Season 1 Episode 3

In the Dark

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1999 on The WB

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  • Old Friends/New Cities

    In The Dark-Oz visits L.A. with a present for Angel from Buffy. It’s the Gem of Amarra, a ring which has been a vampire myth for millennia. While wearing it, a vampire is immune to crosses, stakes, and can even walk in daylight. It isn’t long before Spike arrives in town, searching for the ring. And he has no plans of leaving until he gets it.

    One thing that always worked on Angel, like another fantasy show Xena Warrior Princess, is that it's main characters had dark pasts that brought a lot of backstory and characters from that past. Spike, who is an infamous villian on Buffy, makes his appearence on Angel and brings some torment to his old teacher. James Masters is a pro at playing the badass vamp from Angel's past and the new setting doesn't change that. The continuing story from Buffy with the Gem of Amara is good here and Oz gets to stop bywhich his very mellow personality brings some hilarious moments between him and Cordelia. The episode also has somce creepy moments with Angel being tortured by the even more creepy vampire Marcus, in which guest start Kevin West gives a creepy performance. This episode also brings some great questions about Angel and what his all about. Angel could have kept the ring and be invincible but he choses to find redemption the right way, which is played out well. All and All, a great episode which has great guest stars and plot.