Season 1 Episode 8

I Will Remember You

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1999 on The WB

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  • Time has not been kind to this episode.

    I'm sorry, but as someone who wanted Angel to stand on its own two feet and who was sick of the B/A storyline at that point, I just could not bring myself to like that episode. You could literally take this entire show out of the series and it wouldn't effect the plot in any way. It was just another excuse to make Angel depressed and broody again and to portray B/A as the same old boring angst that was predominant during the second and third seasons of BTVS. I was glad when the focus was shifted to C/A on Angel(and B/S on BTVS), because the characters became much more interesting as a result.
  • Buffy comes to town, yells at Angel and then he's human and they're happy. But this is Angel, so we know it cannot last. So then he's not human anymore, and everyone forgets, except for Angel and everyother poor soul who saw this episode.

    What a schmaltz fest! I mean, really, what was the plot again? O, wait, there wasn't one, instead there was a plot device to bring in Buffy and then screw with Angel's head a little bit. And let's not forget the tiny little point that with Angel turning human easily and accidentally that it basically negates the last, oh, I don't know four seasons of the show. You know, when the driving force was Angel Trying To Become HUMAN! What was the point of him trying so damn hard when all he'd have to do is track down and bleed a demon? Granted the writers more than likely didn't know this at the time they wrote the episode, but still, it's such a glaring point that it's impossible to ignore.
    Yeah, besides that, too much Buffy and Angel being 'in love' and not enough Cordelia and Doyle who actually had some real chemistry going on.
  • The Time Isn't Now

    I was never a fan of the Buffy/Angel romance and when I first heard that Buffy will be crossing over for this episode, I immediately thought it was a mistake. This is Angel's show and having their relationship be thrust to the foreground so soon in the season isn't that great.

    Thankfully, the writers put a neat twist on their romance by having Angel becoming momentarily human, leaving Buffy and himself to have the perfect relationship together that they had always wanted to have.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar gives a brilliant performance in this episode from her anger in the opening scenes as she yells at Angel for coming to Sunnydale to rescue her from the Chumash tribe to her immediate happiness when she discovers that Angel has become human.

    Although I Will Remember You is a decent episode, I actually think it's extremely overrated. The official Angel magazine rated it as the best ever episode and I have to disagree. The whole hour seems like its only purpose is to please Bangel fans that were extremely pissed when Joss separated both characters. There are way too many vomit-inducing scenes (ooh look Angel's all naked, ooh look Buffy's licking ice cream of Angel's bulging chest) and in the end, it turns into melodramatic soap-opera-lite garbage. Although, any viewer who doesn't even cry a tiny bit during the episode's closing moments is obviously made of stone. The pain on Buffy and Angel's faces when they realize they only have around 20 seconds left before time reverses back to normal is just heartbreaking...

    If you're a big fan of the Buffy and Angel romance, you'll regret missing it but if you like your Angel slayer-free, I wouldn't recommend...

    Director: David Grossman
    Writers: David Greenwalt, Jeannine Renshaw
    Rating: C+
  • Not great

    Personally i didn't really like this at all. it's meant to be about angel, and Buffy comes along and is the hero again just becasue she's the slayer. He left sunnydale to get away from her not for her to come to find him. i think it's silly that as soon as he becomes human again him and buffy are at it again, which in don't think was very interesting it was basically a repeat of what happened in Buffy the Vampire Slayer before. Although it did have a small good part where it showed angel being able to do the things he's not normally aloud to do. overall a poor episode!
  • buffy is in town hurah

    a good episode but a little boring and i never liked buffy infact i hate her for being so damn annoying and blond

    but the end is very sad and beautiful so that amkes the episode even if i hate buffy i was sad for her at the end of the episode

    also watching angel be human was a good thing and it was funny that he got hungry so often and sunnydly eating everything in his sight. but other than that it wasnt very memorable
  • Buffy Summers.

    Buffy pays Angel a visit, bringing with her all the relationship drama that they had left behind when Angel left Sunnydale for LA. When a demon attacks them they are led down into the sewers where Angel, in a confrontation with the demon, experiences a very strange occurance. He can walk in the light and his heart is beating, Angel is human. Not only does this open a whole new world to Angel but it reopens a relationship both he and us viewers thought was over, Buffy and Angel are back. Unfortunately, it is never that simple and things rarely work out that well especially when you are a champion for good fighting against evil. Their lives are not their own, they belong to the fight.

