Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 07, 2003 on The WB

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  • Angel sells out to 'The Man'


    The Good;

    Love the way that when Lilah moves at first she seems awkward, as though she's getting used to using her body again.There is just something endlessly, savagely beautiful about a black panther. Love Fred and Lorne dancing. Great fight between Connor and Angel and lovely ending.

    The Bad;

    Fred's submachinegun is obviously fake, she totes it around like it weighs nothing because of course it's actually just a hollow shell. You can see that the cops beseiging Connor in the sports store aren't LAPD, in fact you can see the word 'Boston' written on the side of their vehicles. Wes and Lilah never get the chance to say goodbye?

    Best line;

    Lilah; (of Wes trying and failing to burn her contract) "But it means something that you tried" (how BEAUTIFULLY does Stephanie deliver this line?)

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    Connor pummeling the cop into unconsciousness is nasty although given what Connor's going to do next maybe he should think himself lucky he just got a few bumps. The terrified hostages at the sports shop are hard to watch as is Angel putting the knife in Connor and even more viciously yanking it out again.

    Lilah is in hell and despite all of Wes' efforts she's going to remain there. So sad, she had her chance at redemption and she blew it.

    Apocalypses: 5

    Angel Cliches

    Inverting the Hollywood cliche;

    Despite being nochalant about all that WR&H have offered him Angel is hugely excited about his big TV

    In disguise; 8

    DB get's his shirt off; 13

    Cheap Angel; 6

    Fang Gang in bondage:

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 14

    Wes: 7

    Gunn; 5

    Lorne; 5

    Fred; 3

    Fang gang knocked out: no but Connor beats the suicidal cop unconscious

    Cordy: 15

    Angel: 17

    Wes: 7

    Doyle; 1

    Gunn; 2

    Lorne; 6

    Groo; 1

    Connor; 1

    Faith; 1

    Fred; 2

    Kills; unless someone can correct me the only ep of Angel ever when not only does no one die but no one even kills anyone/anything?

    Cordy: 5 vamps, 3 demons

    Angel; 44 vamps, 59 and 1/2 demons, 5 zombies, 8 humans

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 14 demons+5 vamps, 5 zombies, 2 humans

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 18 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.

    Gunn; 11 vamps+ 13 demons, 5 zombies, 1 human.

    Groo; 1 demon

    Fred; 3 vamps+ 2 demon, 5 zombies

    Connor; 16 vamps, 5 zombies, 2 demons, Jasmine

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 3

    Angel: 3

    Gunn; 1

    Wes; 1

    Alternate Fang Gang;

    Cordy: 4

    Angel: 11

    Fred; 2

    Wes; 1

    Gunn; 1

    Connor; 1

    Characters killed:


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations;5

    Angel, Gunn, Fred, Lorne, Wes,

    Angel Investigations shot:

    Angel: 12

    Wes; 2

    Packing heat; Fred with her submachinegun. WR&H seem to have invested in a lot heavier weapons for their new security force, maybe to stop something like The Beast ever happening again?

    Wes; 8

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 3

    Gunn; 2

    Fred; 2

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 5 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast+Phantom Dennis+Groo+Connor plus possibly the Beast

    Angel: 5; Buffy, Darla and The Transcending Furies

    Wes; 3 definite; Virginia, the bleached blonde and Lilah, 1 possible, Justine

    Gunn; 2 Fred and Gwen.

    Fred; 1 Gunn

    Groo; 1Cordy

    Kinky dinky:

    How gorgeous is Gunn's guide, Lacey? Knox tells Fred that WR&H have a dungeon. For prisoners or for S&M shenanigans? Lilah wants Angel to strip in front of her.

    Captain Subtext;

    It's a small moment but when Lilah refers to 'My Wesley' it just speaks volumes. Nice to know that when the chips are down the way to prove yourself to the girl you love is to cut her head off!

    Know the face, different character; 5 Jonathon Woodward who plays Knox here was Holden Webster in the Buffy ep 'Conversations with Dead People'.

    Parking garages;


    Buffy characters on Angel; 16

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru, The Master, Anne, Willow and Harmony. POSSIBLY The First Evil

    Missing scenes; If this ep was 9/10 minutes over why can't we get Special Edition Angel DVDs with such footage restored?

    Questions and observations;

    The last we'll see of Lilah and that is SUCH a shame, Stephanie Romanov has been one of the best things in the series for the last four years. I'd love to see her in the comics (the female boss of the Dollhouse owes much to her, right down to her look). Who's the girl in the picture on the wall behind Wes in his office? WR&H's office now resembles a shopping mall. So is Sirk a genuine defector or a plant from the Watcher's council? Twilight? The Lineage ninjas? Wes has heard of the destruction of the Watcher's Council but probably been too busy to worry about it. Angel knows that Buffy will prevail against evil no matter what the odds. Presumably Gunn taught Connor how to make bombs during the last summer? Angel quite obviously gets the idea for Connor's retrofit from Dawn's origin on Buffy. Wouldn't you love to see Connor get together with Dawn? They have so much in common and it would be cool to see what their kids turn out like? Unless anyone can correct me we'll never see the Hyperion again either. Seigfreid and Roy are referenced, do they own the panther?

    WR&H give the amulet to Angel. Now, are they doing this purely to thwart The First's plans or are they now aware that there is a SECOND vampire with a soul and that he might be the one that the prophecies speak off? Is this intended to gain control of Spike but Lindey get's there first? Speaking of whom in Dead End Lindsey warns Angel not to play WR&H's game. For good or ill here he ignores that advice and does exactly that.

    Marks out of 10; 10/10, not so much a season ending but a pilot for the new series, a complete reboot. That said if Angel had ended here I'd be disappointed but it would still be a good ending.

