Season 4 Episode 2

Ground State

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • Gwen has an electric personality and then some.

    Angel is going crazy trying to find out what happened to Cordy and where she is. He isnt getting anywhere so he decides to pay Wes a visit under the guise of thanking him for pulling him outta the ocean. Wes sees through it and gives him all of the data he has on Cordys disappearance. He tells Angel about Dinza, a being who knows everything and everyone who is lost. Angel goes and Dinza tells him he will need to use the Axis of Pythia. Great. Angel threatens Lilah, who is spying on Connor (who is homeless still) and she tells him how he can get his hands on it. Angel also tells her he can smell Wes all over her and her on Wes, lol.
    We also get to meet Gwen, an electrically charged girl who is a professional thief. This episode felt like a filler to me, but I still liked it. Angel finds out exactly where Cordy is, but he knows she cant be brought back.
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