    Buffy: So, what, you just took a whole 24 hours to weigh the ups and downs of being a regular Joe and decided it was more fun being a super hero?
    Angel: You know that's not it. How can we be together if the cost is your life or the lives of others?
  • The ultimate episode for Bangel shippers. But unfortunately not for me.

    My opinion of IWRY is a little divided. The plot itself is quite intriguing.
    Angel gets a chance to be human by being infected accidentally with demon blood and now he is having a chance of living out his natural life. This chance is happening as Buffy pays him an unexpected visit (IWRY is the follow-up to the Buffy episode "Pangs"). Unfortunately in order to live happily ever after with Buffy, Angel cannot fight as champion for The Powers that Be any longer.
    Tough choice - Buffy or fighting the good fight?
    We all know how that one ended.

    My problem with episode comes from my intense dislike of the Bangel relationship. I feel like barfing when I see those two together, because I think that Buffy and Angel have no chemistry at all, or rather David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I hate it when they look at each other with all this supposedly smoldering looks and quivering lips. It seems so faked!!! And what is even worse, once again Buffy makes Angel looks like a lovesick puppy who is not being capable to have any coherent thoughts. Argh!!! If it weren't for a strong story I would give this episode a 2 simply for the Bangel factor.
  • The episode that will cause Bangel fans everywhere to go "ZOMG BUFFY AND ANGEL FOREVA". But not me.

    I Will Remember You is a Bangel shipper's dream. Until about 35 minutes in when Angel asks to be a vampire again. I was never a huge Bangel fan. I found them to be WAY over-dramatic and to be frank, annoying. Uber annoying. While I like Buffy and Angel as characters, they're just badness together. Buffy gets all whiny and Angel gets all soppy and broody and I get all vomity. But aside from that, this is a great episode.

    I do like this episode. It's a "what-could-have-been" thing and it is probably one of the better episodes of the season. Cordelia was hilarious as always and the last scene WAS heartbreaking as they were in so much pain. The Oracles were good as was Mohra. What wasn't good was the whole ice-cream in bed scene which made me puke all over my TV screen. They were sickening ¬_¬. IWRY was a great episode but as a Cangel/Spuffy fan I'm never going to fully love it.

    Line of the episode:

    Cordelia: They'll be at it for a while, we'll have time for a cappucino and probably the directors cut of Titanic.
  • Why cant Angel be happy???

    So Buffy comes to town, they fight a demon, and Angel becomes a real boy. Great, right?? No, because this is not a happy world that Angel is living in, therefore nothing can be good for him. Angel and Buffy have this one beutiful night together, eat ice cream in bed... They are happy, then it all has to go to the crapper, Angel finds out that if he stays human Buffy will die, so he decides to go back to being the tormented vampire he was and to make it so he is the only one who remembers what happened between him and Buffy. I would be lying if I said I didnt cry durring this episode... why cant Angel be happy???
  • Hey! It's Buffy!

    Those wacky visions.

    Doyle gets a vision that Buffy might need a little help down Sunnydale way, and indeed, Angel sort of helped. Not, y'know, much, but some. Enough. That is, they did, ultimately, win. And Angel comes home ...

    OK, I get it. Joyce pointed out a few realities about Buffy's life. That she needed a chance to become cookies on her own, instead of in the glow of Angel's 60W EZ-Bake. I get it. We all get it. He slunk off into the shadows. And Buffy was fine with that. Until Xander opened his big broad octagon mouth and said Angel had been there.

    At which point Buffy flew into a hissy fit, leapt into -- what, she has a car, now? -- and confronted Angel in his office that she knew where to look for him at.

    Fine and fair enough. I mean, no vision of this visit, and no vision of the incredibly random Mohra demon attack that actually made Angel useless to the Powers in terms of being their champion. But Buffy comes in, this regenerative, unkillable Mohra bleeds all over everyone and suddenly this demon no one's ever heard of is going to become legion.

    Except that he doesn't. I suppose it's easy enough to believe he's simply lying. He's a demon, after all, and they've been known to lie.

    But it's worrisome enough to Angel that he tracks down a couple refugees from the Mardi Gras who dismiss him contemptuously and -- here's what's most interesting to me -- release him from his fealty.

    No, he didn't "gain his reward" (has that been defined as such at this point?) He's simply not that cool anymore. He's just some guy.

    And that's not good enough.

    Apparently, the Powers didn't get the damn' memo, and Doyle gets a Vision. Idiot that he is, he goes to Angel with it, and idiot that he is, he doesn't want to bother Buffy with it. Yes! I'll take on the badass Mohra demon! After all, I have no superstrength and I'm mortal now!

