Season 5 Episode 22

Not Fade Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2004 on The WB

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  • Wonderful Episode Even After a Few Views

    Just finished watching the entire show again. This is a wonderful episode and I still to this day have tears rolling down my cheeks watching Illeria "lie to Wes" - what a wonderful touching well acted moment. I wish the show could have continued as I would have enjoyed seeing more Illerias "changing" but all in all... a wonderful show.
  • Great ending to a fantastic show

    I love this episode because it is one of the greatest series finales ever made. (although I hate how some call it a cliffhanger, open your eyes, it's not!) It is the last and final day of Team Angel. Angel and his team face The Circle of the Blackthorn and the new liason to the Senior Partners, but before they do it, they have to do something to make it their last. While everyone is in the battle, Lorne leaves the group and Wesley dies, which leaves Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Illyria. The four then battle against the army of demons (sent by the senior partners), which had a good touch for the ending. I really didn't know the show got canceled, until I found-out about it a few years ago. (ratings weren't the problem since the show was obviously just a success) Now of course, we can't forget former WB president Jordan Levin, who's the one responsible for writing off the show for two reasons: 1) making room for new shows and 2) Joss Whedon asking for an early renewal, when he knew that he wasn't suppose to ask until the later time. Anyways, let's give a BIG farewell to our great heroes: Angel, Cordelia, Doyle, Wesley, Gunn, Lorne, Fred, Connor, Spike, and Illyria. (especially you Lindsey, since you've been a great villain) Goodbye forever, Team Angel/Angel Investigations.
  • And so it ends!


    The Good;

    The last day for the staff of Angel Investigations (especially poignant for Lorne/Andy Hallet who sings a wonderful version of 'If I ruled the world'). The final battles, Illyria and Lindsey in particular making great entrances. The twists in the tale. Also it's a small scene but love Harmony and Angel's little heart to heart, so very different but so very alike, Harmony actually misses being human a little but she's still evil.

    The Bad;

    Why didn't Joss do a commentary for the last ep of one of his finest creations? Richard Burton is a Welsh actor, not English. Angel says he doesn't remember what it was like to be human but he was human only 4 years ago in 'I will remember you' which was more recently than Harmony was (or was he leading Harmony on?). Jeff Bell's right, the cloaks the Fell Breathren wear make them look like football players on the bench.

    Best line; plenty to choose from, best written shows on TV and they saved some of the best until last;

    Angel; (getting pounded by Marcus) "Kinda hoped the fight would be going a little better"

    followed by

    Connor (punching Marcus and sending him flying) "Care about that dress for less!"


    Marcus "I am a child of the Senior Partners, their strength flows through my veins, my blood is filled with their ancient power"

    Angel (vamping out and biting him) "Can you guess the one word you shouldn't have mentioned?"


    Eve; "Are you sure you can handle the Sharvin?"

    Lindsey; "They're sending me out with karaoke boy, how dangerous can it be?"

    (oh the irony!)

    Lorne; (shooting Lindsey) "I've heard you sing!"


    Angel; (as WR&H collapses) "Time to go!"

    Eve; "Go WHERE?"

    also where else on TV would you get the line, Angel "The Fell Breathren, I want the baby returned to its' mother and the foster family dismembered"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    Illyria makes trophies of the bad guys spines, glad we didn't get to see the eyeball thing! Gunn gives the demon Senator a splitting headache. Illyria gives Vail the mother of all uppercuts. Angel gets his own pen through his hand. It's a disgusting line but always makes me laugh, Vail "I crap better magic than this"

    Angel Cliches

    Subverting the Hollywood cliche; Lorne kills Lindsey, the clown becomes a tragic figure, much as in King Lear, his leaving incredibly poignant. We think Lindsey might actually be redeemed in typical Angel fashion but instead he gets two in the chest.

    Kills; Angel kills Marcus, Sebassis and the Pee-Pee demon. Illyria finally in the gang and kills Izzie, 3 humans(?) and Vail. Gunn kills the demon Senator and at least 2 of her vamps. Spike kills at least 3 of the Fell breathren. Lorne, who in 4 years of the most violent show on TV never killed anything kills Lindsey.