  • If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

    Lilah offers the gang full control of the new Wolfram and Hart. It is no wonder that our gang is wary of her (and the Senior Partners) intentions. She informs the gang that a limo will be there at dawn if they want the grand tour. The guys are skeptical but their curiousity is piqued for sure. So...they all show up for the tour. Meanwhile, Connor is wandering the streets just utterly lost and empty. Losing Cordy and Jasmine was just too much for him to take and he doesnt believe in anything anymore. He ends up beating up a man because the man was contemplating suicide from being so bummed after his Jasmania had worn off. Our crew gets shown around the new W&H and each of them is impressed, particularly Lorne and Gunn. Wes sneaks into the file room and tries to burn Lilahs perpituity clause so she can be free...but Lilah informs him that she signed on for the long haul. Angel is adamant about NOT taking the deal until Lilah presses the right button. First she gives him a portfolio about Sunnydale that has an amulet included. Angel tells her Buffy can take care of herself. Then she turns on the TV in Angels could-be office and there is a hostage situation. Connor has taken people hostage. Angel tells Lilah he will take over W&H but on HIS terms. He manages to get into the (sporting good?) store where Connor has his hostages wired to blow up. He also has himself and Cordy wired. He and Angel fight and Angel is able to overtake him. He apologizes to Connor and Connor says "What are you going to do about it?" and you see Angel slash across his throat with a knife. Cut to W&H and Angel and the gang re-convene in the lobby and he informs the group that he has accepted the offer, executive decision. Angel tells Lilah he wants to see Connor. As he leaves to do so Fred asks aloud "Who's Connor?"
    Cut to Angel eavesdropping on a very happy family dinner. Connor and his new family are joking and enjoying each other and now we know what deal Angel struck with W&H. Connor has no memory of him and no one (except Angel) knows of Connor. See you in Season 5.
  • Home Is Where The Hell Is

    Home-Angel Investigations are made an offer they can't refuse, when a newly opened Wolfram and Hart give them the opportunity to work there, allowing them access to every secret file and rewarding Angel with a file on the Sunnydale apocalypse. Meanwhile, Connor realizes he has no future with a loving family and goes on an insane rampage, taking hostage families from a nearby mall. When Angel discovers what's going on, he is offered a chance to give Connor what he desires, even if it means giving him up.

    Not the most explosive and epic finale, but a very fun, even emotional one. Lilah's back and congradulates the gang on ending world peace, wait a go guys! But not only that, she has the craziest offer...she wants the give Team Angel Wolfram and Hart! After a long dramatic pause after the credits, the group comes to the conclusion the dead chick had lost it! Meanwhile, L.A. is still in chaos after the Jasmine ordeal, Connor wonder around then saves a cop from suicide only to bet the crap out of him, it's brutal scene that shows that the screws on Connor's head have begun to loosen! Meanwhile, everyone at Angel Inc. is like, yeah, we got better things to do then become the new owners of an evil law firm, so let Angel go hunt down his son while we chill. Next morning, everyone outside ready for the big tour, Lorne parties in the limo a bit, you guys kill me! The new Wolfram and Hart is stunning and the scene where the gang enters as hundreds of lawyers greet Mr. Angel (very creepy by the way!) is executed so well. The touring scenes are great, with Gunn flirting with his tour guide, Fred being in awe of being the head of the science department with her new buddy, Wesley going all Die Hard all over the place. He even tries to save Lilah by freeing her from her contract, it burns, but can't be broken! Darn, Wesley did you really love her after all? Stephanie Romanov gives her final and finest performance as her scenes with Angel are priceless. All her jabs and lines at Angel to make him feel comfortable are hilarious. Everything seems perfect for the group to make the big deal, but wait, Connor! What did he do now? Only took a bunch of innocent people in mall and put explosives on each one of them...himself...and Cordelia! Jeeze, even in a coma that girl gets no peace! I mean Miss Universe just bodysnatched her body for a whole season for petes sake! Anyway, the scene is very intense, with David and Vincent giving great performances. You kinda feel bad for Connor, his still a whinny little turd, but his had a rouge life, he grew up in hell literally, slept with his mother and tried to kill his father...wait, no I don't!...just kidding! The last father/son fight between both is a great one and it's sad as Angel has to give up his only child he'll ever have. He even watches Connor living a normal life with a new perfect family, but wait, how come the gang doesn't remeber Connor now? Well, let's wait for next season. Speaking of that, next season looks to be very promising at this point with Team Angel now players in the Wolfram and Hart dynasty, the stories and possiblities are endless. It will be rocky and unfornately, the last year for our heroes! I hope that python makes an appearence again! All and All, a solid season ender with a nice dilemma and promises a whole lot for Angel's fifth and final season.
  • The offer of a liftime. Just not, you know... Lilah's.

    Home is a great episode that feels actually more like a season opener than a season finale. Angel never really does good season finales (except NFA of course), especially not in the epic way Buffy usually does. Home is my least favourite season finale but it was still very good.

    Lilah was a joy in this episode. She was absolutely hilarious and had some great lines e.g. "It's a Lie-Lah". She's such an amazing character and it's really saddening this is her last episode, especially seeing as she could have easily appeared in S5 but we instead got her replacement in the form of the ever annoying Eve who is just a bad version of Lilah. Lilah's always been a favourite character of mine. She has some amazing lines and is generally just awesome. At least in her last eppy she was excellent. I really enjoyed her moments with Wesley and for all his talking that he didn't love her, I think he did a little bit. He calls her a "loved one" and the burning of her contract was such a great moment. He is visibly shaken by her return and had some very sad moments- I much prefer Wesley/Lilah to Wesley/Fred. The end of a truly brilliant character.

    The rest of this episode was good too- I liked the Connor scenes (didn't love them though). I'm not a fan of Connor mainly because he's just so ungrateful and hateful but he was very good here. His speech was heart breaking and his suicide attempt was sad also. Angel's final act of love for him- "killing" him but in reality giving him a new life without him, was a great move and the last scene was incredible and very emotional. Angel watches his son finally be happy- without him. I'm glad Connor's gone though. I'm not so much a big fan of the move to Wolfram and Heart, as I found S5 a bit disappointing but I think it was the right direction as they couldn't stay in the hotel forever. It created some oppurtunities for great storylines though.

    Home is a great season finale to an outstanding season- it was emotional, funny and said goodbye to an amazing character- Lilah. SEASON REVIEW

    Season 4 is a love or hate it season- if you love it, you'll love it for the season long arc, the action, the twists, the shocks and the epic scale. If you hate it, you'll hate it for the fact it kinda didn't make a lot of sense. Most of it flows but Jasmine in particular is an uneven character and it also violated one of the most loved characters of the show.

    Cordelia's character almost gets completely destroyed here- I really enjoyed Evil Cordy, and could have accepted it if she had come back as a regular in S5 but she doesn't. She gets just one episode. Here, she is completely sacrificed in order for an arc- it's an amazing arc sure but I'm not quite sure it was worth the cost of my second favourite character.

