Season 4 Episode 2

Ground State

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • Eletrogirl Unleashed

    Ground State-Angel visits Dinza, a Goddess of the lost, who advises him that an item called the Axis of Pythia can help him find Cordelia. With Fred and Gunn, he breaks into a auction house to find the Axis, but a beautiful burglar with electrical powers seems to have had the same idea.

    Another stellar episode, this episode introduces this season's short lived recurring character Gwen Radian. Alexa Davalos is amazing as slick character born with power of electricity. The beginning teaser with her childhood is shot in a stunning bright yet gloomy lighting over the scenery. It's also very sad as you see young Gwen so alone not to mention hurting a little boy by accident with her powers. It's very X-men-eqse with a human born with uncontrollable powers and finding her place in the world. Wesley and Liah continue to make a great lustful couple as they sleep together yet never really trust each other. Also I loved Angel coming to Wesley and forgiving him somewhat, yet Wesley just ignores that and just gets straight to the point. There's also a little shocker where Gunn dies by Gwen touching her, but she brings him back. It brings out a touching scene as Fred breaks down after being under so much pressure for a few months. Amy really excels in that scene. There is also a great fight scene with Angel and Gwen that leads to some obvious sexual tension between to 2, which is fun to watch. The episode also has some disturbing scenes like Angel visiting Dinza, who is just creepy as she touchs Angel yet disappaers and reappears all around him. The episode ends with Angel knowing Cordy is a higher being, and leaving her be to which Cordelia reacts so frustrated to, lol. All and All, another great episode with a great new character, great fights, shocks and plot.
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