    Cordy: 5 vamps, 3 demons- 9 kills including those on Buffy

    Angel; 48 vamps, 74 and 1/2 demons, 5 zombies, 14 humans, one werewolf and one cyborg- 144 kills including those on Buffy

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 16 demons+5 vamps, 5 zombies, 4 humans, 2 cyborgs-32 kills

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 18 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.- 34 kills including those on Buffy

    Gunn; 13 vamps+ 16 demons, 5 zombies, 1 human.- 35

    Groo; 1 demon

    Fred; 3 vamps+ 14 demons, 5 zombies-22

    Connor; 16 vamps, 5 zombies, 4 demons, Jasmine-26

    Spike; 21 vamps, 15 demons+1 human+one parasite-38

    Illyria; 1 devil, 3 humans and whatever Cyrus Vail is?-5

    Lorne; 1 human

    so in the course of 5 seasons AI kill over 300 beings and they're the good guys! Most violent show on TV by a long chalk!

    Characters killed:


    Recurring characters killed; goodbye Wes. Gunn, Spike, Lorne etc have all made incredible emotional journey's over the course of the show but when you think how Wes first appeared in his Buffy debut 'Bad Girls' and how he dies here the contrast is INCREDIBLE! Yet totally believeable, a tribute to both writers and actor.

    Perhaps I should include Lindsey too? But ultimately Angel believes he's evil and Lorne agrees having heard him sing. I'm not sure if he's evil per se as just ruthless in the pursuit of what he wants and jealous of Angel? If Angel hadn't taken over WR&H would he ever have come back to LA? Both he and Angel ignore the advice they gave each other at the end of Dead End and both pay for it.

    People have pointed out that the only characters to feature in both the first and last eps of Angel;TS are Angel and Lindsey. But actually, excluding Buffy guest stars, the only regular or recurring characters to survive from the first season of the show to the end of the last episode are Angel, a dying Gunn and Kate who's off being an Assistant DA in New York.

    14-Angel kills off a regular or recurring character every 7-8 episodes, like Buffy, the most ruthless show on TV

    Total number of Angel Investigations; 6 with Illyria finally coming on board for the final battle but down to 4 in the end with Wes dead and Lorne gone.

    Angel, Gunn, Illyria, Spike

    Packing heat; Lorne kills Lindsey with a silenced pistol

    Wes; 14

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 5

    Gunn; 3

    Fred; 5

    Lorne; 1

    Kinky dinky:

    Harmony and Hamilton get it on, Harmony gorgeous in her undies as Playboy fans can attest to. Wes wonders if he should spend his last day with Mistress Spanksalot, is she the person he referred to with the handcuffs in Over the Rainbow? Whilst Spike wows the crowd with his poem dedicated to Cecilly/Halfyrek you wonder what they made of 'The Wanton folly of my mum"?

    "You gave me life,

    I sired you,

    You claimed that I,

    Desired you

    You begged me so to take you

    Appalled I then did stake you..."

    Connor wonders if it's the werewolf side of things that attracts Angel to Nina and asks if there's "Fur flying". Connor now remembers his fling with Cordelia and thinks it 'Inappropriately erotic'. Lindsey comments that Eve is the one thing of his Angel never got his hands on, she doesn't seem to have told Lindsey about her Halloween tryst with him.

    Captain Subtext;

    Illyria starts to show feelings for Wes and Gunn, maybe too late for both. Angel gives Marcus a hell of a hickey! When Angel boasts to Connor about his nice handwriting Connor replies "You girl!" Nice little goodbyes between Wes and Gunn, Wes and Angel and Lorne. Angel tells Sebassis that if he wants to kill Spike then they may have to kiss. Angel tells Lindsey "I want you" but both decide he should rephrase that remark. Illyria-as-Fred refers to Wes as 'My Wesley', just as Lilah calls him in 'Home'.

    Guantanamo Bay;

    Angel and co discover that all the evil in the world is run by this secret society and decide to change things by slaughtering each and every one of them and to hell with the consequences! Angel's method of killing Sebassis is particularly clever, a real Keyzer Soze moment.

    What the fanficcers thought; .

