, hoping he'd save her again. She realizes that he can't save her this time.

Meanwhile, Cordelia and Trish are chatting. Everyone takes a peak at Fred's homemade weapon. Angel and Fred come downstairs. She hugs everyone, except for Angel, and says goodbye.

While the family is riding away in a taxi, Fred notices more of those strange crystals on her shirt. She orders that the taxi turn around immediately.

At the hotel, the gang talks about Fred's parents and how nice they were. They discuss how they will miss Fred and about her chances at a normal life. Meanwhile, the decapitated head from earlier looks as if something is moving around inside of it. When Cordelia decides to leave, she goes out to the lobby to find another giant bug in the lobby. They realize that they are really surrounded by the giant bugs, but they fight anyway. Fred and her parents suddenly show up at the door. Fred uses her homemade weapon to split open the decapitated head. A bunch of nasty bugs crawl out. One of the giant bugs grabs the head and all the insects leave.

Fred explains that she figured out that the giant bugs had laid their eggs in that demons head and they were just trying to get them back. Wesley, Gunn and Angel all compliment her on her work. She tells them that she has realized her true path in life. She tells her parents that she isn't normal anymore and that she belongs here with the gang. Her parents are supportive and tell her that they are going to hang around for a few weeks to catch up and make sure she doesn't want to change her mind.

Later, everyone is upstairs repainting Fred's room, covering up all the writing. She takes a brush, pauses for a moment to look at a picture she had drawn of a man and woman on a horse, looks a little bit sad, and then paints over it.
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