Season 5 Episode 9

Harm's Way

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • And by silly, I mean hilarious.

    Harm's Way is a hilarious episode that gives us insight into everyone's favourite dumb blonde vampire- Harmony!

    I love this episode. It is genuinely funny and while Harmony isn't the deepest or most interesting character, she's simply hilarious and has some great lines. It also seems she isn't as stupid as she seems- her knowledge about ordering the camel was good and she seems to read people well- she was the only who knew it wasn't Gunn who loved Fred but Wesley. Also she has one of my all time favourite lines ever "Maybe I'll change my name.. Harmonita". Tgat line gets me every time. Mercedes McNab was great in this episode- she's very good at comedy and did some good drama near the end. This episode basically showed how Harmony is adjusting to life at Wolfram and Hart and where she fits in. All throughout this episode she tries over and over to find somewhere to fit in- whether it's with the girls at the lunch room or with Team Angel. Also her repeated attempts to talk to Mrs Jacobi (or whatever her name is) show that she is basically ignored everywhere, a far cry from the popular Sunnydale girl she once was. Harmony reminds me a lot of early Cordelia- once popular now alone. She also seems thoroughly not evil for a vampire and doesn't really seem to miss the evil, which is unusual for a vampire without a soul.

    It seems Fred also isn't so clueless about Wesley's affections for her- she let slip she knows he's giving her the eye. If only she had realised earlier that she loves Wesley, then they could of at least had some time together before her death. Silly Fred.

    Harm's Way is an excellent, funny and light hearted episode that keeps you laughing all the way through and warms us to Harmony and finally gives her a place within the group and the show. A really fun episode that should not be missed.
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