    Jasmine was a brilliant villain but she was quite ridiculous at times. Her actions were a bit.. "Huh?" and it was more what she didn't do than what she did. Why not kill Angel etc at the start? It would be easier. Also, when played by Charisma Carpenter, she's really different from when being played by Gina Torres. Both were great but really different in terms of mannerisms etc.

    However, the rest of the season is outstanding. It's epic and shocking and beyond that I don't have a lot to say. It is definitely unmissable- don't make the mistake of not seeing it.

    Score: 9/10
    Rank: #2 of #5
  • An awesome end to a terrible season.

    So far I have loved every season of Angel. I hated Holtz but still liked Season 3 because of the conflicted Wesley plot and the idea of a teenage son for Angel.

    This season made me lose all respect for Connor and Cordelia. I hated every scene Cordelia was in and just found her to be annoying and unnecessary to the plot. Later we found out Jasmine had taken over her body, which made me hate the story even more because Jasmine was a pathetic Big Bad. Connor just was the most easily manipulated character in history, doing everything he's told by the wrong people, being a jerk to his father whose done everything for him.

    This episode was a nice change of pace from the otherwise dull Season 4. I liked the whole Wolfram and Heart deal, I think it will be a nice set up for Season 5. It was even a great possible Series Finale, but luckily one more season exists of Angel.

    The ending was also very nice, Angel continues his pattern of not getting what he wants (a son), and instead of having a crazy teenage son he gives him up to start over with a new life. Can't wait to watch Season 5 (WITH SPIKE!).
  • Home

    Home was a perfect season finale of Angel. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of interesting turns and surprises after Lilah comes back from the dead to offer Angel and the Gang a hard to pass up offer. I thought the way this episode flowed was great, and I was happy to see Lilah and her humor. I thought it was interesting how Connor chose to react to Jasmine being dead and gone feeling all alone with Cordelia still in a coma. I thought each of the characters had interesting adventures on their tour of the new Wolfram and Hart. This episode had a great ending that sets up the next and final season. I can't wait to start watching it!!!!!!!
  • If they only knew..

    7.5 Wolfram & Hart would really destroy them. Fred, Weseley, Drogan, Lindsey, and very likely the entire gang. If Angel and the others really knew how many lives that world would claim before the real end came. I really think that they went into the Wolfram & Hart world far to quickly and far to blindly. To fight evil from inside the belly of the beast usually means you've been swallowed. I wish that they had seen this, though this was exactly where the series had been headed. They were so blind, even Angel.
  • prove love

    so very sad episode. i did not care to much for wolfram in heart and giving every one a work there. it was just kind of boring and so not focused on the actual show.

    but every scene with connor was amazing. so good! connor gave up and wanted to kill some people with cordelia and himself. angel stopped him by proving that he loved him. he made a deal with lilah that if he becomes the owner of wolfram and heart that he will give connor a new life. at thje end angel is looking inside the window and sees connor in a new home and family. that was the best ending of any episode of this show. so powerful!
  • The end of a fantastic season. I didn't care that much about the W&H scenes, but about the Connor ones. It was exit for my favorite character but it was also the greatest exit for any character on tv.



    This is one of those episodes where I can't stop a tear from coming down my face at the end. It's such a sad and well written episode. The gang get W&H and Angel knows that the only way to prove Connor that he loves him is to let him go. At the end Connor ends with his new family and finally having what he always wanted.

    Cut to the hotel and Lilah is there and she tells Angel that it's her but they don't understand but she says that she is dead. And she knows that Wes cut off her head. Lilah says that it's game over for them and she is making an offer because it's an offer of a lifetime.

    the credits start

    The episode continues and they all look confused. It's because Lilah offered them Wolfram & Hart. They win because they are moving out and they get the building and its them. Fred says that the Beast destroyed it but she says it's back and better. Lilah says it's up to them with what they do. She says it's a reward because they ended world peace. She says that world peace comes with a price and Jasmine understood that. She says that there will be a limo outside if they are interested. Outside is everything a horror and Connor is sad walking alone and he sees someone trying to jump of a building. The man says he lost something and Connor says it's gone. Connor tells him to go home and he shows Connor some pictures of his family and that makes Connor upset and he begins to him.

    Gunn and Wes talk and Gunn says that they could use the law firm. Angel is going to find his son and he doesn't care if his gang go to the limo. Cut to Fred at night and she goes outside where she finds Wesley. Also Gunn is there and it's they three. When they go to the car Angel is waiting outside and he doesn't care and Lorne is inside and enjoying himself. Cut to the law firm and they enter. Everyone there knows Angel. Then Lilah comes with her crew and she has guides for everyone. Lilah says that they don't have to be afraid and she has guns and they can chose one. Everyone goes with their own guide, first Lorne. Then Wesley goes with someone and Gunn with the sexy lady. Fred meets Knox and they are to the science place. Then Lilah is the only one left with Angel.

    cut to Gunn going with the woman and she says that they all have a priority. The woman says they have more grander intentions with Gunn than he thinks. Cut to Knox and Fred and he says that she is the one who manages everything. Everything there is right for Fred. Cut to the two watchers and they see books and he says that everything is there and Wes grabs a book that is blanc and it changes into the book Wes wanted. Wesley then knocks out the man and he goes somewhere else. Cut to Angel and Lilah going to his office and that Angel has now twelve cars. Angel is not interested and then the glass is able to get sunlight and Angel doesn't burst into flames. Lilah shows Angel a file about sunnydale for Buffy. Lilah says that they can find missing persons. She says that he only has to pick up the phone. Then Lilah turns on the tv and Angel sees his son on the news.

    Then Angel grabs Lilah and he thinks she set everything up but she was busy being dead. Angel tells her to make it stop. Angel says that people like her is the reason why this world is this way and he tells her what the deal is gonna be. Cut to Gunn and the woman and it's time to a white room and that his answers are in that room and then he arrives in the white room. Gunn sees a big Panther appear and he liked the little girl more. Cut to the place where Connor has victims and a girl is crying and Connor tells him to be nice. Then Angel gets in. Cut to Wesley hitting some guars and finding a lot of files. Lilah appears and she was wondering how long it took for him to take there. Wesley says that she doesn't know him as well as she thinks and he grabs the file for her contract and he wants to release her and burns her contract. He thinks it's done but she tells him to look back and she says that it means something that he tries to save her.

