Season 1 Episode 3

In the Dark

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1999 on The WB

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  • An average episode made above average by the presence of yet another Buffy character, Spike.

    Spike shows up to get his ring back. Spike makes fun of Angel. Marsters has his character down. I'm not sure half the time if it's the way Angel is written or Boreanaz' acting ability, but he just seems dull. I thought the ring was an interesting item, giving a vampire invulnerability to sunlight etc. It's only point was to allow Angel and the other vamp to roll around in the waves, until one gets deep fried. Then, instead of Angel keeping the ring because it's abilities are tempting to him...he crushes it...yep that's it...ok, he keeps it to have a teary sunrise scene, but then he destroys it without thinking twice...ok, I guess that's one way to resolve it.

    Rating: 10 - Angel is sooooo dreamy!
    -1 - Angel is a chunkhead.
    -1 - Cordelia
    -1 - Doyle has a vision.
    +1 - Spike.
    +1 - Spike makes fun of Angel.

    Final Rating: 9