    And then Cordy keeps it to herself where Angel's gone, and scolds Buffy for wanting to have it all, the Slayer stuff and the great boyfriend and everything.

    Um, Pot? Kettle is on line one, something about you being black?

    In other words, jealous, much?

    Cordy finally tells Buffy where to find Angel's corpse (even though I'm not sure when Doyle told her -- must've been on the way back to the office) and she runs to him, and they fight, and they're both hurt, and they realize with horror that if they don't put things back the way they were, they won't have their own shows.

    So using some logic that is as twisted as S4, Angel decides he has to go back to being a vampire. Because otherwise, he might die, or he and Buffy might both die.

    But WAIT A MINUTE! Isn't that the freaking point? Even without Liberace demons flying at us from every direction, everyone dies. Angel gets this second shot at being Liam, of living out his life as a reasonably successful graphic designer and coming home every night to his hot chick Slayer. And being happy. Until he dies. Or until she does. Which is WHAT LIFE IS!

    The drive to be a vampire again, to want to be able to protect her, is really arrogant, and she needed to call him on that. I mean, she's a big tough grrl, Slayer strength and everything. And heck, it's not like she hasn't died before. What's the big whoop?

    Also, she does call Riley on exactly this same thing later -- that his trying to stay physically strong even tho it's killing him is not a turn-on for her.

    I think a lot of the pain comes in because we see that Angel and Buffy can be happy together. And they reject that for some Higher Calling. Which is grand. And noble. And incredibly stupid.

    Also, the Powers That Be seem like petulant thugs who insist on having their own way about everything. They still send Visions despite there being no clear recipient. I mean, maybe Doyle was supposed to go straight to Buffy, but they didn't say. Initially, he went to Angel because they told him to. The Powers seem to need Angel to be a vampire, but to me, that isn't good enough -- especially after that whole "You've been released from your fealty" thing.

    "I Will Remember You" features a monster-of-the-week and a guest appearance by Buffy. In its temporal-foldiness it is the standalone to end all standalones. Even the existence of the Mohra demon and its mystical plot-device properties is forgotten as the closing credits roll.

    Emotionally, it's heartbreaking. As storytelling, it explores an alternate reality, which is an long-standing convention in speculative fiction. It's extremely well-acted, and everything about it is beautiful. Hell, just those first few notes of the Buffy-Angel love theme that we hadn't heard for far too long was just heart-ripping.

    What disappoints me about it is that the writing is just so tortured. It might've been stronger if neither of them really had a choice in Angel staying mortal, or if they'd been able to come up with a much better reason for Angel to stay a vampire and reject a love he and Buffy so desperately needed in their lives.
  • Now, I'm a manly man man, but jeez, when the time was winding down at the end and Buffy was crying, I almost lost it, best tearjerker episdoe of the series.

    At the beginning of this episode I got kinda confused. Buffy had just shown up because Angel had come to Sunnydale a couple of days ago and helped her in battle without even talking to her. So I just figured it would be a normal reunion; They talk, fight with each other, fight a demon, talk out their problems, then be done with it. Didn't happen like that. The Mohra demon's regenerative blood mixed with Angel's and made him human. This making him able to enjoy food, sex, and just basically life. I felt happy for him that he was enjoying these things but any fan of the show knows that this wasn't going to turn out well. With his new found humanity, he wasn't able to fight. Making him a liability for Buffy when she fights and in the end they would end up leaving tons of people to die. So he had to reverse the time back. Once he told Buffy she got really teary. This is where I started to break down. Angel and Buffy where crying and then time just went back. Buffy had forgotten everything and it was over. Good episode, great tearjerker.
  • one of the best episodes in the hole show

    althought i liked the show very much i missed seeing angel fight beside buffy and i guess that everybody felt very sad when angel brokeup with buffy and left sunnydale and we hoped that we would see them fighting together again and this episode came it was like a dream come true and ofcorse the big surprise of human angel case was amazing i mean who could believe that the 245 years old vampire would become human again and while his true love is in town. i have to say that with all theese surprises i was more that chocked at the last one when he decided to return a vamp again i almost cried at the seen when he told buffy that he will return a vamp and that she wont rememeber what happened.
    it is one of the best episodes i've seen in both "buffy the vampire slayer" & "angel" but i was little disappointed that they didnt mention any thing about it in any other episode
  • There’s a place for them A time and a place for them Hold his hand and you’re halfway there Hold her hand and she’ll take you there Somehow, someday, somewhere

    Fun words to learn and know: Cordelia: “What am I gonna do? I'm good for exactly two things: International superstardom or helping a vampire with a soul to rid the world of evil.” Dialogue to lose inside the sofa in Hell: Cordelia: “Batten down the hatches. Here comes hurricane Buffy.”