    Cut to Connor putting himself on a bomb. Connor says that everyone can be blown up and he says that it could be everyone and it could be him and even Cordy who is in a coma. Connor says that he didn't feel the perfect love from Jasmine and that he didn't feel anything and that he is dead. Connor says it's a lie and that his dead mother couldn't even love him. Connor says that Angel didn't love him enough to hang on. Angel tells Connor that people love him and that Jasmine was a lie. Connor says that nobody deserved the love of Jasmine. Connor says that death is the one thing that changes anything and everything else is a lie and you can't be saved by a lie, not at all. Then Connor wants to explode himself but Angel hits him and destroys him bomb.

    Angel hits Connor and they begin to fight and Angel makes all the people cut them lose and to run. Then Angel tries to cut lose Cordy but Connor hits him and throws him away and then he tries to kill Cordy but Angel throws a knife at his leg and Connor falls down. Angel says he really does love Connor and he asks what he is gonna do about it and Angel says he's going to prove it. Cut to W&H and then the gang comes back together. Gunn comes back and he says he is doing it and Wes says that they could do a lot with W&H. Then comes Angel and he says he already took the deal. Then comes Lilah and she says that they have grown up. Lilah says that Cordy will get the best help and he wants to see his son and she says it wasn't part of the deal and a limo will take him to Connor and nobody else knows who is Connor.

    Cut to a car driving Angel to the place and Angel goes to a house to look. Inside he sees Connor with a family and all happy. Connor makes a toast to family and Angel watches and walks away.

    Black Out
    Best episode quotes:

    Angel: Lilah.
    Lilah: Angel. What's the matter, ace? Didn't think you were the only one that ever got to come back from hell around here, did ya? Speaking of which, could I possibly get some ice water?
    Angel: What are you doing here, Lilah?
    Wesley: She's not here. It's not her. It can't be.
    Lilah: There's a signed dollar in your wallet that says different.
    Wesley: It's a lie.
    Lilah: Lah. It's a Lilah. You're the one with the preternatural senses. You tell him.
    Angel: It's true, Wes. It's her.
    Fred: But how? She was dead.
    Angel: She's still dead.
    Gunn: Vampire?
    Lilah: Eww, please. Angelus drank from me, it's true, but like with most men, it was a one-way street. I was dead already. Besides, my Wesley made sure I'd be spared, just in case. It's OK, lover. I never felt a thing.
    Wesley: I'm sure that's true.
    Gunn: I don't get this. If she ain't alive, and she ain't a vampire, what in the hell is she?
    Lilah: I'm just a messenger. That's all. They'll be sending me straight back to hell once I'm finished here.
    Gunn: Who's "they"?
    Angel: Wolfram & Hart. The contract she signed with them extends beyond her death.
    Lilah: Standard perpetuity clause, I'm afraid. Always read the fine print.
    Angel: What's your game, Lilah?
    Lilah: No game. In fact, game over. Guess what? You win, which is why I'm here. I have been authorized to make you kids an offer.
    Fred: You can't possibly think there's anything we'd want from you.
    Lilah: I don't think you'll want it, but you'll take it, because this is the offer of a lifetime. Just not, you know...mine.
    Gunn: You want to run that by us one more time?
    Lilah: What was unclear?
    Fred: I think the part where you offered us Wolfram & Hart.
    Lilah: Just the L.A. Branch.
    Lorne: "Just the L.A. Branch." Hi, from another dimension, what the hell does that mean?
    Lilah: Means we give. You win. We're moving out. The senior partners are ceding this territory to you, and to prove it, they want to give you controlling interest in our L.A. Office. You get the building, assets, personnel, letterhead, paper clips, all of it. It's yours to do with as you see fit.
    Fred: But there is no Los Angeles office of Wolfram & Hart. The beast destroyed it.
    Lilah: Oh, it's back, restaffed and zombie-free. We're bigger, better, and shinier than ever, and we want to give it to you.
    Gunn: You want to give us your evil law firm? We ain't lawyers.
    Fred: Or evil. Currently.
    Lilah: What we're offering you is a turnkey, state-of-the-art, multi-tasking operation. What you do with it, well, that's up to you.
    Angel: Why?
    Lilah: Well, I thought that was obvious. You earned it. Think of it as a reward.
    Gunn: Reward for what?
    Lilah: Ending world peace.
    Fred: That's not what happened.
    Lilah: No?
    Wesley: Jasmine was creating a slave state.
    Lilah: Right, where the slaves are full of giggly joy and love. Ugh, what a nightmare.
    Angel: She was eating people.
    Lilah: They knew what they were getting into.
    Lorne: Her stomach?
    Lilah: World peace comes at a price. Jasmine understood that. She consumed, what? Couple dozen souls a day? Now weigh that against ending the suffering of millions, but you fixed that.
    Fred: No, we didn't. I-I mean, we did, we-we fixed it, but not in the way that you're trying to make it sound.
    Lilah: Jeez, it's not like it was a criticism. Anyway, I'm dead and running late. Think about our proposal. If anyone's interested and wants the grand tour, there'll be a limo waiting outside just before dawn, and hey... good job.
    Fred: We ended a nefarious global domination scheme, not world peace... right?

    Wesley: Angel's battle with Jasmine took place here. She was moving east, probably towards Cordelia. If we find Connor, I suspect we'll find her as well.
    Gunn: Kid needs a leash if you ask me.
    Wesley: We work outward in an ever-expanding perimeter.
    Gunn: Ever-expanding perimeter? That won't take weeks.
    Wesley: You've another idea, I'm ready to hear it.
    Gunn: Can't help thinking it might cut down on the work load some if we got a little help, a few extra employees, or a turnkey, state-of-the-art, multi-tasking operation.
    Wesley: You can't possibly think that's an option.
    Gunn: Well, now I know it's an option, 'cause I was standing there when the dead lady offered it to us. Come on, Wes, how long are you gonna be satisfied, sitting there sticking pins in maps and blowing dust off your books? Sorry, man. I shouldn't have said it like that.
    Wesley: No, no, no. They are rather dusty.
    Gunn: That's not what I meant. Couldn't have been easy for you seeing Lilah again like that.
    Wesley: Oh, yes. That was awkward, wasn't it? You decapitate a loved one, you don't expect them to come visiting.
    Gunn: Loved one?
    Wesley: Figure of speech.

