Season 4 Episode 2

Ground State

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • The first appearance of the excellent electro girl Gwen!

    Ground State is a highly entertaining, fun and cool episode that has everything; a bank heist, emotional moments and a sexy electrically charged woman who shows too much nipple. Excellent. Gwen is a fantastic character- she's basically a copy of an X-Men character but her personality helps you warm to her. She's witty, fun and cool and her power is awesome. Anyone who can melt 12,000 dollar watched with their bare hands has got to be pretty great and Gwen was really, really great.

    The main plot with Angel trying to find Cordelia could have easily been made into a find-demon-for-relic thing but instead they went for something much cooler- a bank heist. I loved the entire bank scene and it made Angel the show look extremely suave and interesting with all the computer tech and lasers and ropes. It also had a main character dying but then being revived, which creates tension and drama. This episode also has some emotional moments, like Angel's speech about Cordy at the end. Here it becomes apparent that he is love with her and basically reminds us why. It was also good that he had the courage to recognize she is where she is needed and didn't attempt to bring her home. This shows remarkable selflessness and is one of Angel's greatest traits.

    Fred also seems to be taking up the slack here and seems to be coping well with running things. Angel and Gunn seem to think she is Cordelia, who was good at running things and research but as Fred's breakdown tells them, she isn't and can't handle it. Her telling Gunn "you died and left me all alone" was sad and I felt for here- the rest of the gang have gone and Angel and Gunn are leaving it to her to do everything and I'm glad she said she couldn't do it.

    Lilah was also great here. I really like her and Wesley's relationship; they're polar opposites and fight on opposite sides, yet can't help but be attracted to one another and continue their relationship. I thought Lilah had some great lines here and "I'm still evil. I only do errands if they're evil errands" makes me laugh no matter what. I'm also extremely glad Connor had basically no part in this episode- he would have been a dampner and brought the quality down.

    Ground State is an excellent episode that is action packed and fun. It is a somewhat light episode in a dark season and shines because of it.