    Plenty of fanfic concentrating on what happened after the final fadeout. Buffy and co showing up and annihilating the demon armies as part of Angel's trap a firm favourite or Angel zapping them all into another dimension which is why he chose the old magic alley where Connor was born etc. The_Last_Night Plenty of Buffy/Angel live happily ever after fic and just as much Buffy/Spike. Also read a couple of nice ones about Harmony, one where she opens up Angel's reference for her, reads it out loud and promptly bursts into flames due to the spell concealed in the wording and one where she opens it up, reads it out loud and promptly get's her soul restored by the same. Plus Connor and Dawn hooking up.

    Oh, plus Wes and Mistress Spanksalot

    Missing scenes;

    Now if you read the comics Angel defeats WR&H's armies by convincing the dragon to change sides and then saves Gunn by vamping him as he did with the sailor Lawson in 'Why we fight'. He and the others then make their way through post-apocalyptic Hell-on-earth-LA with ghost Wes as his advisor.

    Questions and observations;

    Angel turns the power of the senior partners against them, taking the power of Marcus' blood and using it to defeat him. Does this now mean that Angel is a child of the senior partners? What happens to Eve? Does she survive the fall of WR&H? Where does Lorne go, back to Pylea?

    Whenever I watch the last ep of Buffy I always drink a bottle of champagne at the end. Don't do that with Angel, it has a different vibe to it. But just as good! Connor goes from a dislikeable character in season 3/4 to an acceptable one in 'Origin' to actually likeable here. So wonderful to see Anne again, lovely touch. So if Angel has signed away his destiny to become human does that mean it's definitely Spike? Is that why Marcus is now prepared to kill Angel? Are Illyria's tears all part of her Fred illusion or are they real and for Wes? Who are the producers Jeff Bell thanks but is not allowed to mention? Spike refers to the 'Manson family' whom he also mentioned in The Yoko factor (their infamous massacre supposedly inspired by the Beatles' song Helter Skelter which was one of Adam's favourites). Gunn refers to Illyria as Blue Thunder. Wes says the first lesson of being a Watcher is to seperate truth from illusion. On TV there's a small thank you scene to the fans at the end of the ep but not on the DVDs.

    Marks out of 10; need you ask? 10/10

    Jeff Bell thanks us for watching the series. No Jeff, thank you and everyone else for making it. Angel and co are still out there slaying the dragon. And so should we be. C'mon everybody let's go to work!

  • A grand season finale - powerful, multi-layered, and with great characters. Thank you, Joss.

    Don't want no spoilers? Then don't read.

    I confess. I didn't give Angel much of a chance when I saw the first season. It wasn't 'Buffy', and that was an unfair comparison. While I wasn't a fan of of 'Buffy' Season 1, I liked 'Angel' season 1 even less.

    A friend convinced me to watch Angel 2. From then on, I had to see the entire series. While seasons 2 and 3 were very good, and much better than the first, I didn't like much of what happened in season 4.

    Then came season 5. It blew away my expectations - and culminated in a near-perfect season finale that brought closure to some of the myriad 'Angel' arcs, while leaving the possibility open for future incarnations, such as Illyria or Spike spinoffs, or continuation in comic books or other forms.

    I wasn't expecting much of what this episode contained - especially as I found the Buffy series finale pretty flat. From Lorne's despair, as he did what he must and hated himself for it, to loving tenderness between Fred/Illyria and Wesley (if there was any, ANY validity to Emmy awards, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof should have at least been nominated for acting - but not a chance), emotions in this episode ran high and felt genuine.

    I was surprised more than once - such as Lindsey helping Angel, surprised again by Angel's betrayal of him, then surprised yet again when I realized Lindsey expected to be killed by Angel, and felt shamed and dishonored by dying at the hands of a "lackey".

    Connor's appearance put nice closure on his arc - especially since I detested this character in season 4.

    While Angel was still Angel, the heart of the episode was everyone's willingness to give everything for the cause, and expecting nothing in return.

    By the end, only one of them received anything for his sacrifice - just a moment, a bittersweet moment as he drew his last breaths.

    "Would you like me to lie to you now?"