    This is a truly outstanding episode of Angel. The emotion between he and Buffy is so passionate and raw -- it’s really something to see. Though, in truth, it’s hard to get really emotionally invested in the story, because it would be impossible to have Angel remain human or for he and Buffy to remain a couple. Still, it’s nice to get lost in the fantasy for a while.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the interplay between Buffy and Cordy. The few scenes they had together were highly enjoyable, most notably the one in which Buffy wakes up after Angel has gone to fight the Mohra demon by himself. Although, it does bring to mind the one problem I’ve always had with Cordelia: that being the contempt she displays toward Buffy. I just can’t for the life of me understand why she thinks Buffy is so far beneath her.

    While I do consider this a classic episode, I have to admit that I have a slight issue with the void of melodrama Buffy and Angel seem be sucked into in episodes of this nature. I am of the opinion that we could have a perfectly touching and heartwarming episode even without the “I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget”s. Be that as it may, this is still a wonderful episode.
  • In BtVS "Amends", Buffy tells Angel that "Strong is fighting! It's hard, and it's painful, and it's every

    Unknowingly she gave him, that night, what would be the mission statement of his entire spin-off show. Having watched AtS through to its end a couple of times now, despite the fact that it's just a TV show it's given me a lot to think about, and one of the most relevant things to my life that it's given me personally is how I look at people. As Buffy herself said: "The hardest thing in this world is to live in If you make it to the age of 20 a decent human being, I'd consider you a survivor.

    "I Will Remember You" is an episode of great importance and deep dramatic resonance that begs to be perfect and, well, very well could've been. Its focus is on the Buffy and Angel relationship, and visiting the 'life in your early twenties' metaphor again we see another staple experience: dealing with your ex. Oh, and what a pain it is. As recently as "The Bachelor Party" Doyle told Angel about his breakup with his young wife, and how perfectly it paralleled his situation; things go wrong and you're young like that, you don't just say 'Hey, thanks for the blender, I wish you well'. You fight - You tear each other apart until one of you can't take

    This episode falls under the category of AtS' mission statement of sacrificing constantly for the sake of good, the endlessness of which is brought out into the open in the character's minds in the immeasurable "Epiphany". As his life will always be, Angel has to live without Buffy, and live alone, every single day. In this episode he will have to suffer through having the pain of losing her re-ignited again, and is once again going to have to take a long look into the sun, accept what he's giving up and then let it go forever.

    After Angel's appearance in Sunnydale, and Buffy's rather humorous discovery of the fact, she shows up in . seeking answers. The two go through the motions, with their epic drama at a full crescendo, and it's here that the episode takes a wrong turn. There's a lot done right, but what really keeps this episode from being perfect, and what I'll go into first, is the Mohra demon.

    It just so happens that there is a type of demon whose blood burns out any demonic essence in other beings, and it also happens that Angel gets some of this blood into a cut on his hand when he decides to fight it own his own away from Buffy, perfectly setting them into place for a dramatic reunion. It's far too convenient for my liking, and much like "Eternity" or BtVS "Enemies" carelessly tosses around something that has, in the past, been made a huge deal of and rightly so.

    My other problem is Angel's foolishly out of character behaviour in his confrontation of the Mohra demon; perhaps he did again become Liam. There's nothing in his personality to suggest he would suddenly forget the limitations of his strength and speed as a human, and knowing a demon's strength, certainly wouldn't be so foolish as to believe he could take it down on sheer force of will. This was done purely to force the confrontation with the demon, and while necessary, it's a shame they couldn't have done it more logically.

    As for what is done right: everything else. This episode has the deepest, most heartfelt drama that the Whedonverse had seen up to this point since BtVS "Becoming, Part II". David Boreanaz, who had become an exceptionally better actor since that time, is at the top of his game here as is Sarah Michelle Gellar, and they light up the screen in both their happiest and most tragic moments. The next-to-final scene where Angel confesses his deal with the Oracles is nothing short of masterfully played.

    Development brought about by the events herein is also done well and is important to Angel's character, even more so than the choice he faced in "In the Dark". Buffy's edited memory of her visit allows her some ability to move past Angel and continue further with Riley back in Sunnydale. Angel's memory of the grand day out leaves him with further and more deeply important conviction on what he's really fighting for: souls, humanity and love. That he's uncertain of his purpose as a human makes him only that much more committed to the mission when the day is erased.

