Season 1 Episode 3

In the Dark

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1999 on The WB

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  • SPIKE!

    I absolutely loved this episode. Could be cause I'm a BIG Buffy fan and was real happy to see Oz and Spike, or just the fact that this episode was hilarious. Most likely it's both. Whenever James (Spike) and David (Angel) are on the screen it's pure gold in my opinion. Their performances are great in this episode along with everyone else's. Also has too many great lines to list. One of the best of course anyone who knows this episode knows is in the beginning. In my opinion I wasn't to much for the first season (same goes for Buffy) although I can say the episodes that I did like in that season I ended up loving. For that season in my opinion the good episodes were great and the rest were really just there.
  • In which even more Buffy characters crossover.

    I only really like this episode because of Spike. He lights up any episode he's in.

    It's a crossover ep from Buffy, the first of a few in this first fledgling season. They chose good characters to crossover though, Spike and Oz. They had good chemistry with the Angel cast and weren't too imposing.

    Spike is hunting down the Gem of Amara, which Oz has come to deliver to Angel for safekeeping. Spike ends up kidnapping Angel and has him tortured by another vampire named Marcus. This whole plot is a little dull after seeing the same hunt on Buffy, but it does have its moments.

    The best scene, by far, of the entire episode, almost the entire season, is the scene at the beginning when Spike is mocking Angel from the rooftop. You just have to see it to really get the entire hilarity.

    Overall, not too bad, especially for a spin-off show's third episode.
  • In the Dark

    In the Dark was a really great episode of Angel. I enjoyed watching this episode which had Angel's first real crossover from Buffy. Spike showed up looking for the Gem of Amara which was being brought to Angel by Good Ol' Oz. The story of this episode was interesting and wrapped up this story line about the ring. I also enjoyed Oz and his interactions with Angel and gang. I think this episode had a lot of character growth for all the main characters of this series. Angel chose his path, and showed he really is a hero. I can't wait to see what is in store for him!!!!!
  • A great episode with some welcome guests


    What a script! There are so many witty things in here, one liners, banter but of course the outstanding must be the opening sequence with Spike doing a running commentary whilst watching Angel and the girl talking. (Wonder what the two actors were saying to each other?)

    At the same time there is a serious theme running. Angel has hidden the ring which is what Spike is after, so is gruesomely tortured by the creepy Marcus. The 7th cavalry in the shape of Oz, Cordy and Doyle come to his rescue. Always nice to see David Boreanaz's torso even if it is stuck through with hot pokers.

    The heroic side of Angel comes to the fore when he retrieves the Ring. Wearing it, he walks in the sunlight which he hasn't been able to do for some 200 odd years and then after watching the sun go down he smashes it, condemning himself to continue with his life in the darkness. He feels the Powers That Be have brought him back ( from the hell dimension) for a reason.

    Great to see Spike again.

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