Season 1 Episode 8

I Will Remember You

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1999 on The WB

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  • 'You know, it's a good thing I didn't fantasize about you turning human about ten zillion times...because today would have been a real let-down.'

    A great episode of Angel, Buffy comes in town and be becomes human.

    The best thing about this episode were those beautiful Bangel moments, the ones with the food but also the very depressing ones.
    But the episode isn’t quite perfect, both characters should have moved on after their separation but this episode brings them steps back. Both Buffy and Angel were already having a love interest, Angel had Kate and Buffy had Riley.

    So anyway, Buffy comes in town and is a little upset because Angel didn’t tell her he went looking out for her. When they talk they get interrupted by a demon who is then scared away and Angel and Buffy decide to go after it.

    They follow it into the sewers but they believe he might have gone up. Angel stays in the sewers and kills the demon, but his blood mixed with Angel’s which gives Angel a heartbeat and pulse. Angel begins to eat everything in his sight, then he chooses to do what he always wanted. He goes to see Buffy in the light and they share a beautiful kiss.

    Angel and Buffy soon then fall inlove again and let their temptation fall in. They sleep together and eat food off each other. They decide to stick together until Doyle has a vision of the demon regenerating itself. Angel doesn’t want to wake up Buffy so he goes with Doyle but they soon get in trouble and the demon almost kills Angel. Buffy is then told by Cordy where Angel hangs out and she comes to the rescue and kills the Mora demon by smashing it’s jewel.

    The demon named some army of demons that were coming for them. Angel goes back to the Oracles who are a male and a female gods and he asks them to give his life for Buffy or else she will die. But the only way is for time to go back and making this day to never happened, Angel is willing to do that for Buffy and other people’s sake.

    The episode is mostly depressing because of the end when Angel tells Buffy about the day coming back. It’s so sad to say goodbye, especially for Angel who will be the only one to remember that day. When the time goes back Buffy is standing at the same moment when she arrived and tells him to not see her again, also the Mora demon attacks then and Angel kills it.
    ‘I Will Remember You’ is a beautiful episode with a terrific and sad ending. But the weak side is that both characters should have developed and this episode didn’t help with that.