    His selfless commitment to Buffy is still present as always; he worries more about burdening her with his mortal weakness than he does about his inability to fight. This is clear when he's willing to fight the Mohra, but not willing to include Buffy. But what matters more than anything is the realization and acceptance of the horrible truth that, once again, they can't be together. The comparison of tea and crackers to sex and peanut butter also reminds us why they need to stay away physically as well.

    Angel's mission and Buffy's duty are too great a sacrifice to make, and Cordelia serves up a damn good point when she tells Buffy "you can't have everythingyou can't have Angel, and save the world!" After facing the Mohra and nearly dying to the tune of putting his true love in danger, Angel realizes this too. This leads to the heartbreaking and flawless scene where the two count down the time to Buffy forgetting everything. This is one of the bold few scenes in the entire series that waters my eyes every time; few others, no matter how emotional, can match.

    This episode is also important in how it puts a final sense of closure on Buffy and Angel's relationship. Sure, the reasons for the split were listed and explained in BtVS "The Prom" and "Graduation Day, Part II", but there was no real sense of resolution, just Angel walking off into the mist. Still having felt it his right to sneak around Buffy for her better 'interests,' it was clear that Angel believed there was still an obligation for him to fulfill, despite his leaving Buffy; the 'rules' of the breakup weren't clear enough. And, for Angel to carry on in his mission and Buffy to move on with Riley and her life, this episode had to happen.

    And happen it did. The whole of the story here is about sacrifice, but take away the supernatural elements and it's still every bit as powerful. It resonates because of what Angel has to experience and suffer through, and the sympathy he merits borders on empathy because every single one of us knows what it is to live every day with pain, especially those of us who have been in such high-strung relationships. It's in all this that the episode gains all of its points, in how it has a heart unparalleled by any episode of this season, and overwhelms the episode's weaknesses; you may not even catch them the first viewing.

    That Angel couldn't keep his heart is a true tragedy, as is the fact that this episode keeps itself from a perfect score, no matter its feats.
  • One of the best of season 1.

    This episode pissed me off so much. I loved it, don't get me wrong, but I was so angry at the end. Seeing Buffy and Angel together was perfect to watch. I loved seeing them again, and they were both so happy! Unfortunately, Angel gets his ass kicked and he makes the decision to turn back time, leading to the saddest minute of Bangel history. Now, I don't understand why he had to turn back time. I mean, Riley and the initiative, as much as I hate them, can still fight. And while it doesn't work out between Riley and Buffy (Thank god), it could have between Angel and Buffy because they are in love. I understand how if this had happened and it stayed the same, things would be drastically different, but it still isn't fair.
  • Two words: Angel cries.

    That pretty much sums it up. Angel, as anyone who is reading this knows, is a taciturn man, not one to show many emotions. But in the final moments of this beautiful, beautiful episode, my beloved Angel cries.
    I am a huge fan of both shows, and about 2 years ago, I bought a video on ebay, "For your Emmy consideration" on the top. Yes, it's illegal. Sue me. I didn't know what ep it was, all I knew is that this was relatively rare. It was shrink wrapped when I bought it, and I kept it that way for quite some time, figuring it was just a bunch of clips from the show. Well, eventually curiosity got the better of me, and I opened it. I popped it into my vcr without looking at the tape, and sat down to watch.

    The opening scene of I Will Remember You greeted me.

    Of all the ep's Joss could have chosen to send to the Emmy big wigs, he chose IWRY. Why? Because it shows David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar doing some of their best work.

    This episode is the quintessential B/A ep. It is especially significant now, after Angel forfeited the Shanshu. Watching it now, if possible, breaks my heart even more. He will never walk in the light. He will never find complete happiness. He is a true hero, and that's the tragedy. Always putting others before him. Losing everyone he loves.

    One last snippet:

    Joss Whedon on his favorite episode:

    "I'd have to say IWRY because it kind of broke my heart"

    Us too, Joss. Us too.

  • The first best episode of season one

    Buffy arrives in LA and shouts at Angel for hiding from her during the whole Pangs Incident in season four. that's gratitude for you isn't it? suddenly a demon bursts in, and then runs off again. the pair go after it and Angel touches some blood. Afterwards he turns human - yep, just like that. this delights Buffy but worries Cordy and Doyle.

    buffy and angel spend a day nekidd in bed but doyles concern prompts him and angel to go and see the oracles. pompous and obnixious they tell him to bugger off basically. angel is then wounded and the reality of being human dawns on him. he sacrifices true happiness and time turns back. angel and buffy meet again but she doesn't stay, coz she doesnt remember anything, but angel does.

    very upsetting and very emotional this is one of the best episodes of Angel. SMG is a good guest star its a shame she wasn't in Season Five.
  • 'You know, it's a good thing I didn't fantasize about you turning human about ten zillion times...because today would have been a real let-down.'