    "Yes. Thank you. Yes."
  • angel and his team go up against the biggest threat that threatens them all..

    i have to say i love this epsiode..angel and his team go up against wolfarm and hart who is ranned by all this demons called the order of the black throne.

    angel gives spike,lorne,wesley,gun,illyria,and even harmoney a mission to do and complete.

    angel took out some demon in this cool way(watch youll see what i mean)and told harmoney his plan just to get her to get the super vampire to come to angel.once harmoney did that not knowing angel knew she would betray him.harmoney left the building and angel tried to kill the other vampire(whos name ive done forgot).angel tried his best to fight the other vampire but angel was getting wiped with the floor.connor then should up to help his dad which was nice.angel then drunk blood from the other vampire b/c the vampire said he as the strength of all the members of the black throne or when angel drunk his blood angel then had his stregth too.angel killed the vampire and angel told connor to go home to be safe.

    spike took out the men that took the baby from the lady.

    lorne killed lindsey after lindsey kills this demons for angel.lorne then leaves to have a better life.

    illyria killed this demons but you dont get to see it.i wish we would have seen it.she then goes to check on wesley.

    wesley tries to kill some wizard but fails and illyria kills the wizard..

    when illyria was crying over wesley dead body and wesley ask illyria to lie to him b/c it was his last moment.illyria turned into fred which was very sad.u could tell the love illyria had for wesley.

    gun killed this lady who was running for mayor or something.gun killd her and her group of vampires.

    by the end angel,spike,gun,and illyria was standing at the end ready to fight the last couple of demons that was left..

    alot of fans said that you dont know if they survied.i can tell for me its common sense.if this guys can survive what just happen i think they can survived this too.i think the ending was suppose to be like this are the ones that are tough enough to survived and get through the battle.i like the finale...

    btw illyria was so sweet in the end when she was mouring over wesley.i love that finale scene when she meet up with rest of the guys and she says''i think im feeling grief over wesley i cant control it.i wish to do more voilence''that line ws so funny but at the same time sad..

    this epsiode was very good but i did have this thing where i keep wishing cordelia should have been since she wasnt there i didnt give this a 10.even tho her character was sent off peacefully.
  • Not Fade Away

    Not Fade Away was a perfect series finale of Angel, though it leaves some questions unanswered. I enjoyed watching this episode from start to finish because there was drama, action, humor, and exploration into the darker side of some characters. I thought it was great to see how each of the characters spent their last day before the plan goes into effect. It was cool to watch how each of the characters fought their targets. The scene between Wesley and Illyria was touching and perhaps she has truly felt human emotion for the first time. I thought the ending was ok, but wish we could have seen more of that last battle, or maybe the series continuing to another season! I suppose the ending more or less left me satisfied enough, though hungry for more!!!!!!!
  • Angel and the team take on the Senior Partners in a heart-breaking, gripping series finale.

    Unbelievable. As a fan of the Buffyverse, I've watched through all the Angel and Buffy episodes multiple times, but no episode is comparable to this.
    I always liked Angel as a character in Buffy, and, in my personal opinion, Season 5 of Angel is the best season in the Buffyverse. Angel always had the potential to best BTVS, but some of the season storylines were absolutely horrible. I mean....Season 4.....anyone else want to vomit?
    But Season 5 was miraculous. It had some fantastic episodes, such as Lineage, Destiny, Smile Time, and undeniably, Power Play and Not Fade Away.


    Wesley's death was crushing. He's been my favourite character in Angel for such a long time, and I hated to see him die. The best character ever. He could have had his own spin-off series IMO; the dark side we start to see to Wes from the beginning of Lineage had so much potential. Lorne; never my favourite character, but it was a bit of a nice twist at the end. I would have liked Lindsey to reform though; he was always an enjoyable character.
    Spike was great to have in the finale; considering he's always so stupid, his sober attitude added a massive sense of reality to the whole episode; most of them knew this was the end.
    And it was - undeniably better than 'Chosen,' and if there are any Buffy fans out there who disagree, ask yourself what you didn't like about the season finale, and you'll come to the understanding I am at. Unbeatable episode.
    Finished off the whole series of Angel on an extraordinary note. Joss will have a hard time topping this one.

    ....but seriously, why Wes? -_-
  • Why???

