Season 4 Episode 2

Ground State

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Angel is determined to find Cordelia. First he goes to Wesley, who tells him to ask Dinza, a demon who knows all about the lost. Dinza tells him to get a certain mystical antiquity that will help locate her. When he, Gunn and Fred go to steal it from a museum, they meet a cat burglar trying to do the same. This female burglar can conduct an electrical current through her body. She shocks Gunn when trying to escape and stops his heart. Feeling bad, she starts his heart back up again before she makes her getaway with the artifact. Angel then goes to Lilah and threatens her until she provides the name of a person who could afford to hire a professional burglar like that. He finds the burglar with the artifact and they fight. She shocks Angel and his heart starts. He immediately starts making out with her until they are trapped in a elevator by her employer. The employer is going to kill them both with gas, but they escape. She lets Angel have the artifact. Angel uses the artifact to discover that Cordelia is helping people as a higher being. Angel, Fred and Gunn are sad she's gone. Cordelia appears in the mist again at the end and says, "What are you deficient? Get me out of here!"

Other plot points: Angel said to Wesley that he thinks they are "good" now. Wesley did not respond, but looked irritated. Wesley has his own crime-fighting gang. Wesley told Lilah that he rescued Angel because it was necessary that he fight people like her. Lilah is after Connor. Fred thinks she has too much responsibility and broke down after Gunn "died." Angel said he loves Cordelia in front of everyone. Gwen, the burglar, accidentally electrocuted a small boy at school when she was a little girl.
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