    A great episode of Angel, Buffy comes in town and be becomes human.

    The best thing about this episode were those beautiful Bangel moments, the ones with the food but also the very depressing ones.
    But the episode isn’t quite perfect, both characters should have moved on after their separation but this episode brings them steps back. Both Buffy and Angel were already having a love interest, Angel had Kate and Buffy had Riley.

    So anyway, Buffy comes in town and is a little upset because Angel didn’t tell her he went looking out for her. When they talk they get interrupted by a demon who is then scared away and Angel and Buffy decide to go after it.

    They follow it into the sewers but they believe he might have gone up. Angel stays in the sewers and kills the demon, but his blood mixed with Angel’s which gives Angel a heartbeat and pulse. Angel begins to eat everything in his sight, then he chooses to do what he always wanted. He goes to see Buffy in the light and they share a beautiful kiss.

    Angel and Buffy soon then fall inlove again and let their temptation fall in. They sleep together and eat food off each other. They decide to stick together until Doyle has a vision of the demon regenerating itself. Angel doesn’t want to wake up Buffy so he goes with Doyle but they soon get in trouble and the demon almost kills Angel. Buffy is then told by Cordy where Angel hangs out and she comes to the rescue and kills the Mora demon by smashing it’s jewel.

    The demon named some army of demons that were coming for them. Angel goes back to the Oracles who are a male and a female gods and he asks them to give his life for Buffy or else she will die. But the only way is for time to go back and making this day to never happened, Angel is willing to do that for Buffy and other people’s sake.

    The episode is mostly depressing because of the end when Angel tells Buffy about the day coming back. It’s so sad to say goodbye, especially for Angel who will be the only one to remember that day. When the time goes back Buffy is standing at the same moment when she arrived and tells him to not see her again, also the Mora demon attacks then and Angel kills it.
    ‘I Will Remember You’ is a beautiful episode with a terrific and sad ending. But the weak side is that both characters should have developed and this episode didn’t help with that.

  • Buffy’s back for a great episode.

    Buffy shows up in L.A angry that Angel came to Sunnydale without telling her. Their fighting is interrupted by a demon attack and, as Buffy and Angel pursue the demon, some of the demon’s blood mixes with Angels and turns him human. They spend 24 perfect hours together, but when Angel realises that the cost of being human will be Buffy’s life, he goes to the Oracles and asks to be turned back into his old vampire self. The scene where Angel tells Buffy what he’s done and that she won’t remember anything that has happened was one of the best and most emotional scenes of the whole series and it was really well acted and it certainly sticks in my mind. Part of me wishes that they had a happy ending, but that would have been a cop out and would have ruined one of the best episodes of Angel.
  • Buffy comes to LA to confront Angel and they spend an incredible 24 hours together. Sadly, Buffy will never remember but Angel will never forget.

    Buffy comes to LA to confront Angel and they spend an incredible 24 hours together. Sadly, Buffy will never remember but Angel will never forget.
    One of the most amazing, brilliant episodes of Angel ever. Truly exemplary. Angel at it's finest. Buffy and Angel spend 24 hours together, with Angel is human form. But when Angel discovers that being human will cost Buffy her life, he realizes what he has to do - revert to his demonic form. The two spend one perfect day together, and the evening in each others arms... but all good things must one day end. The writing on this episode was brilliant and moving. At times a bit corny, the show makes up for it with amazing actors and brilliant dialogue. Two thumbs up!
  • awwww. how cute.

    this episode was just too perfect. buffy comes back to see angel to tell him how mad she is about him lurking in the shadows around sunnydale. he ends up becoming human and enjoying some humanly perks. angel discovers food and ice cream which is really funny. he also gets to sleep with buffy without worrying. he is basicly powerless in fighting compared to her since, he was human. after they kill the demon that turned him human angel goes and sees the orcales. angel, being so selfless sacrafices his mortality to save buffy. it is so sweet at the end when he tells her that things are going to go back to normal and they are close as the time runs out. it was so sad as she cried and said she'd never forget. then she did and angel had to remember. that shows how much angel really cared about and loved buffy. great episode.
  • She only came to prove a point, but everything turned out different when Buffy's once undead boyfriend turns into everything she could ever wish for... Human.

