Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on The WB

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  • The son will kill the father...


    The Good;

    Hard boiled Wes in both terms of his negotiations and gunplay. All the scenes with Wes and his dad are excellent as is the assault on WR&H

    The Bad;

    We tolerate a lot of dramatic licence in terms of what AI can endure but Gunn being chucked against the staircase should kill him. If WR&H have this staff that controls Angel why not use it before?

    Best line;

    Wes (after Emil prattles on); "If I'd know this was a seminar I'd have worn a name-tag"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    Hooks through the throat! Also Wes gropes around the cyborg's guts with his bare hands?

    Apocalypses: 5

    Angel Cliches

    In disguise; 8

    DB/JM get's his shirt off; 17,

    Cheap Angel; 7

    Fang Gang in bondage: Gunn chained

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 14

    Wes: 7

    Gunn; 6

    Lorne; 5

    Fred; 3

    Fang gang knocked out: Fred passes out, Wes knocked out by his 'dad'

    Cordy: 15

    Angel: 19

    Wes: 8

    Doyle; 1

    Gunn; 2

    Lorne; 7

    Groo; 1

    Connor; 1

    Faith; 1

    Fred; 4

    Kills; Wes kills one of Emil's goons and 2 cyborgs. Angel kills a cyborg.

    Cordy: 5 vamps, 3 demons

    Angel; 45 vamps, 61 and 1/2 demons, 5 zombies, 12 humans, one werewolf and one cyborg

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 14 demons+5 vamps, 5 zombies, 3 humans, 2 cyborgs

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 18 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.

    Gunn; 11 vamps+ 13 demons, 5 zombies, 1 human.

    Groo; 1 demon

    Fred; 3 vamps+ 2 demon, 5 zombies

    Connor; 16 vamps, 5 zombies, 2 demons, Jasmine

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 3

    Angel: 3

    Gunn; 1

    Wes; 1

    Alternate Fang Gang;

    Cordy: 4

    Angel: 11

    Fred; 2

    Wes; 1

    Gunn; 1

    Connor; 1

    Lorne; 1

    Characters killed:


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations; 5, here Spike saves Gunn

    Angel, Gunn, Fred, Lorne, Wes,

    Angel Investigations shot:

    Angel: 14

    Wes; 2

    Packing heat; Wes with his 45s, Fred with the sniper rifle. Presumably Wes uses the 13-shot model of the 45 as he fires 9 bullets when he shoots his 'father'.

    Wes; 11

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 4

    Gunn; 3

    Fred; 3

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 5 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast+Phantom Dennis+Groo+Connor plus possibly the Beast

    Angel: 6; Buffy, Darla, The Transcending Furies, Eve

    Wes; 3 definite; Virginia, the bleached blonde and Lilah, 1 possible, Justine

    Gunn; 2 Fred and Gwen.

    Fred; 1 Gunn

    Groo; 1Cordy

    Kinky dinky:

    Emil is turned on by the sight of a woman handling a powerful weapon. Well who isn't? Worked for Ripley/Sarah Connor! Wes' dad describes his mum as 'sturdy'? Spike refers to him having sex with the Buffybot and his mum trying to 'shag' him. I know the Buffybot is true but is that really true about his mum? Not from my recollection.

    Captain Subtext;

    Lorne hints that Churchill and Richard Harris had a love child? Spike thinks Wes was grown in a school for dandies. Angel says he's not comfortable with hugging. Like CC in Spin the Bottle Spike makes great fun of Wesley being 'Head boy' (good thing he never let's on about his own relationship with his mother). Whereas the prophecy stated that the father will kill the son here we have the son killing the father (although neither turns out to be true). Angel wears a lot more grey than black this season perhaps illustrating his moral ambiguity?

    Know the face, different character; 5

    Parking garages;


    Guantanamo Bay

    Wes ruthlessly tortures the cyborg.

    Buffy characters on Angel; 16.

