Season 1 Episode 3

In the Dark

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1999 on The WB

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  • Oz is followed to L.A. by Spike, who wants the Gem of Amara.

    Great, great episode. Spike is hilarious as usual and brings a great dynamic to the show.

    First things first: Spikes opening monologue is absolutely hilarious. "To the Angel mobile!". Classic. Spike is such a rich character, he adds positively to every episode he's in. The story follows on from Buffy "The Harsh Light of Day" with Spike and Angel duking it out for the Gem of Amara, a ring which makes vampires invincible. Sort of reminds me of 5.08 "Destiny" where they fight for Shanshu.

    Angel's torturer is suitably creepy and sadistic, especially his thing for kids, which is horrible. I agree with Spike though- that music is annoying. The final battle is excellent also, especially the setting. A beach before sunset, underneath a walkway, drenched in water. Oh yes. I hate that Angel destroyed the ring though. A great, fun episode with fantastic re-watch value. Lines of the episode:

    Spikes monologue

    Spike: Whats next? Vampire Ballerina?

    Oz: We're usually lurconic.

    Annoying character of the episode:

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