    Angel and Buffy struggled through so much love and hate in their relationship that never was it easy to be together. Buffy was risking it all as a slayer, and Angel was fighting for redemption as a vampire with a soul. They loved each other so much, and it was killing them.

    But what was even worse, was that it would kill others for them to be together. What felt so right to them was ultimately wrong for the world. It just shows that when you put yourself to be in the position of a champ or warrior, you can't think about yourself first. Angel and Buffy loved each other so much, that they couldn't risk the world the each other lived in.

    If you're a fan of the Buffy/Angel relationship, this is an absolutely beautiful episode. As you watch Angel and Buffy stare into each other's eyes bawling as their hearts are breaking, your heart breaks too. But with every good BtVS and Ats episode, it serves a good lesson that we too may learn from. Time is precious. As is being happy...
  • aka the one where they almost live happily ever after

    One of the draws of the Buffyverse is the entire "doomed-to-never-end-well" love story between Buffy, the vamp slayer and Angel, the ensouled vamp. This episode is just another reminder of that tragedy.

    In this episode, Buffy visits LA just as Angel becomes mortal again after he comes in contact with the blood of a Mohra demon. They then spend the rest of the day doing exactly what two people who have longed for each other for so long would do.. make love all day, raid the fridge, make love some more and fall asleep in each others arms.

    True to the nature of their story, it doesn't end happily ever after. Thanks to the Oracles and the foretold End of Days, Angel chooses to be what he was in order to "save", if not stand with Buffy in the final fight. Time is reset a day, and arguably one of the greatest days in Bangel history has never been. The last minute before time is reset shows just how much Buffy loves Angel. If you've ever loved someone, you would know just how painful that minute was to B and how that it would never ever be enough.
  • Never have i seen an episode which involves such true happiness and such excruciating pain in one whole episode

    All of those who've watched this episode probably hated it and love it. There truly was moments of pure joy and moments of painful heartbreak.

    I watched Buffy as a kid and now i recently watched it again years learn to appreciate it more.

    Buffy and Angel are like Emilie Bronte's Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights. And thas why i love it so much. After Angel left in season 3 i didnt really watch buffy fully only the episodes in which angel appeared in. To be honest i didnt even know that Angel and Buffy would interlink between episodes. And Joss Whedon does an exceptional job between the two series.

    This episode was so beautiful esp for Angel and Buffy fans as they finally get way through the episode i really thought it was too good to be true and thought it has to be a dream. The last few moments of I Will Remember You were heartbreaking to watch. I never felt so emotionaly it was terrible and the worst thing is that because it all happened in the last few mins of the episode the sadness sticks with felt so drained.

    I was so scared to watch the episode again. And at one stage i felt really pissed with Joss Whedon.. i mean everyone longs for these two to get together and then the second they finally make it they get ripped apart. Not fair.

    I think Joss needs to call up david boreanaz and sarah michelle gellar and ask to do a sequel to make it much clearly to the fans how Buffy loved Angel more than Spike.

  • Angel's immediate return from Sunnydale left fans with the question, Will Buffy come to LA? From Angel becoming a human to a reconciliation between the star crossed lovers. I will remember you leaves the viewer pleased with the on going events until its d

    With Angel coming back from his predecessor's home town. The Slayer comes to LA with unanswered questions. With the premise of unfulfilled hope it leaves the show to have the potential that Buffy and Angel fans all over the world wanted reconciliation between the doomed lovers. But in this Whedonesque style the memory of it all would be limited to one hero. With a moving performance by David Boreanez and his co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar it leaves the fans wanting more but like there relationship all you will be left with is honorable irony to these characters.
  • Buffy comes to LA...And offcourse things won't go like planned. Angels becomes human and the lovers now have a chance to be together. But the question is, does it last long?

    I adore this episode and after watching it a couple dozen times I could quote the final scenes. I think I actually cried during the "I'll never forget"-scene. This was just what the B/A fans needed. Especially since they never really get together after this. So, this was one of the best Angel-episodes of all the seasons.
  • What could life be like for Buffy and Angel if he were human?

