Season 1 Episode 8

I Will Remember You

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1999 on The WB

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  • What could life be like for Buffy and Angel if he were human?

    The answer is pretty darn amazing! Buffy comes to town to tell off Angel for coming to Sunnydale to help her in a battle and never telling her he was there. The two end up tracking down a demon and when it's blood gets on Angel it restores him to human form. Not sure what this turn of events means Buffy and Angel sit in his kitchen in an uncomfortable silence. Meanwhile, upstairs Cordelia explains to Doyle how B&A have the forbidden love of all time and she's sure they are getting it on now that they can. And after a discussion of taking things slowly Buffy and Angel succomb to passion and make love. Yeah!!! It was a long time coming for fans of this couple. Knowing this time Angel wasn't going to go all Angelus on us. The scenes were sweet and sexy. Just perfect to this B&A fan.

    We later discover that another similar demon is around so Angel goes off on his own to fight it. Having lost his vampire strength Angel is merely mortal and beaten badly until Buffy comes along and saves him. Angel hates the idea of having lost his ability to fight the good fight and help people. He visits TPTB and discovers the apocolypse will come and he will be helpless to help Buffy in the fight unless he gives up his newly acquired mortal life with her. He decides to give up his happiness for the greater good of the world. As time runs down Angel explains to Buffy what must be done kissing her one last time before her memory of their time together is completely erased. Only Angel will carry the memory of their time together.

    The episode was humorous, action packed, sexy and heart wrenching all at once. Exactly what you come to expect from the brilliant Joss Whedon. I know in my heart if given more time Buffy would've remembered and she would've returned to confront Angel again with even sweeter results...