    Wesley: I don't know how long it's been here. Since before I arrived.
    Fred: I thought I'd be the only one.
    Wesley: I thought for sure I wouldn't be, although I wasn't expecting it to be you.
    Fred: I just figured...well, if they are up to something-
    Gunn: We should know what it is. I get that.
    Wesley: Well, we three.
    Gunn: Looks like.
    Wesley: What are the odds the humans would be the most corruptible?
    Fred: Maybe we should just go back inside. What if Angel's right?
    Gunn: Yeah, but what if he's not? All we're gonna do is take the tour.
    Wesley: Hmm. We go into this with our eyes open and our wits about us. There shouldn't be any-
    Angel: Surprises? What the hell.
    Lorne: So it's an evil limo. I get that, but does that mean we don't restock the cherries?

    Lilah: Well, you've all made it. What a shock. We've got a lot of ground to cover, so best we get started. Let me introduce you to your guides.
    Angel: Guides? Separate guides?
    Lilah: Of course. There are 5 of you, all with specific interests, unique areas of expertise. Seemed the most efficient way of doing this. Prioritize and personalize.
    Angel: Divide and conquer, you mean.
    Lilah: Oh, you're so cynical. See? This is gonna work out great.
    Angel: We don't split up. We came here together, we're gonna take the tour together. Right, guys?
    Gunn: Do I get her?
    Lilah: Look, if we wanted to harm you, we'd have blown up the limo, right? If you prefer to be armed during your stay here, we'd have no objections. Just because we've tried to kill or corrupt each and every one of you at one time or another doesn't mean we can't be trusted.
    Wesley: She's right. We've made deals with them before. They are honorable in their way. I doubt we'll be in any danger.
    Lorne: She was right about the limo.
    Gunn: Do I get her?
    Fred: I think we'll be OK.
    Lilah: Lorne, Preston will show you around our entertainment division.
    Preston: Hi, big fan. Huge. Love your work. I had this prepared. Confidential list. Peepers only. Thought you might want to take a gander at our roster. Just a rundown of some of the talent we represent here.
    Lorne: Uh, no, no, no, no. I don't think you have to tell me what you represent here, young man. I know. Evil. Pure evil in the- Huh. Which is also apparently everyone I've always wanted to meet.
    Preston: Follow me.
    Lilah: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Rutherford Sirk. I think you'll find you two have a lot in common.
    Sirk: It's a pleasure. Shall we?
    Lilah: Charles Gunn, Lacey Shepard. I think you'll find you two have nothing in common.
    Lacey: This way, Chuck.
    Gunn: You're not gonna try to corrupt me, are you?
    Lacey: Wouldn't dream of it.
    Gunn: We'll have to work on that.
    Lilah: Knox, Fred Burkle.
    Fred: Hi.
    Lilah: Knox is the star of our science division.
    Fred: Oh!
    Knox: Oh. Uh.
    Fred: Oh, nice to meet you.
    Knox: You, too, um. Well, this, um, should
    Fred: Yeah.
    Angel: Well... What do you know?
    Lilah: Yep, just you and me, boss. Come on, Charlie. Let me show you around the chocolate factory.

    Lilah: Money, clothes, women. Did I mention we have a juice bar?
    Angel: This is what you came back from the dead for? To play "Let's Make an Evil Deal"?
    Lilah: Show him what's behind door number one, Bob. I know it's not much, but the Taj Mahal was a bit of a commute.
    Angel: Hmm, what, am I supposed to swoon? It's an office.
    Lilah: With your own private elevator. Care to take it for a spin?
    Angel: What's it gonna do, huh? Drop me in a vat of holy water?
    Lilah: I was pushing for that, but they went with the motor pool. Figured you'd like to stay mobile, what with all that rushing out to save the day you're so fond of.
    Angel: Thanks, but I already have a car.
    Lilah: Now you have 12.
    Angel: What am I gonna do with 12 cars?
    Lilah: Anything you want. That's the point, or haven't you been listening?
    Angel: I have, and, uh, I'm done now.
    Lilah: Wait, I forgot to show you the best part. You're gonna love this.
    Angel: I'm not bursting into flames.
    Lilah: Nope. Necro-tempered glass. The whole building's fitted with it. Helps keep those uplifting, wholesome rays from charbroilin' the boss, and 30% more energy efficient. Feels even better when you're naked. I could turn around.
    Angel: Close it.
    Lilah: Promise I won't peek. Well, maybe just a skosh.
    Angel: Close it, Lilah.
    Lilah: Good-bye, Mr. Sunshine. Hello, gloomy avenger.
    Angel: Make that good-bye. I'm not taking the job.
    Lilah: It's not a job. It's an opportunity.
    Angel: Ooh, an opportunity to be part of the problem.
    Lilah: If that's what you choose.
    Angel: Really don't.
    Lilah: Again, your choice. Think of what you can do with the resources of Wolfram & Hart at your fingertips, the difference that would make. Nothing in this world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and it's cruel, but that's why there's you, Angel. You live as if the world were as it should be. With all this, you can make it that way. People don't need an unyielding champion. They need a man who knows the value of compromise and how to beat the system from inside the belly of the beast.
    Angel: The beast's belly? Doesn't that usually mean you've been eaten?
    Lilah: Maybe. While you've been namby-pambying around for the past 90 seconds, 6 innocent people have died. Oh, but don't worry. There's always 6,000 more just around the corner or up the coast.
    Angel: Sunnydale.
    Lilah: That nifty, little bauble comes with the file. Apparently, it's crucial for some kind of final battle. Guess they're in short supply up Sunnydale way. A bit gauche for my taste, but, hey, not a slayer.
    Angel: Buffy can handle herself.
    Lilah: But isn't it more fun when you handle her?
    Angel: Keep the intel. Not interested.
    Lilah: Not in this case. So how about open homicide? Missing persons? Mmm, I knew there had to be a reason you took the tour. Dead, not stupid.
    Angel: What do you know?
    Lilah: About where Cordelia and your son are? Not a thing, but you could find out in about 10 seconds. All you gotta do is pick up the phone, boss.
    Angel: I'm sorry what happened to you, Lilah. I really am. Me and my friends will be leaving now.
    Lilah: Yes? Of course. The senior partners would like you to test all the amenities before you make your decision.
    Angel: Cool! Is that high-def?
    Reporter: evacuated and bomb units have been called to the scene where police say more than a dozen promenade shoppers are being held hostage at this hour. Police are trying to identify the suspect from these security camera pictures. So far, no motive is known for the siege, and the suspect has refused to speak with law enforcement officials. We'll keep you updated as this intense drama unfolds.
    Lilah: Wow, really does have your eyes, doesn't he? Watch the head. It comes off kind of easy.
    Angel: You set this whole thing up.
    Lilah: Been a little busy with the being dead.
    Angel: You, the senior partners, whoever. Get 'em on the phone and make it stop now.
    Lilah: Love to, except for the part where we didn't have anything to do with-
    Angel: But you know who did.
    Lilah: Yeah, I'm looking at him. You're the one who raised him or didn't. Can't imagine how the kid turned out postal.
    Angel: You don't know a thing about Connor, huh. Let's keep it that way.
    Lilah: One time offer only, Angel. Walk out that door, deal's off. Stay, and it's all yours.
    Angel: People like you, this place, that's what's wrong with the world, Lilah. I will never be a part of this. Not the way you're hoping. Now let me tell you what the deal's gonna be.