    I loved this show... it was my favouirte show of all time. To give its last episode (which is nothing short of brilliant up untill the end) a low mark like this is actually painful. Unfortunately, a low mark it recieves.

    Not long after this episode aired, a Producer made a comment against fans, calling them idiots for not thinking that the ending was a fitting ending. Well I'm hitting back. Screw you. It WASN'T a fitting ending, for me as a fan, for the charactors we had all loved and invested in for 5 years (and some longer on Buffy), for a superb show. For five years, it all centered around Angel fighting an aplocaliptic battle to win back his mortality. This was never answered. Wolfram and Hart was not destroyed. We don't even know if Gunn, Illaria, Spike or Angel survive (unfortunately I'm not into comics, and if the Angel team insist on telling the story afterwards then dosen't this just prove that this ending was too much an open one?). Don't get me wrong... I wasn't expecting such a dark show to have a happy ending. But to leave us in the lurge, not having a clue what happened to Angel and co is wrong. Ridiculous. It failed to complete what was otherwise one amazing show from start to almost finish. A huge shame, because the rest of this episode is Angel at its best. Wesley's death scene stands out for me; Illaria assuming the form of Fred when its obvious that her tears are real and not faked for him. And the way she despatches Syrus Viel is very cool too. Angel of course needed a deaf match (he spent wayy to much time getting his ass kicked in his last season) and the one with Hamilton was very good. Wolfram and Hart cannot be destroyed but Angel and co. proved they wern't owned by them. If there was one thing I didn't like about this episode (apart from the ending) it was what Lorne did to Lindsay. Entirley out of nowhere and out of charactor. A fitting end for Lindsey but it would have been better if Wes had pulled the trigger, or Gunn. Anyways, I loved Angel and I miss it. It beggers belief how a show as good as this got axed considering the horros that have survived for years on TV.
  • Another amazing series ends.

    Well, the ending finally came. I am very sad about the fact that the show had to conclude after season five even though it still had a lot of times left to be told. However, that doesn't remove the fact that the series finale was absolutely amazing.

    It all ties up nicely, and for me personally it makes up for the fact that the season started out uneven. I loved every fight in this episode, I loved how almost all loose ends ended up and I even made my peace with the show ending like it id. I think that it just wouldn't be right if it would end with the gang winning and going on with their lives - this is just not that type of a show.

    As for Wesley's death - it was heartbreaking. I couldn't believe it, yet I think I saw it coming when he told Illyria that he has nothing left on this world to look forward to. The scene with Illyria crying as she "lies" to Wesley was just amazing. I loved Illyria's scenes and her amazing adaption to Angel's team.

    I loved how Angel managed to beat Hamilton, and how Connor was around to help out his father. I even think Lindsay and Eve got what they deserved - and what a way for Lorne to exit the show, huh? Pretty much the entire episode was amazing and I can only imagine what would have happened next, with the gang going into the fight...
  • The final episode.

    This episode didn't give me everything I really wanted, the perfect ending I would have liked to have with the show I've been so into, but it did have a pretty good sense of closure.

    I was okay with everything except for a couple things. I get that they were probably necessary for the story, but they still made me sad.

    First, Angel signing away the Shanshu prophecy. That had been his driving force for three years. The way that he could so easily give it up annoyed me a bit. I know it was for the biggest cause ever, but still.

    Wesley dying. I definitely could have done without that. Wesley was probably my favorite character overall on Angel. He had gone through the most changes as a person and to just have it end like that made me extremely sad. I did like that Illyria showed so much emotion over it though. That almost made up for it.

    And Lorne shooting Lindsey. It was a very powerful moment, and I loved Lindsey's reaction to being killed by a 'lackey' and not the big guy himself. It kind of rounded out the intense relationship he and Angel had had since the very first episode. The part I didn't like was the effect it had on Lorne. He had started out as such a good carefree person way at the beginning of season two, and then he became more a shell of a being in this final ep. It just makes me feel terrible for the sweet green guy.

    Other than those few things, I loved this episode. Always makes me feel good to watch it.
  • The final battle!