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru, The Master, Anne, Willow and Harmony. POSSIBLY The First Evil

    Questions and observations;

    Emil is the guy who sold Wes his James Bond style weapons in Spin the Bottle. The ninjas are reminiscent of both the old Disney Star Wars clone The Black Hole and Snake-Eyes from Action Force/GI JOE. Note as soon as his dad shows up Wes returns to his klutzy season 1 self (just like Tara get's her stutter back in Family). Does Lorne say that Louis Gossett Jnr wants a phone party or foam party? Are the cyborgs Twilight? The Initiative? Or are they really from the Watcher's Council? Wes' dad and co stopped pre-soul Spike slaughtering an orphanage, you have to remember that the Watcher's Council were good guys who wanted to protect people. Nice ref to Lilah. Spike still fears Pavayne. Is it really Wes' dad? The imposter seems to know an awful lot about him, more so than any Watcher's files could say. Fathers as always poorly portrayed in the Buffyverse. Wes' 45. fires nine shots so presumably it's the 13 shot version rather than the standard? Angel and Spike recount the stories of killing their own parents. The story of little Wes trying to ressurect a dead bird speaks much of his humanity. Roy Dotrice holds the dubious distinction of being one of only three people ever killed onscreen in The A-Team (anyone name me the other 2? Or can you name all 7 members of the A-Team?). His daughter also married the late Edward Woodward.

    Marks out of 10; 8/10, nice to have a Wesley centric ep

  • Lineage

    Lineage was a superb episode of Angel. I enjoyed watching this episode and learning more about Wesley through a visit from his father. I thought the begining of this episode was a cool take on the secret meeting in a warehouse. The story of this episode was interesting and gave viewers more insight into some of the characters. Weseley's father was a very interesting character with secrets and I enjoyed watching his interactions with Wesley. This episode definitely moves story lines along and there are little hints and foundations being layed out in this and other episodes. I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!
  • Finally, an excellent episode!

    After quite a disappointing season so far and after the absolutely horrendous "The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco", Lineage is an excellent episode and is Angel back at it's best.

    After what feels like an eternity of Spike episodes, we finally get a old Wesley centric one, which we haven't got in ages. It's much better than any of the Spike ones as it has great acting, a brilliant plot and some incredible emotional moments.

    I'm really beginning to like Fred/Wesley as a couple. Before I never liked them but here I loved them and the entire episode had some great moments for them. I loved Wesley shooting his own father as soon as he threatened Fred and also the look on Fred's face when she realises what Wesley will do for her. Makes me dread "A Hole In The World". The scene where Knox comes in at the end is a significant one; all throughout this season he is the one in the way between Fred and Wesley, eventually culminating in him effectively killing her when she gets with Wesley. I really dislike Knox- he's an irritating character that I have absolutely no sympathy for whatsoever.

    We know quite a bit about the strained relationship between Wesley and his father, as little tidbits throughout the seasons lead us to the point that Wesley's father constantly belittles him and is the reason for his need to over achieve. Roger was a bit like Wesley without any of the charm, with him basically resulting as a walking book. It may not have been actually him but it must have been pretty close if Wesley thought it was.

    Eve sheds a little light on herself and on Spike's return; her comment in the elevator "How do you know we meant it for Angel?" proves she knows more than she's letting on. Spike seems to have realized it as well but unfortunately he forgets in all the confusion.

    The cyborg fight sequences were extremely cool as were the gun fights. They were action packed and well done and the cyborgs didn't come as cheesy or ridiculous- they looked very good and realistic. Lineage is an excellent episode that finally doesn't revolve around Spike. It brings Wesley back into the picture and has some great moments. The first real brilliant episode of Season 5 and one that shouldn't be missed.
  • Daddy Dearest!

    Lineage-Cyborg assassins attack the offices of Wolfram and Hart for a magical device that will give them control of Angel. Wesley is surprised by the arrival of his estranged father, who has come to evaluate Wesley for possible reacceptance to the Watcher's Council.