    The answer is pretty darn amazing! Buffy comes to town to tell off Angel for coming to Sunnydale to help her in a battle and never telling her he was there. The two end up tracking down a demon and when it's blood gets on Angel it restores him to human form. Not sure what this turn of events means Buffy and Angel sit in his kitchen in an uncomfortable silence. Meanwhile, upstairs Cordelia explains to Doyle how B&A have the forbidden love of all time and she's sure they are getting it on now that they can. And after a discussion of taking things slowly Buffy and Angel succomb to passion and make love. Yeah!!! It was a long time coming for fans of this couple. Knowing this time Angel wasn't going to go all Angelus on us. The scenes were sweet and sexy. Just perfect to this B&A fan.

    We later discover that another similar demon is around so Angel goes off on his own to fight it. Having lost his vampire strength Angel is merely mortal and beaten badly until Buffy comes along and saves him. Angel hates the idea of having lost his ability to fight the good fight and help people. He visits TPTB and discovers the apocolypse will come and he will be helpless to help Buffy in the fight unless he gives up his newly acquired mortal life with her. He decides to give up his happiness for the greater good of the world. As time runs down Angel explains to Buffy what must be done kissing her one last time before her memory of their time together is completely erased. Only Angel will carry the memory of their time together.

    The episode was humorous, action packed, sexy and heart wrenching all at once. Exactly what you come to expect from the brilliant Joss Whedon. I know in my heart if given more time Buffy would've remembered and she would've returned to confront Angel again with even sweeter results...
  • by far the saddest and most heart wrenching episode of angel...

    Buffy comes to L.A. to confront Angel about coming to Sunnydale and just watching her, no contact. They end up fighting a demon that inadventently turns Angel human. The whole fantasty about Angel turning human and them being together is realized but only for a short while, until Angel finds out he's useless to the war w/o his vampire powers.. he asks the powers that be to reverse everything, so they decide to take back the day, and he has to stop the demon from turning him human. The entire, watchin Angel eat food, and watching him and Buffy interact was great. The tears start swelling when Buffy freaks out and says there isn't enough time.. But I started bawling when Angel started crying.. this episode gets me EVERY TIME.
  • I classified it as PAINFUL TO WATCH...not becuase I hate it...I am truly in love with this episode, it's because it hurted me and touched me so much. "I will Always Remember" is truly a winning episode, but also heartbreaking to those Buffy fans (like me)

    I'm a Buffy fan, and where I live, the Angel series have a certain time w here it restarted from season one. I have to admit that I felt Angel pretty boring compared to my fave series, Buffy...but then Buffy appeared in this episode. And you could I imagine me feeling ever so happy, I LOVE Buffy the Vamp slayer =P. And as all fans of Buffy and a begining-to-become-a-fan of Angel, truly felt happy for the two superstars to finally have a day to, just be together. But then Angel sacrificed being with her Because he knew that this would just kill Buffy. And his love for Buffy is far more than just being with her, it's watching her live, letting her do what she does best without slowing her down. And he told the oracles to turn back time, back to 24 hours ago, meaning Buffy won't remember a thing.

    And that last scene of Buffy and Angel in each other's arms. And Buffy gazing into Angel's eyes, her eyes wide and soaking with tears, told Angel that she can NEVER forget him..."I felt your heartbeating"...she kept repeating that and repeating, then time went back, and Buffy was in the middle of her sentence saying that they should seperate for a while so they would f o r g e t. And that's where it bites. Angel has to carry this burden, this wonderful day, by himself.

    The thing i'm sorta pissed at is that David(ANGEL) said that if they were asked to have another series of Angel, he wouldn't do it because he wants to move on...i get the moving on part..but comon', taking part in both Buffy and Angel must have changed his life somehow. I know mine did.

    I spent the whole night thinking "WHY? they were finally together" what sort of angered me was that Buffy never found out...never. It would just have been nice that IF..and only If, although I know there will never be, another Buffy or Angel series, that Buffy will find out... The song "Close your Eyes.." Evrything was hearttorning...But it was a wonderful bittersweet ending of Buffy and Angel's first reunion.

  • The best episode I have ever seen.

    The first crossover of the series, Buffy comes to visit to berate Angel but she ends up getting the man she always wanted when Angel is turned human. The one thing that HE'S always wanted, so both people get what they want, they can spend the rest of the lives together right?

    ...Wrong, because evil's still afoot in Los Angeles and Angel decides to pick fighting evil rather than spending the rest of his life with the woman he loves. The two spend the night together and Angel feels perfect happyness without turning evil. But due to the Morra demon returning, Angel's lack of strength and even more evil on it's way Angel decides that he'd be better as a Vampire.

    After convincing the Powers That Be to turn back time, he let's Buffy walk out of his life and even though Angel lost the one thing he truly loved, he has the perfect day in his mind forever.
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