    Angel has told the team of his plan; To destroy the members of the black thorn as a last stand against the senior partners. As the end approaches, Angel instructs everyone to enjoy their final day. Lindsey spends it with Eve, Lorne sings, Spike drinks and finally recites his poen from Buffy "Fool for love", Gunn helps Anne out, Wes tends to Illyria and Angel talks with Connor, who remembers the past. Then, it begins: Gunn takes down the senators vampire alegion and herself, but gets wounded. Lorne and Lindsey take down a tribe, with Lorne shooting Lindsey, killing him. Lorne then leaves Team Angel. Spike gets a baby back from those who are willing to sacrifice it. Wes uses magic in his fight against Cyvus Vail, but gets mortally stabbed and spends his final moments with Illyria, who avenges Wes by punching a hole through Cyvus' head. Angel battles Marcus Hamilton (with Harmony betraying him) and wins (with Connors help). Wolfram & Hart building collapses, with Eve inside. At the alley behind the Hyperion Hotel, Angel, Gunn, Illyria and Spike regroup, mourning Wes' loss. The senior partners then unleash Hell On Earth, with a demon army charging towards the team. "Let's Go To Work"
  • Angel and the gang are preparing for a big fight, sort of.

    This was a good show, but the finale was really bad. Where was the wolf ram and hart, the three senior partners. Then after all that prophecy talk, he just signed it away, how do you sign away destiny, a piece of paper is supposed to stop a transformation. Then the battle scenes between the thorn members and the angel cast were rushed and not that great, and finally at the end when the big battle came nothing happened, all you saw was all these evil creatures coming at them, There was really no big fight, it was bad. For a finale nothing was really finalized. I get they were saying fighting goes on and on and duality of good and evil, but this is a tv show, where is the big finish?
  • The series finale was just like a normal episode. It didn't tie up any loose ends, and the fighting scenes weren't in as much detail as some other episodes. It was truely disappointing.

    In the series finale Fred does not return, Weasly dies, and the ending was truely disappointing. The main thing that dissappointed me was Buffy never knew Spike was still alive. I hated how Spike got drunk and read his poems instead of calling Buffy. They had a real thing going and he never contacted her. That was a real disappointment. I hate how they didn't work Fred into the finale, I know they showed her but it really wasn't her. I hated how they ended it also, they show all the demons coming toward them and everything Angel said in the beggining of the episode til then was that it was their last day to live, well that pretty much sums it up that they all die anyways. But it was still bad because you don't know if Spike or Gunn lived. But it wouldn't of mattered if they lived because it was the series finale.
  • Angel and the Gang finally decide to take on the Senior Partners by killing those in the Black Thorn. They each are issued a different person to kill. Wesley dies and Connor helps Angel. It ends with those left fighting in the battle of their life.

    In the last episode Angel became a member of the Black Thorn, already he tells the other members of the gang that he plans to kill those in the black thorn, this is too fast and does not build up any tension. Secondly, they killed off Wesley. Wesley was a great character and could not be replaced by anyone; to see him die was a great loss and a great dissapointment to this episode, however the scene with Illyria and Wesley was very emotional and caputured how he felt about Fred very well and therefore was a brilliant scene. Finally worst scene of the episode was the very last. The last line spoken by Angel was a huge let down and very dissapointing. Ending with a fight does not tie up any loose ends and does not leave the viewers feeling fullfilled. Angel did not get what he deserved, the senior parnters did not loose and leaving it with the characters fighting leaves the viewers feeling lost as they do not know what will happen. I understand the view about "they will always be fighting and this was shown" however, as this was a television programme it could at least leave people feeling warm as if in his time Angel had at least changed something for the better.
  • The series finale sucked & much to be desired

    I do not understand how this episode did not make anyone sick to their stomach! I lived and breathed Angel since its birth! The episode said to me "Oh we are getting canceled, better THROW something together real quick that will end it" I hope hope hope that there will be a movie or reunion special to really conclude it!
  • I cannot belive that this show ended like that!!!!

