Season 1 Episode 8

I Will Remember You

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1999 on The WB

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  • I classified it as PAINFUL TO WATCH...not becuase I hate it...I am truly in love with this episode, it's because it hurted me and touched me so much. "I will Always Remember" is truly a winning episode, but also heartbreaking to those Buffy fans (like me)

    I'm a Buffy fan, and where I live, the Angel series have a certain time w here it restarted from season one. I have to admit that I felt Angel pretty boring compared to my fave series, Buffy...but then Buffy appeared in this episode. And you could I imagine me feeling ever so happy, I LOVE Buffy the Vamp slayer =P. And as all fans of Buffy and a begining-to-become-a-fan of Angel, truly felt happy for the two superstars to finally have a day to, just be together. But then Angel sacrificed being with her Because he knew that this would just kill Buffy. And his love for Buffy is far more than just being with her, it's watching her live, letting her do what she does best without slowing her down. And he told the oracles to turn back time, back to 24 hours ago, meaning Buffy won't remember a thing.

    And that last scene of Buffy and Angel in each other's arms. And Buffy gazing into Angel's eyes, her eyes wide and soaking with tears, told Angel that she can NEVER forget him..."I felt your heartbeating"...she kept repeating that and repeating, then time went back, and Buffy was in the middle of her sentence saying that they should seperate for a while so they would f o r g e t. And that's where it bites. Angel has to carry this burden, this wonderful day, by himself.

    The thing i'm sorta pissed at is that David(ANGEL) said that if they were asked to have another series of Angel, he wouldn't do it because he wants to move on...i get the moving on part..but comon', taking part in both Buffy and Angel must have changed his life somehow. I know mine did.

    I spent the whole night thinking "WHY? they were finally together" what sort of angered me was that Buffy never found out...never. It would just have been nice that IF..and only If, although I know there will never be, another Buffy or Angel series, that Buffy will find out... The song "Close your Eyes.." Evrything was hearttorning...But it was a wonderful bittersweet ending of Buffy and Angel's first reunion.