    Lilah: I was wondering how long it'd take you to get here.
    Wesley: How'd I do?
    Lilah: A little slower than I would have thought... but then you always did like to take your time. So you finally made it. Got behind the facade, and here it is, every dirty, little scheme. Every secret, all that evil, great and small. Just imagine what you could accomplish with that kind of information.
    Wesley: You wanted me to see this. You knew I'd-
    Die Hard your way up here? Come on, Wes. Who knows you better than me?
    Wesley: Perhaps you don't know me as well as you think.
    Lilah: What are you doing, Wesley?
    Wesley: Standard perpetuity clause.
    Lilah: You broke in here for my contract?
    Wesley: I'm here to release you from it.
    Lilah: Wesley.
    Wesley: You've suffered enough. I want you to find some peace.
    Lilah: Gallant to the end...but I knew what I signed up for.
    Wesley: It's done.
    Lilah: Look in the drawer. Flames wouldn't be eternal if they actually consumed anything. But it means something that you tried.

    Angel: Connor? Son?
    Connor: You might not want to move. Everyone's rigged. Can't save 'em all, dad. Don't know who's gonna be first. Could be any one of 'em. Could be me. Could be her.
    Angel: have to listen to me. This is about Jasmine.
    Connor: Jasmine's gone.
    Angel: I know. We all felt it, that perfect love, then when you had to give it up-
    Connor: I didn't feel anything! I can't feel anything. I guess I really am your son... 'cause I'm dead, too.
    Angel: You're not dead. You're just starting your life and-
    Connor: No, you just weren't there before!
    Angel: I know. I'm so-
    Connor: Do not say you're sorry! Doesn't fix anything.
    Angel: Ok, look, let me say this. I love you, son.
    Connor: It's a lie.
    Angel: It's not.
    Connor: It's always a lie. My dead mother couldn't even love me.
    Angel: You're wrong. She did.
    Connor: No. No. She knew she couldn't.
    Angel: She sacrificed herself because she loved you.
    Connor: You tried to love me. At least I think you did.
    Angel: I still do.
    Connor: But not enough to hang on, dad. You let him take me. You let him get me. You let him get me. Cordy... you swore you loved me. Where are you now?
    Angel: Connor... you have to believe that there are people who love you.
    Connor: Jasmine believed you when you said you loved her, but it was all a lie.
    Angel: Jasmine was the lie.
    Connor: No! She knew if you found out who she really was that you'd turn against her, and she was right. That's just what happened. People like you. People like this. None of you deserve what she could give you. She wanted to give you everything.
    Angel: I know how that feels. 'Cause I want to give you everything. I want to take back the mistakes, help you start over.
    Connor: We can't start over.
    Angel: We can. I mean, we can change things.
    Connor: There's only one thing that ever changes anything... and that's death. Everything else is just a lie. You can't be saved by a lie. You can't be saved at all.
    Angel: Run. Hurry. All of you. Go. I really do love you, Connor.
    Connor: So what are you gonna do about it?
    Angel: Prove it.

    Lorne: Could be...who knows? There's something due any day I will know right away soon as it shows. It may come cannonballin' down from the sky gleaming inside... Welcome back, Fred Hi. Hey. Oh, well, let me tell you, when this cruise ship sets sail, I will be on the Lido deck. You know, I mean, it's unbelievable. Secrets of the universe, like Siegfried, evil; Roy, not so much. Oh, and balance? Very, very important.
    Fred: Uh, heh-ooh! Uh... guess we're all straggling back, some more straggly-like than others. Are you?
    Wesley: Just, uh... a lot to take in.
    Fred: You look... did they make you taller?
    Gunn: I'm doing this. Hope it's not just me, but if it is, that's all right, too.
    Wesley: As much as it pains me to admit it, there's probably a great deal we could accomplish with the resources available here.
    Fred: I can't believe it. Are-are you saying we should take the deal?
    Angel: I already took it.
    Fred: Angel, what-what?
    Wesley: You took the deal?
    Angel: Executive decision.
    Wesley: I didn't think you'd-
    Lilah: Know a silver platter when he's handed one? I'm impressed with the lot of you. Team Angel, all growed up.
    Angel: Is it taken care of?
    Lilah: Cordelia's safe and sound, probably getting a manicure and a blow dry as we speak.
    Fred: You found Cordy? And she's-
    Lilah: Still in a coma. But hey, it doesn't mean she can't look her best. She'll receive the finest care, medical and metaphysical. If there is a way to get her back, we'll find it.
    Angel: Good. Just one more piece of business. I got to see him.
    Lilah: I'm sorry, Angel, but that wasn't part of the deal.
    Angel: Value of compromise. Remember, Lilah? I need to see him.
    Lilah: You're the boss. There'll be a limo waiting outside. It'll take you to see Connor.
    Angel: Thank you.
    Fred: Who's Connor?

