Season 2 Episode 6

Guise Will Be Guise

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2000 on The WB
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Angel travels to a mystical swami to help him understand his haunting dreams and to find his path again, but while he is away Wesley assumes Angel's identity to try to save a young girl and rather enjoys playing the role of a vampire with a soul.moreless

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  • Wes as Angel


    The Good;

    So wonderful, finally Wes gets a chance to shine and it's just fabulous. Also love Cordy's Angel impression. And love Rick the guard quietly sloping off when it's revealed that he'd had sex with his employer's daughter.


    Gunn never noticed the existance of netherworld? So how come he once traded his soul at a demon casino? (The House Alway's Wins) Surely there's a better way to get Angels help than threatening Cordy? Wouldn't have Wes have noticed that he'd deflowered Virginia during their sex?

    Best line:

    Angel; "Wesley was in virginia?"

    Wes; "That's beside the point"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    The father who wants to sacrifice his daughter, my god, talk about the lowest of the low! Prophetically she observes he also insures his car. Angel tortures fake Swami with fishing hook and line through his cheek.

    Apocalypses: 4

    Angel Cliches

    Damsel in distress; 17

    Inverting the Hollywood cliche;

    Angel plans to infiltrate WR&H by 'moving real fast'

    As Gunn horrifiedly observes 'Going real quick was the plan?"

    In disguise;

    No but love the way Cordy and Wes are able to infiltrate WR&H with just a business suit and a pair of glasses and Wes' Angel impression is priceless.

    DB get's his shirt off; 10

    Cordy's tattoo;3

    Cheap Angel;


    Fang Gang in bondage:

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 8

    Wes: 2

    Fang gang knocked out: Gunn by the fake Swami

    Cordy: 10

    Angel: 12

    Wes: 5

    Doyle; 1

    Gunn; 1


    Cordy: 5 vamps, 1 demons

    Angel; 17 vamps, 18 and 1/2 demons, 3 humans

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 1/2 a demon

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 16 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.

    Gunn; 5 vamps+ 1 demon.

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 2

    Alternate Fang Gang:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 6

    Characters killed: the Swami offscreen


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations:

    4, Angel, Cordy, Wes and Gunn

    Angel Investigations shot:

    Angel: 9,

    Packing heat;

    Wes; 2

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 1

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 2 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast

    Angel: 1;Buffy

    Wes; 2, one bleached blonde and Virginia

    Kinky dinky:

    Wes has sex with Virginia although he doesn't take her virginity, that was long gone (what girl ever didn't fool her father in that regard?). Of course if she had sex at 16 that's technically statuatory rape in California. Virginia is lovely, check her out as the 'Blair' witch in Charmed although her outfit in that episode exaggerates her (already respectable) cleavage to the degree it may knock you unconscious. Cordy observes that he 'screwed her over'. The thug refers to Cordy as Angel's piece. Yeska comments that the sacrifice is impure, as Cordy later observes if it was sacrificing male virgins the world would be aethiest in a second. Angel protests he isn't a eunuch and that the curse isn't that clear as later proven by Nina/Darla/The Furies.

    Captain Subtext;

    Cordy asks Wes if he has any clothes 'a man would wear'? Of course being Wes he has some excellent suits and Cordy has a very nice business suit. Cordy says she loves Angel. She also refers to Angel as girly. The fake Swami's recipie for Angel's happiness is word perfect for his relationship with Buffy, using her as a Darla substitute (but Buffy made him happy and Darla didn't).

    Know the face, different character; 2

    Parking garages;


    Guantanamo Bay;

    Angel tortures the false Swami with a fishook through his cheek

    Buffy characters on Angel; 12

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru

    Questions and observations;

    Angel says he rarely goes to church although it's implied that he's a Catholic. A great satire on Hollywood success, anyone with talent and looks has to have magic. A terrific lightweight comedy episode with Wes coming into his own for the first time and getting a girlfriend, just as he should have.

    Marks out of 10; 8/10

  • Wesley becomes Angel and plays the part of "bodyguard to the stars"

    Its nice to see Wesley get some character development at last. Although he will end up being probably the most developed character in the entire Buffy verse, it takes a while for this development to get going.

    There is one major flaw in this episode and it is the timing of it. The placement between “Dear Boy” and “Darla” seems strange and breaks up the brilliant story arc that has been progressively building. In fact there’s little reason that this episode could not have been placed before “Dear Boy” therefore allowing the Darla arc to continue uninterrupted.

    Apart from that this is a very nice episode. Angel is sent off and leaves the rest of the team to manage to office. Both Cordy and Wes play at being Angel but it is Wes who actually steps into this role. The fact that he steps into this role to save Cordelia is highly significant and is perhaps the beginning of Wesley adopting the role of hero and leader, roles he would play for the rest of the season. His romance with Virginia is cute and sweet. Wesley’s romantic life has been put on a bit of a back burner, he’s had very little on screen action since Cordelia in the Buffy season 3 finale, so its nice to see him find someone.

    It was also good to see Wesley being the hero, trying to save Virginia and succeeding, although not in a truly conventional sense.