    I cannot belive that this show ended like that. I didn't like the ending at all. I wanted to see who servived and who didn't. I did not like how ANGEL said "I don't know about you guy's, but I realy want to slay the dragon. I think that he should have said something diferent. I thought it was nice of ILLYRIA to make her self into FRED so that WESLEE could spend his last minutes with her.I also think that ILLYRIA should have gotten with SPIKE. I think that they would have made a great cupple. CORDELIA should have stayed alive to fight with the old gang.
  • Angel was 1 of the best shows in the world and in my opinion was a show that ended the worst in the world

    people keep saying that conners storyline ended great but really it could have been better like when Angel told him to leave out of wolfram and hart while it was practically falling down he could have said i love you dad orsomething to make Angel feel good. joss is a great witer and all but someone needs to explain to me why he had to kill off everybody Doyle i get but why Cordelia and fred and wesley. wesley i knda get why killing off to show how he sacrificed his life to do whats right and doyle died so angel could keep fighting which is already sad in itself.And why couldent angel go to cordys grave and talk to her before the big battle? But still long live Angel
  • angel and co. fight till the end in an episode that had its moments.

    now the reason i say it jumps the shark is the ending. now this is the final episode ever so in a sense it already jumped. the episode was great..i loved all the characters and more...sad when Wesley died and Lindsey..i loved both characters from the start. Fred/Illyria was my fav aside from was heartbreaking to see her and Wesley in their final scene... now to the ending..i get what they were trying to do leave it open for a possible..yet unlikely pick up years down the line. i hated how they left u hanging with will they or wont...die that is..i want to know what happens...this ending was almost as bad as the sopranos ending....the both had an eerily same feel to o the audience chooses their fate...i wanted a clear cut answer...but thats just me
  • Angel has entered to the circle of the Antiques. Now, He wants to kill'em all.

    I think watching this episode is a waste of time, because you can begin watching the episode with ilusion thinking that you'll see a great show because it is the end. Maybe Angel will get his soul? Will Angel become mortal? And all the answers you get... well, what answers? All I can think is that watching this episode, I stayed as when I watched the end of the series "V"... I was so shocked that this is the end that the only thing I can say is that I want an extra episode to know how really ends. In my oppinion, the end is very bad. All goes wrong.
  • Love the show but didn't like the episode...

    I just love Angel, is one of my fav shows ever but I didn't like this last episode very much... I have to say that I liked the begining and the middle but, in the end, when all that demons shows up and Angel says that he's going to kill the dragon (sorry if I'm being too abbreviated, I don't remeber the details of the episode... ^_^) and then it ends... I think the end was too "open" (don't remember the right word). You can call me romantic but I think Buffy should have appered in the episode, maybe to help Angel or to kiss him or something... I just loved their love story...
  • Hardly a series finale

    It had no conclusion, none. Just Angel and the gang just about to battle the Black Thorne, and then the show ends. What the hell kind of series finale, it's bad enough that the pricks at the WB chose to cut such a good series so short so they could make another cheesy drama with a plot not good enough to be a movie, but to give Joss Whedon such short notice to make a shitty series finale that leaves millions of people forever hanging.

    So I give this finale a 1.4 because of no conclusion
    and utter dissapointment.
  • well this series finale was stupid, Buffy was better!

    this season finale was the worst episode ever! the plot was degrading! Lorne should have never killed Lindsay because he would need him in the final fight. Wesly should not have died. The end of the episode was retarded. You knew they were all gonna die in the first 10 minutes including Illyria.
  • WHAT? This can't be the final episode. Are you mad?

    I am a 54 year old teacher with insomnia, who found this program at 5:00 a.m. this year. I didn\'t think this was my "type" of show -- at first. But, what wasn\'t to love? The writing was intelligent, funny, and original. I adored the actors and their characters became very real to me (I did say it was 5:00 a.m.). I found this show sometine during the second season and quickly discovered that I could not miss an episode, even if it meant falling to sleep while driving home at the end of the day. I watched the finale. Didn\'t realize it was the finale. Got up the next morning to see how they got out of this one -- only to discover episode one. What?!?! In the era of 9/11, mounting evidence of global warming, oil prices that will kill our economy, and years of G.W. (the true anti-christ) you want me to buy that evil triumphs! Damn you. You get those actors back together, pay them loads of money, and you better rectify this disaster. I want the flawed, repentant, sinners of the world, to have more than one day. Okay. Let them die with their boots on -- but what's next? What's on the other side? In this show, you can't tell me there is no afterlife. Please? Just this once. I know you can do it. And, then . . .
  • good bye champions

    after five long years its over no more angel and angel investigations
    was i the only one who thought the endding was a comple let down
    i find it very hard to beleve that this was the intened ending they put that Shanshu prophecy in there for a reason didnt they.
    what was the point of working for it for four years just to give it up in the last episode they should make a movie or somthing.
    but all that aside i did how ever thing it was one of the better episodes of season 5
    they said goodbye in a half decent way shame cordy did come back again but ya cant have everything
  • alright, could have been much better!