    Connor: You just opened up a whole bottle for yourself, didn't you?
    Dad: I'm just saying, you know, you've got your pick. Any college you want to.
    Connor: It's really not a big deal.
    Mom: Top tenth percentile is a big deal.
    Aunt: Are you and Tracy gonna try and go to the same college?
    Dad: Oh, bad idea.
    Connor: We haven't really talked about it.
    Dad: No, I love Tracy. I'm just saying it's a bad way to go.
    Sister: Tracy's a vegan.
    Mom: So? At least she doesn't live on pop tarts.
    Connor: You know, maybe I'll go to school overseas, like Russia. Is there anything further away than Russia?
    Mom: Don't you even joke about it.
    Dad: I feel a toast coming on.
    Connor: Gee, big surprise.
    Mom: There he goes.
    Dad: To the top tenth percentile-
    Connor: OK, whoa, whoa. Enough. That's all I had to hear. Since it's my special day and I'm all brilliant and everything and I'm forced to spend at least a few more months with you freaks...
    Aunt: How mean.
    Connor: Uh, heh heh, I get to make the toast, OK? To family.
    Sister: I think I should get wine for the toast.
    Connor: No, really? Well, I wasn't talking about this family. I made that clear, right?
    Sister: I'm not gonna tell you.

    Story: 10
    Acting: 10
    Writing: 10
    Picture: 10
    Gripping: 10
    My Rank: 10
    Total: 10
  • Not my favourite season...But definitely one of my favourite season storylines.

    Season 4 wasn\'t exactly my favourite season. The plot twists i hated: Cordy going evil, Jasmine, etc. But the writing was awesome throughout. The whole of this season was filled with brilliant twists and ideas. Not the ones I like, but it was clever.
    It was real great to end this season with something heart warming, and at the same time, heart-torning. Not everyone really like Connor, but how Angel gave him up for Connor\'s happiness was absolutely beautiful.
    Totally Well Written. I love the story line of season 4 100% :)
  • Well... So long Connor.

    I originally had mixed feelings about this episode, first off Connor goes on an insane rampage which was pretty damn cool but was then given away to live with another family, even though Connor was just a whiney little girl a lot of the time I still thought he was pretty cool and that he had his moments, it's a damn shame that he couldn't help Angel fight the good fight in Season 5, but it was a fitting exit for him I think.

    The dead Lilah then makes her final appearance and offers them the LA Branch of Wolfram and Hart and as soon as they walk into the office the scene turns from darkness to a bright new feel.

    With Connor off with a new family and Angel off with another job, it's all gonna change.
  • The worst episode of season 4

    Don't get me wrong, I loved season 4, especially Jasmine...her smile, kindness, the way she talked all reminded me of the clown from Stephen King's "IT" she actually gave me the creeps & I loved the whole Angelus bit, It was nice seeing Angel evil again.

    But the whole finale was awful, everything that happened in this episode could have been squeezed into 15 minutes easily, I was so bored. I really wish that the previous episode when Jasmine was killed was the finale, that was the best eppy of the season.

    Angel decides to take up Wolfram & Hart on their offer & run the firm, I kinda expected him to do that, but what a sacrifce he made just to prove his love for his son. I almost cried when he went to see Conner & found him happy.

    I'm just so glad that Conner is gone now, I hated him, he was so annoying this whole season.

  • My Favourite Season Finale of Angel. Another Great job from Tim Minear!!

    Some people may not like Season Four very much but I loved it!! I thought it was perhaps the best season, well written and bloody brilliant!!

    People complain that it was out of character for Team Angel to take over Wolfram & Hart. But I understood what possible good they saw in this, well it's my view anyway. This season they were a lot of people that Team Angel were unable to save in time and as a result, a hell of a lot of people died. Although they do a good job with helping the helpless unfortunately Team Angel cannot save all of them. With the resources from W&H they could do a better job then they did in their little hotel. At the end of the day, although it was from some point of view not a clever decision, it was Team Angel with the best intentions at heart.

    I loved what they were able to do with the characters and set them off for their new journey in just one episode. I loved the scenes with Alexis Denisof and Stephanie Romanov, I just loved all the Wes and Lilah stuff this season and I thought those did a really good job.

    David Boreanaz and Vincent Kartheiser had me in tears in their final scenes together, it was just so heartbreaking - not only Angel's Sacrifice but Connor's life in general, this poor kid has just been used and lied to his whole life. He never had a childhood or family and the thing is, he was never evil or anything, it was just him with the best intentions helping the people he loved and he thought loved him too.

    Another thing that makes me sad about this episode is that unfortunately this was the last episode of TV's Angel that Tim Minear wrote and directed. Tim Minear is by far one of the best writers of the show if not THE best. He's given us some pretty great and memorable episodes and left us with another one. I hope to see more and more from Tim Minear in the future.
  • Come into my parlor ...

    To understand the scope of the apocalpyse that was averted, so to speak, by CYNTHIA!, return with me for a moment to the silent apocalypse envisioned by Holland Manners. The end of the world is all around us, the hopelessness and despair of the human condition of scarcity, fear and loathing.

    Indeed, while involuntary -- and perhaps baseless -- the hope, peace and love Jasmine represented marked an endrun around the apocalypse Wolfram&Hart was planning.

    While a Jasmanian thrall might be a terrifying force to people who take their sense of volition and self-direction for granted as a sacred birthright of their own humanity -- and could be reasonably suspicious about the sorts of things that might be demanded of them, running, as we witnessed, from turning against their friends to seeking their death to happily undressing for dinner -- from the perspective of Wolfram & Hart, it indeed represented the undoing of all of their grand plans -- keeping people lonely and alone, mired in self-doubt, fear and rage against the unknown.

    No wonder they were so grateful.

    I'd argue that this episode -- the introduction of Angel Investigations to the inner workings of Wolfram&Hart -- is actually the first episode of the fifth season.

    Set at the end of one of the grandest yet most manageable apocalyi the show has envisioned -- the tangible effects being a little bit of looting and some chaos where the cameras were, less tangibly the mass loss of hope and sense of "rightness" worldwide -- the tour CYNTHIA! began with an evil limo ride and ended as proprietors of a turnkey multitasking multidimensional operation set the stage for all the joys and morally ambivalent chaos Joss could throw at them.

    Casting Lorne as agent to the stars, Fred as Q, Gunn as mystic conduit to the Senior Partners and giving Wesley more access to ancient texts than he ever had as a Watcher, Angel is the one character who was left without any specific definition. He's placed at the head of the most complicated and diabolical machinery without so much as a handbook for the phone system.

    Yet it can be argued that he did the most with his first day in the office than anyone on his staff.

    In the course of their tour, he tracked down Connor, saved Cordelia and several others from him, negotiated a set of false memories for at least five people and signed on to the craziest time of fun we could envision for this series.