    My favourite scene of the episode was the scen at the party when the team arrive and all of them have something to say on the situation, with Cordy and Gunn’s disbelief over Wesley ‘getting some’ and Angel’s indignation over being called a ‘eunuch’ All the actors played their comic roles perfectly and it was a well produced scene.

    Overall the episode may have been ill-timed but as a stand alone episode it worked very well.moreless
  • Wes gets to wear the sweeping black coat for a change

    This episode got a bad rap. I didnt think it was all that bad, but seeing bumbling Wes acting as Angel was kinda "out there." Especially if you have experienced "Dark Wes" later on in Season 3. So Wes acts as Angel and takes a job as bodyguard for Virginia Bryce (at the urging of her Father.)

    Angel is away seeing the Tish Magev, or who he *thinks* is the Tish Magev. It turns out Tish was killed by this imposter and Angel soon finds this out. Wes and Virginia share a little loving and soon his cover is blown. Thankfully he (and the gang) save face (and Virginia) in the end and Wes has a new girlfriend.moreless
  • Wesley poses as Angel.

    In attempt to help Wesley is forced to pose as Angel, which is very obviously not as we all know, and hilarity ensues. Not only does he keep forgetting all the stuff he isn't supposed to be doing, touching crosses and entering homes without invitation, but he also manages to sort of get involved with the very woman he is supposed to be protecting (as Angel). I swear this episode is so hilarious, Alexis has such great skill for on screen comedy and is such a goof at the same time.moreless
  • Wes pretending to be Angel

    I loved this one!!! Wesley pretending to be Angel was quite amusing. Wes getting some was amusing as well.

    I loved how Angel was all breaking into Wolfram and Hart with Gunn and his plan was to walk fast. He really needed to get his mind off of Darla.

    I loved how thankful Cordy and Lorne were that Angel didn't have to sing. It was cool that Angel went right off to the Swami guy, it showed that he really wanted to get over the Darla thing on some level.

    Cordy doing her brief impersonation of Angel while in his chair was amusing. I loved how she made fun of him and all of his sins and his brooding.

    I liked Wes while he was trying to be Angel because he did such a horrible job at being a vampire. He suggested going out during the day, he put his hand on a cross, and walked into a house uninvited. You would have thought that Wes having been a watcher before wouldn't have forgotten all of these things so quickly, it was amazing that they didn't find him out sooner.

    I liked Wesley in Angel's coat. It was cool to see Wesley as the hero in this one trying to save the girl.

    Really funny episode for the most part.moreless
Brigid Brannagh

Brigid Brannagh

Virginia Bryce

Guest Star

Art LaFleur

Art LaFleur

T'ish Magev

Guest Star

Patrick Kilpatrick

Patrick Kilpatrick

Paul Lanier

Guest Star

Andy Hallett

Andy Hallett

Caritas Host

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Cordelia is talking to Gunn about the abduction of Wesley she mentions checking mug shots, but the computer behind them is already flipping through mug shots when she goes to the computer to access them.

    • When Wesley as Angel shakes Magnus' hand and every time Wesley touches Virginia, neither seem to notice that Wesley's skin is body temperature, not room temperature as it should be. Also, Virginia didn't notice Wesley's rapidly beating heart as they made love?

    • As Angel walks up to the swami's house you can clearly see his reflection in the water outside it.

    • When Wesley puts the drawer on the front desk there are still files on it, but when the man arrives and he comes up there aren't any files in the drawer anymore.

    • When Wesley is thrown into the sunlight, there are a few reaction shots of Cordelia where her hair style doesn't look like it matches up with the rest of the scene.

    • When Wesley heads for Virginia's bedroom he is wearing glasses, and then a fight begins and he's still wearing his glasses. In the next shot his glasses are gone with no indication where they went.

    • It's not clear in this episode how Angel gets into the house, since no one invited him. It's remotely possible that Magnus inviting Wesley-as-Angel in might be sufficient and that invitation thus extends to Angel as well.

    • The car Angel is driving up Ojai is, in the first shot, a different model car that is burgundy. The shot is stock footage taken from the promos, before they decided on what Angel's car would really be.

    • Look carefully and you can see the guard at Wolfram & Hart has his shoe punctured before Angel stabs it.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Swami: You're deeply ambivalent.
      Angel: Yeah, well, I am but I'm not.

    • Cordelia: Look!
      Angel: Virginia Bryce, squired by Mr. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, private detective and bodyguard to the stars... "Squired"? Who says "squired"?
      Cordelia: Look at him all over her!
      Angel: Cordelia, you're just jealous that he's getting some attention.
      Cordelia: Damn skippy! He's getting famous off this! Reflected glory? That's my thing!
      Angel: Get a little perspective. "Bodyguard to the stars." Yeah right. There's no "Wyndam-Price Agency!

    • Wesley: You know, this whole "curse" thing has been widely misinterpreted.
      Virginia: Really?
      Wesley: Oh yes. Less-- less of a curse, more of a hex, really. Barely that. A recommendation.