    Hard to believe that the one character who has gotten the most development in Buffyverse history is not even the 2 series' lead characters. It's no doubt by now that it's Wesley! He was once this bubbling annoying, weakling who pretty much did what anyone told him to but since his first appearence on Buffy, Wesley has done a complete 180 and is now a still intelligent yet brooding, violent killer who does whatever he can to win a fight even if the decision he makes is on his own. I mean even Willow maintained her perky personality even after her transformation but Wesley is just completely different. But what we never knew is how Wesley was like he was in first place, there were some hints that it might be his father but we never really knew the truth. Well, the appearence of Wesley's father in the episode surprisingly continues the character's development as we see into his past as well as his soul. You immediately get the impression that that these 2 men have to struggle to get along, especially Wesley, who can't help but revert back to his incompetence while his father's around. You really feel bad for Wesley as his father always expects the best from Wesley and can't fully accept him.

    The episode also has some inventive little villains with the cyborg ninjas whose origins are a mystery yet they are the good guys. The way they have the metal masks covered over they're decapitated faces and they're plans to steal Angel's will were all very intriguing. It really brings up a new threat for Team Angel as the good guys don't trust them as well as evil and will do anything to stop them. It's really puts the gang in a grey area that brings up more questions like, "Now that good and evil are after us, where do we stand?"

    The episode ends with a brilliant yet shocking climax with Wesley and his father are going at it and are willing to kill each other to win. The dialogue is strong as father and son truly mirror each other as you can see some of who Wesley is in his father. Then his father points his gun at Fred and without thinking, Wesley shoots him mutiple times! Even if his father turned out to be an imposter, Wesley's actions still bring some revelations that he killed his father because he had no doubt that it wasn't and that he killed him for Fred. Wesley had strong feelings from Fred but him killing his own father to save her is a HUGE step forward for Wesley. He pretty much can't get any darker than he has become and you are marveled by the character at this point. Poor Fred, she still has no clue because of Knox, but they're time will come. Ohh there were also some truly hilarious scenes like Wesley's talk with Angel and Spike about the whole "killing your parents" thing:

    Angel: "You know I killed my father. It was actually one of the first things I did as a vampire."
    Wesley: "That doesn't really count in this situation."
    Angel: "Yeah, it really doesn't."


    Spike: "Hey heard you offed your father. If it makes you feel any better, I sired my mom and then she tried to shag me..."
    Wesley:*raises hands* "Thank you!"

    All and All, "Lineage" is the strongest episode of the season so far because of it's amazing character development of Wesley with shocking revelations, great villians and fine plot.
  • This Pryce was wrong

    Wes makes the mistake of bringing Fred along to one of his meetings with a weapons supplier and ends up getting her hurt pretty badly. Angel is furious with him as a result and berates him for it. Eve(il) points out that Angel is projecting his feelings from when Wes took baby Connor away from him. To make things even worse for Wes, Fred berates him for blaming himself for her injury and Wesleys dear old Dad shows up to hear her scolding him. Now I ask you, would Wesleys father (what we know of him anyway) show up for a visit unannounced like this? NO WAY. Not in a million. I wasnt buying that "Watchers Council wants you back" stuff for a minute. This ep had me feeling sorry for Wes so much, then feeling sad for him at the end when he shoots the man/cyborg who he thought was his father. He made it very clear to Fred at the end that he KNEW it was his Father and he shot him because he threatened Fred. I remember hoping she was paying close attention at that point, this man would do anything for her.
  • wesleys dad

    another kind of boring episode of the season but is far from bad it makes wesley look more interesting but what sucks about it is the slowness and wesleys robot turning out to be his dad or eactly the other way around

    the episode reveales wesleys caring for fred but a big part of the episode was boring and really annoying but nevertheless its a more than decent episode
  • A woman holding a big gun gets you hot, huh?

    S5x07 - LINEAGE

    Consider Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.

    The rough, rugged, stubbly, vaguely psychotic Marlboro man's second cousin, the image that carried him through all of his weapons training, through his seduction of Lilah Morgan, through all of his adolescent alpha-male ideals, once leader of CYNTHIA! is a fragile soap bubble.

    One visit from his father -- even a cybernetic image of his father -- transforms him instantly into the nebbish, Brylcreemed, hopelessly awkward "Giles the Next Generation" we were introduced to in the "Buffy" series, the flailing rogue demon hunter of "Parting Gifts," the towering nerd we remembered in "Spin the Bottle."

    Even his defenses are vaporized in his exchange, as he's tidying up like he has something to apologize for:

    Rogerbot: "There are some who believe that your tenure as Watcher ranks as our most embarrassing failure."

    First off, nice how he slips that in -- virtually as part of his invitation.

    Wesley: "Really. I beat out 'Everybody dying in an explosion' as most embarrassing failure."

    Well, let's look at it: Screams like a girl in the face of vampires, openly obtuse concerning rogue Slayers, preferring his kneecaps to the global devastation possible with the return of a powerful amulet to a hot-tub demon (presumably he'd prefer to face the anticipated anihilation intact), access to the collected wisdom of the Council but retaining the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone where dating is concerned, and carried off in an ambulance whimpering for pain-killers as a girl half his age engineers the saving of the world from an Ascension, all while exuding an air of pompous superiority.

    Placed up against the destruction of the Watchers Council, I'd have to say that that -- even //all// of that -- comes in a distant second. But the Roger-bot is capable of such nuanced responses that even //that// is deflected back upon him.

    Rogerbot: "Friends and colleagues lost their lives in that event, Wesley. A little respect."

    Rodge is there to conduct an evaluation. There is no evaluation. Wesley knows that for all the sophistication he's gained, he is and will always be a puling and inadequate little boy in his father's eyes -- even those of a computerized simulation.

    I wish -- I really wish -- he'd managed to say what needs to be said: "If I'm so inadequate, if I've turned out so badly -- department chair in the most powerful law firm in Los Angeles (rather than lowest on the totem pole in the "Everyone Thinks We're Weirdos Home Journal") -- if I'm that great a disappointment to you, maybe you could've found some way to be a more adequate father figure, instead of constantly berating me and dismissing all of my efforts and achievements (with the exception of those you usurped entire credit for) and found a way to be satisfied with yourself instead of trying to live what meagrely cobbled-together success you've ever felt you've experienced in your life vicariously through me."

    In fact, in S3, in "Fredless," he does manage a moment's reflection on this matter, in which subtext rapidly became ... text:

    Wesley: (wistfully, concerning the Burkles) "They loved her. Supported her. Didn't grind her down into a tiny, self-conscious nub with their constant berating, never-ending tirade of debasement and scorn."

    All of that resentment was present in his refusal:

    Wesley: "I'll save you the trouble. I'm not interested."

    Instantly. He is instantly transformed into what he was, his image through his father's eyes, so completely he stumbled first into a door and then into an intern. While still trying to retain some shred of dignity, he invites Rodge to Fred's cybernetic necropsy.

    Wesley can read many, many languages, including, apparently, proto-Mayan pictographs. He's very good at what he does, and he's trying desperately to appear competent in his translation of the code embedded in the mechanism.

    To simplify what happens in this exchange, consider the word "gift." The exact same four letters mean a present in English, and poison in German. Surely the language employed in the cyborg is just similar to other dozens of languages at Wesley's disposal. Wesley's thumbnail analysis is perfectly valid, and his father's contempt is fragrant.

    Rodge: Upon deactivating the charge (which he would well understand, being a cyborg of that construction), the Rogerbot lays another blow: "Quite simple, really."


    And the story of Wesley as a precocious child trying to resurrect a poor dead bird is the sweetest motivation in the world, and naturally his father has found a way to turn that into some sort of a belittlement.


    The whole episode revolves around Wesley's self-loathing coupled with his desperation for approval. The show actually opens with Angel berating him for putting Fred in danger, which Fred rightly points out is not entirely his fault. Wesley's defenses are up, and -- as demonstrated in Rodge needling Wes about having a girlfriend -- there is no right answer.

    Angel: "Fathers and sons, can be torture sometimes."

    Angel does get it in the end, tho, and has something of a revelation -- an epiphany, if you will:

    Angel: "You do what you have do to protect the people around you, to do what you know is right, regardless of the cost. Y'know, I never really understood that. You're the guy that makes all the hard decisions, even if you have to make them alone."

    Side note: The cyborgs were almost certainly going to be the Big Bad in S6. A very light dusting of groundwork was laid for them in this episode, including the very presence of a Rogerbot. They meant to abduct Angel using the most sophisticated and devastating of weaponry -- human angst. Their purpose, from initial reports, seemed to be good, but somehow misdirected. In breaking in on that gun sale (in which W&H was almost certainly planning to sell gun-runners some useless junk), they made their presence known, and in deploying the Rogerbot, they revealed their objective: Angel.

    And, as for the rest of it, Wes should've known something was up when his father offered so much as a word of praise while he was in the vault area. Despite his protests to the contrary, I'm certain he knew full well that that was not his father.

    His father has no self-esteem to speak of, and it manifests in his ... how did that go? Oh yes ... "grinding him down into a tiny, self-conscious nub with his constant berating, never-ending tirade of debasement and scorn."

    Hence, no words of praise. You can't express love for others if you have none for yourself, and Roger Wyndham-Pryce ... simply doesn't.

    It all came down to this exchange:

    Rodge: "You've failed me enough for one lifetime. ... You know what that vampire is and what he's done, and yet you follow him anyway."
    Wesley: "Maybe I know what I'm doing. Why can't you trust that?"
    Rodge: "You've disgraced yourself with the Council, you join forces with him, and you have the nerve to ask me why I can't trust you?"
    Wesley: "I've done everything you've ever asked, and I've done it well."
    Rodge: "I asked for this? I wanted to be humiliated?"
    Wesley: "No, I suppose I don't know what you really wanted. You never had any use for me as a child and you can't bear the thought of me as an adult. Tell me father, what is it that galls you so? That I was never as good at the job as you, or that I just might be better?"

    And Rodge sidesteps the feeling-based Angelino psychobabble and makes the colossal blunder of aiming a weapon at Fred, which brings a reflex action from Wesley, pumping several rounds into his chest.

    It ends with an image of Wesley trying to work through that reality -- and finding out just how true to life that insufferable 'bot had actually been ...


    Oh ... just go get married, Alexis. You've earned it.

    Be well.


    Some fun lines:

    Fred: "This thing really blurs the line between human and robot."
    Spike: "So you're not ruling out that a human being could have boffed a robot. Sex with robots is more common than most people think." Nice bit of continuity.

    Angel (holding out his hand): "I didn't know your father was coming, Wesley. I'm Angel. Pleasure to meet you."
    Rodge: "You really expect me to shake that?"
    Angel: "Well, I'm not really comfortable with hugging."

    Eve: "Let us know if you need more resources."

    What an interesting show of concern, given that very recently, Fred was scolded for being way over budget.

    And this little ray of sunshine:

    Lorne: "So I'm covered in cherries, the police are just pounding on the door, and Judi Dench starts screaming 'That's //way// too much to pay for a pair of pants!'"

    And a fun bit of foreshadowing:

    Rodge: "He's (Angel) a puppet. To the Powers That Be, to Wolfram&Hart, and now he's ours."

    And if I'm not mistaken, Angel's characterization of the Rogerbot as a "robot with a fancy glamor" seems a little bit ... //serene//, yes?

    Overall, "Lineage" is a nice, nice eppy.

    Shame about the ... y'know ... lack of resolution on the whole cyborg thing.

    * on his way out, kicks the Frog into a wastepaper basket, dumps lighter fluid on top of it, strikes a match and throws it away *

    Stupid Frog.
  • This episode has my favourite scene in any show ever!

    Now this could be one of my favourite Angel episodes ever and that is due to one scene and one scene alone.
    Seeing Wes shoot what he thought was his father without hesitation when he pointed a gun at Fred was just an amazing piece of television.
    The rest of the episode was ok, especially seeing a bit more on the relationship between Wes and his Father as we have had a few mentions of it before through the other seasons.

    Again im going to have to go back to my favourite scene as it makes the episode for me and I cant see it being topped as my favourite scene in any show ever.