    So why didn't he negotiate a sixth order of Jenga for himself?

    Forgetting Connor -- letting him create his happy life with his new family and walking away -- would've reduced his pain by orders of magnitude. He'd felt harrowing loss when his infant son was kidnapped, and completely at sea when he reappeared and hurtled back into his life as a broken, twisted piece of emotional wreckage, and then literally at sea when his own son booked him into Davy Jones' locker. The joy he felt at recovering Cordelia was dashed at her rejection of him and soul-shredding when she coupled with his prodigal, along with all of the emotional turmoil he experienced through the rest of this season.

    So with an extra few words, it could all have evaporated.

    Why not let it?

    Well, trust is certainly an issue. Angel can comfortably take responsibility for his friends' emotional well-being, but setting Wolfram&Hart loose on his own brain might have seemed like too much.

    There was perhaps a sense that someone who knew the truth needed to survive the ordeal, and he maybe felt he was the one most emotionally equipped to do so. It's not like pain, regret and remorse are new to him, after all.

    Perhaps he felt that this was part of the journey the Powers set him on, that he needed to carry all the pain of losing Connor and recovering him as part of his self-imposed penance.

    Angel is always more comfortable retaining painful information than letting others share the burden. From his return from hell, and the images The First tormented him with, from "Earshot" where he tells Buffy his inner thoughts and feelings are unavailable to her without he decides to share them, from "I Will Remember You" when he retains the memory of his humanity and decides to keep it back from her, to all of Season 5 through the eighteenth episode, Angel trusts his guardianship of pain.

    Is it heroic? Maybe. Is it well-intentioned? Certainly. But we move into the character flaw that ultimately got Cordelia Chase killed. When he hides things from his friends, they cannot grieve with him. They cannot share his burdens, they can't help him and they certainly can't approach life from the united perspective of consensus reality.

    They cannot help each other, and the division proves destructive.

    This is never addressed except by a few lines from Wesley in "Origin" and they glance harmlessly off the mark. Angel's deal with Wolfram&Hart did not get Fred killed. Wesley had rightly placed the blame for that squarely in its proper receptacle -- Fred's own curious nature got her killed.

    Rather, Angel's deal kept them from their own pain.

    It's ironic that Angel, at the end, will have the most direct communion with the Visions, and The Powers That Be. Cordelia Chase would never have allowed Angel to take over Wolfram&Hart, and yet at the heart of the silent apocalypse pursued by the Senior Partners, a direct blow is struck by his very proximity as head of their Los Angeles branch.

    When the //time// comes to strike, Angel finds that he is in the best //position// to strike. And he got there without visions, without any significant alterations to his agenda, and without tipping the Senior Partners to his objective.

    And they should've known this.

    It's possible to make a good argument that their first approach having failed -- antagonizing Angel in S2, trying to drag him over to the dark side -- the next step was to put him at the top of the meat grinder and apply pressure until they'd simply crushed him.

    It's a good plan but it lacks finesse. Gift horses so often ship in cash on delivery from Troy, and with no less a person than Lilah asking him to sign Angel's only going to be all the more on his guard. Making him head of Wolfram&Hart gave him direct access to the Circle of the Black Thorn, the Senior Partners' agency on this plane of existence, and that made them vulnerable in a way that Angel sitting around in the Hyperion waiting for calls to come in never could.

    The silent apocalypse was humming right along without Angel having a clue and with no means of stopping it. Why'd they push it?

    There was still that nagging fear of the Shoop.

    The Shanshu Prophecy, that series-spanning story arc, where the one thing that //could// be known about the apocalypse was that the vampire with a soul was going to play a major role, emerge victorious and, as a reward, would achieve his humanity, he was the one [i]x[/i] factor. They could make people lose all the hope and love for one another they wanted, quietly move their agents into greater and greater positions of power, but one way or the other, Angel was going to play a significant role.

    He'd either be slaying that dragon or riding it, and they wanted him on its back.

    So they forged a golden saddle, trusted that the power and creature comforts their operation could provide would prove a sufficiently corrupting influence and lull him into a acquiescent complacency and rolled the dice. It was arguably impossible to know that -- exactly as Buffy did -- he would force their hand and take the apocalypse to them.

    They just had to try.

    And right up until "Power Play," Angel seems to be playing right along -- focusing on profits over people, focusing on the busywork above the big picture, and shutting his friends out left and right. From where they're sitting, it must look like mission accomplished.

    And while Cordy would never allow him to take that deal, the direction she ultimately provided allowed him to wage the most effective campaign from where he was.

    For now, she's in a coma.

    And maybe that's exactly where The Powers That Be need for her to be.

    If I'm not mistaken, they're no longer out lounging by the pool.

    Bring it home, Joss. :)
  • The beginning of the end...basically. The show takes a big turn after this episode, a good turn in my opinion, but not in everyone else's.

    In this episode the guys at Angel Investigations are offered Wolfram and Hart. This is the episode where they take over the evil law firm. Also its the episode where Connor leaves the cast. This episode basically sets up the fifth season. I didn't really understand a lot of the things in this episode. First, why they took Gunn to see a huge black cat confused me. And second, what Liliah thought Wesely was going to do once he got to the files, because she was surprised when he tried to burn her contract. I guess they were just things I wasn't paying attention to or just will never get. I'm glad they aquired W&H and I'm also glad Connor was taken off the cast. His character was just annoying, he brought some good storylines but his time was up.
  • What the hell......W&H giving it to Angel

    ok, let me get this stright, Wolfam & Heart have given Angel their own office to run his agency. Yeah, right, come-on, there must be a catch well we will find out next season if they ever show it in the UK.

    So, at first everyone is relucant to accept but Liah said they had a limosense waiting outside at midnight, guss what the whole of the gang decided to see it.

    Gunn, well what will he do secruity guard , well not exactly he has been given some-sort of knowledge but we don't know what it is yet.Fred, she will running reseach-department and she's in-charged. Angel will be running the whole office. Lorne, will be the entainment director, god knows why a law firm needs that but go figure.

    Well it wouldn't be a episoide without something going wrong, would it? , in this episoide it's Connor holding the bunch of innocent people hostage in a sport-store and Angel does something super-natural which i still havn't figured out but the ending with Fred saying 'who's connor' was fantastic. We work out he given his son his dream, a normal family. What a guy.

    can't wait for next season.
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