    • Cordelia: And this whole "I'm Angel" thing is a very, very bad idea. I mean, if I thought that would work, I could've been Angel, because, guess what? Pretty much a girly name.

    • Cordelia: What are you doing?
      Wesley: Oh, knocking things over, driving away business… You know, the usual.
      Cordelia: Well, I found him and we have to stop him before it's too late. We have to change our… Do you have any clothes a man would wear?

    • Cordelia: (to Wesley) What is wrong with you? You've got like, delusions of Angel. You're not him. You can't do stuff on your own. (Mr. Bryce and Thug enter) Oh, hey, Mr. Bryce! I've seen your picture (to Thug) and I remember you from the armed abduction.

    • Gunn: He's got a plan.
      Wesley: A plan?
      Angel: Yeah. I get to the offices before they stop me.
      Gunn: See? What? That's the plan? Walking real quick was the plan?

    • T'ish Magev: (after being caught in the lip by a fishing hook by Angel) What are you doing?
      Angel: (vamped out) Getting in touch with my inner demon.

    • Swami: Right. So here's what you do. You go out…and find yourself some small, blonde thing. You bed her, you love her, you treat her like crap, break her heart. You and your inner demon will thank me. I promise.
      Angel: Um....

    • Angel: Uh, Wesley, that is my coat, right?

    • Angel: Why is Wesley wearing my coat?

    • Angel: Uh, Wesley, can I have my coat back?

    • Cordelia: What happened?
      Angel: He got hit.
      Cordelia: By who? The swami? Swamis don't hit, swamis...swam.

    • Magnus: (to Wesley) You're going to get out of my house now, loser. Take the piece with you.
      Cordelia: The piece? Was that supposed to be me?

    • Wesley: Oh, no, no, no. Not the sun, for I am a vampire. Oh no, it burns. Oh, oh, oh, oh no...

    • Wesley: (to thugs) Release her or die.
      Angel: Don't I say that?

    • Gunn: Okay, what I want to know is... how I live in L.A. all my life and not know this weird-ass stuff was going on?
      Cordelia: Oh, the ass is even weirder than you think.

    • Angel: Were you in Virginia?
      Wesley: That's beside the point.

    • T'ish Magev: (to Angel) How many warriors slated for the coming apocalypse do you think are going to be using that hair gel? Don't get me wrong. You're out there, fighting the ultimate evil; you're going to want something with hold.

    • Wesley: (pretending to be Angel) Blood. I don't usually... drink in front of humans.
      Magnus: Don't insult me, go on. It's fresh.
      Wesley: Dear God! That's... nummy.

    • T'ish Magev: Vampire living in a city known for its sun, driving a convertible. Why do you hate yourself?
      Angel: I don't. I got a deal.
      T'ish Magev: You got a deal? Why not a personalized license plate that says, 'irony'?
      Angel: Top goes up.

    • Angel: We're going. I don't have to sing.
      Cordelia: Oh thank God!

    • Gunn: Wait, are you saying... is he gonna sing? Oh God, is Angel gonna sing?

    • Angel: I guess I'm a little, um… rocky.
      The Host/Lorne: You're Rocky and Rocky II, and half of the one with Mr. T.

    • Magnus: She's impure? She's not a virgin? You... (to Wesley)
      Gunn: Whoa, that's what impure meant?
      Cordelia: She slept with him?
      Magnus: You were supposed to be Angel. This wouldn't have happened. That's why I hired him. He's a eunuch.
      Cordelia: You slept with her?
      Angel: A eunuch?
      Wesley: Things happen. Two young people. Danger.
      Virginia: What are you talking about?
      Magnus: She was a virgin before you got here.
      Virginia: I was not a virgin.
      Magnus: What?
      Wesley: Oh, thank goodness.
      Gunn: I could've told you she wasn't no virgin.
      Angel: Not a eunuch.
      Cordelia: One day as Angel... One day and he's getting some.
      Magnus: What? How could you? I kept you away from all men.
      Angel: I mean, the curse isn't even all that clear.

    • Cordelia: Right. This is Angel. "Oh, I can't do anything fun tonight. I have to count my past sins, then alphabetize them. Oh, by the way, I'm thinking of snapping on Friday."

    • The Host/Lorne: (to Angel) You don't have to sing. A break for you, a break for me, and a break for Manilow.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Host/Lorne: You're Rocky and Rocky II, and half of the one with Mr. T.

      This is a reference to the film Rocky and its first two sequels, Rocky II and Rocky III, about a boxer who fights for a chance to prove his worth both in the ring and out.

    • Cordelia: It's like they don't even know you're a Shemp.
      Shemp Howard is most famous (or infamous) for being the replacement for his brother Curly, in the popular comedy group The Three Stooges. He was resented by many fans for not being as funny as Curly. The term has also seen usage in Sam Raimi films where stunt-doubles, photo-doubles and stand-ins are referred to as "Shemps." This itself is a reference to a period in the Three Stooges' career when the real Shemp Howard was recovering from a stroke and was frequently doubled onscreen by unconvincing lookalikes.