    I really thought that the idea of taking down the biggest bads was an amazing idea, but it could have been played out over many more episodes.

    I thought season 5 as a whole had amazing episodes, but the long range plot was weak, and this ending would have been much better if it actually ended!

    The episode alone was amazing, but again, it didn't end, it left me with the worst cliffhanger episode in the world. I hope that the Buffy Season 8 comics deal with this ending and help explain what happened.

    I will miss you Wes! :(

    Good-bye Lorne :(

    Good-Riddance Linsay :P (nah, I actually love linsay!) I'll miss him too!
  • Is there a score higher than 10? This one should have gotten it.

    It has been a long road for us and Angel Inc. We followed them from their humble beginnings through unimaginable events. They made us laugh, they made us cry...heck, they made us FEEL. Alot of folks criticized the way the series ended, but I have to say they simply outdid themselves with this one. As much as I wanted the show to go on, it went out the way it came in; swinging. All along the journey there was one thing that always summed up our crew, they faught the good fight. They lost a few soldiers along the way, but they never stopped. Team Angel, All growed up.
  • Angel

    It was nice episode but I was expecting more,I thouught end would be better thatn this,Angel is poor guy not love not sun no nothing it's sad,they could end this with happy end,we can't think what will happen in the future next because there were 100s of those ceartures and there were 5 or 6 of them right?....they did biggest mistake,they shoudn't had taken away Cordelea form this TVshow....oh the other hand I can say hm...nothing....but in conclusion I can say that I liked this TVshow and I'll be missing it I liked storyline and actors were not bad...Angel is the best!!!
  • The end.

    Wow. That's the only word I can find that sums up not only this episode but this entire series. Angel could have easily become just Buffy's spinoff. It could have been Buffy 2. But it didn't. It never lived in the shadow of it's parents show. I personally prefer Buffy but only slightly. Buffy, in my opinion, is 9.99999/10. Angel is 9.99998/10. Neither shows are perfect- no show is- but you can tell a show is something special when even the bad episodes are good. See, this episode isn't only a goodbye to Angel- it's the goodbye of the entire Buffyverse. Idiotic WB. Not Fade Away wasn't epic like Chosen. It didn't have amazing special effects like Chosen. It didn't have that amazing sense of finality like Chosen did. But you know what? I like it better than Chosen. I may prefer Buffy as a show but Angel's series finale was slightly better. It went back to the original mission statement of the show and even though we never found out what happened when to our characters when the credits rolled, I still felt satisfied. It was an absolutely outstanding episode and without a shadow of a doubt in the Top 5 Buffyverse episodes.

    Our heroes had their last day here. Angel spent it with son, Connor. Of course he did. He wouldn't have spent it anywhere else. Connor is the only child he has ever had and will have. The little talk about Connor knowing Angel's his father was nice- not too dramatic but simply a good way to end their relationship. The fight at the end may have been their last interaction together but the speech is the end of their relationship. Spike's last day wasn't too interesting IMO. I felt Spike's character ended in Buffy and he simply in Angel for comedic relief, so I was glad we didn't really get an important scene for his last day. Gunn's was a callback to where he came from. Anne is a symbol of what he's been fighting for his entire life and what he believes in. It doesn't matter if you're never going to win and if the world is never going to be a good place- you still try. You never give up. Wesley spent his day with Illyria- as he said there's no perfect day for him. The one thing that truly mattered to him is gone and he spends his final day tending to her murderer. Illyria may have never acted with malice but she killed the love of Wes' life. Wesley's death scene was the saddest death in the entire show. He's the longest running character besides Angel and it was a shock that he died so quickly and easily. