Season 5 Episode 22

Not Fade Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

The final episode of Angel picks up exactly where the previous episode left off, with Angel wanting to know from Wesley, Lorne, Gunn, and Spike if they are game for wiping out the Circle of the Black Thorn. They all agree.

Gunn wonders if they will just kill them all at once but Angel knows they are the most powerful group on Earth, but separated they are simply demons. They will make their move soon but they still have to make it seem as if they are at each other's throats. Gunn thinks Illyria would make a good addition but Angel is skeptical, and that's when Lorne tells him she's looking after Drogyn. Angel tells them to get over there right when he admits to killing Drogyn. Spike punches him and Angel hits back as Hamilton walks in. The "meeting" is over. Angel tells Wes to take care of Illyria. Hamilton tells Angel the Black Thorn want to see him as they have concerns.

Gunn, Wes, Spike, and Lorne arrive at Spike's apartment to find Illyria bloodied and beaten on the floor. They find out that it was Marcus who did it and also took Drogyn. Lorne doesn't really trust Angel but Gunn hopes that the Circle does.

A rectangular table with the symbol of the Black Thorn is the setting as the demon members, except Angel, chant their opening ceremony. Sebassis declares that Angel embarrassed them when his own people attacked him. Cyrus Vail tells him he's ascended just as he goes into a wheezing fit and Sebassis' slave gets caught in his IV line. Angel pushes him away then asks which of his people didn't make the cut. Vail thinks Wes is unstable. Senator Bruckner thinks Gunn is not. Sebassis doesn't see Spike as a threat, but Angel is their concern at the moment. Izzy (the devil-like demon) whips out the Shanshu prophecy, asking that Angel sign it, meaning that he can never be human again. Angel says he has no desire to be human and Izzy stabs his hand. It's must be in blood.

Angel gazes out his office window. Harmony enters. He asks if she remembers being human. He doesn't. Harmony always knew life would be over after high school. She doesn't see it as great but does remember her heart thumping upon kissing a boy. She knows something is going down but Angel wants her out of it. He does ask her to keep Hamilton distracted.

Later in Angel's office, Lindsey can't believe Angel wants his help. Angel reminds him it's not about them, it's about the Wolf, Ram, and Hart. Lindsey thinks they can't be beaten but Angel thinks they are just there to be fought, and that's what makes humans remarkably strong. So why is Lindsey there? Angel decides to go with the devil that you know, in other words, take over the firm when it's over. Angel is not doing this fight without Lindsey.

Wes needs some supplies to take care of Illyria but Spike is worried about Hamilton. Angel arrives, claiming that he didn't know about Hamilton attacking Illyria, before telling them it was Marcus who brought Drogyn to the Circle in the first place, and Wes realizes Angel had to kill him to prove he was on their side. Angel then declares they will kill the Circle tonight.

Angel asks them to take the day off wanting them to live as if it's their last day. Lorne sings "If I Ruled The World" in an unknown bar. Angel visits his son, Connor, in a coffee place. Spike gets drunk in another bar. Anne (who last appeared in The Thin Dead Line) is loading up a truck with boxes as Gunn approaches. She's moving to a new shelter. He asks about Rondell and his former crew and Anne talks about life in the shelter. Gunn asks her what she would do if he said that none of it matters, if forces that don't want things getting better control everything? She tells him she would get the truck packed.

Wes is still tending to Illyria who wonders why he isn't living the day however he wants. There can be no perfect day for him as Fred is gone, and he would prefer that Illyria not take her form again.

Elsewhere, Spike reads off his poetry and Angel talks to Connor about Nina. Connor reveals that he knows the truth about Angel being his father. All of his memories that returned to him are like a bad dream to him now. Connor understands what he did and is grateful.

At the firm, Lindsey and Eve are kissing and she admits she's thinking about Angel in the sense that she doesn't think he can trust Lindsey. He tells her Angel needs all the help available to him and when it's over they'll see what happens. He asks her to stay away from what happens.

At Spike's apartment Angel and the gang go over the plan. Angel says one of them will betray him; Spike volunteers but he turns to Wesley and tells him Vail believes he will make a play for Angel's spot and this will get him in the door. Illyria is to take out Izzy and three other members who dine together every night. Gunn is to take on Senator Bruckner who has an office in West L.A and Angel reminds him she is pure hell spawn and surrounds herself with vampires. As Angel looks at Spike he stands up making it clear he will not wear any amulets, or bracelets or any other jewelry but Angel tells him he just needs a rattle, as he is to return the baby to its mother and dismember the foster family, the Fell Brethren. Sebassis is the strongest power and the most feared so Angel will be handling him. He turns to Lorne who confesses he is not a fighter but Angel says he just wants him to back up Lindsey. Wesley can't believe he brought him in but Angel is adamant that Lindsey is a part of this and he will be facing as much danger as everyone else on the team.

Harmony lies on her bed clad in her underwear as a hand wipes blood from the corner of her mouth and she licks it off. Sitting up she picks up her glass of blood and leans into Marcus who wraps his arm around her. She has betrayed her boss.

Angel tells them to meet in an alley north of the Hyperion if they make it. Lorne declares that this the last job he will do for Angel and after that he doesn't want to be found. Spike asks about the Shanshu but at this point, Angel doesn't think they'll last long enough to know.

Wes meets with Vail, and after a minute, Wes reveals a magical fireball in his hand. In a cloaked disguise, Spike looks for the baby being held by the Fell. Gunn arrives at Senator Bruckner's campaign office, ready to kill. The Sahvrin are in a bar and suddenly fall under attack, by a sword-wielding Lindsey. Illyria intercepts Izzy and his cohorts. Angel returns to the firm telling Harmony to keep Hamilton occupied and to have his car ready. He returns to his penthouse to get a long, curved knife as Marcus arrives. A few seconds later, Angel crash-lands into the lobby. He and Harmony argue over the fact that she betrayed him, but she gets fired anyway, but at least she's got a recommendation. Hamilton arrives, and continues to lay the smack down on Angel.

Marcus berates Angel over a lot of things and wonders out loud if he thought he could kill Sebassis. Angel already has. He injected Sebassis' slave with a concealed needle in his ring at the meeting. Sebassis, lying in his bath, drinks the slave's blood. They both die. The fight continues.

Spike gets the baby but the Fell are there and a fight ensues. Lindsey is basically kicking ass but Wes isn't faring too well. Vail is clearly more powerful and Wes is virtually defenseless. Marcus knocks Angel down and prepares to stake him but Connor arrives to help his dad. He knew something was up. Gunn is on fire with the vamps and he kills Bruckner with an ax to the head. However, more vamps arrive. He whips out Angel's wrist-stakes. Time to get messy. Elsewhere, Illyria finishes her job as Izzy's car is destroyed, along with him and his friends.

Lindsey has finished the job and killed the Sahvrin. Lorne is impressed at how good he is with a sword. Lorne did add a high note to help him. Lindsey likes the feeling of being on a team but Lorne is leaving. Lindsey asks him on whether he trusts him, even offering to sing for him. Lorne just pulls a gun and shoots him down, saying that he's not a part of the solution. Lindsey can't believe that a flunky takes him out, just before he dies. "Good night folks," is all Lorne says before leaving us all.

Wesley is suspended in mid-air by Vail's magic. Wes grabs a dagger but Vail uses a bigger one to stab him with. Wes manages to use a magical fireball to blast him across the room before falling. Illyria gets there to find him mortally wounded. She confesses she felt concerned adding that he will be dead in a few moments and asking if he is ready for her to lie to him now. As she changes into Fred she strokes his face and he tells her he misses her. She kisses him, telling him the pain will be gone soon and then they will be together and as he tells her he loves her, she cries and holds him as he dies. Standing up she faces Vail who mistakes her for human, his last mistake. She punches right through his head, changing back to Illyria again.

Back at the law firm, Angel and Connor continue their fight with Marcus. Marcus sends Connor into the elevator door. Marcus punches Angel again before telling him that he cannot beat him, he is a part of them, The Wolf, The Ram and The Hart, and his blood is filled with ancient power. Angel vamps out and takes a bite out of Marcus. When Marcus attempts to throw him once more, Angel does a Matrix-like flip through the air, and then proceeds to fight him again. This time their strength is matched and Angel punches Marcus so hard his neck breaks. As Connor comes around the building starts to collapse and Angel orders him to go home where he is safe.

Angel goes to the office and tells Eve it is time to go, she asks after Lindsey and he lets her know he will not be coming for her. He leaves her standing in the room as the building collapses in on itself.

Angel reaches the alley in the rain. Spike arrives and a wounded Gunn follows suit. Illyria arrives and tells them about Wesley. She feels uncontrollable grief and wants some more violence. She's about to get her wish. An army of demons approach along with a dragon. Illyria doesn't think Gunn will last more than ten minutes. It's time to fight, and Angel wants to slay the dragon.

"Let's go to work."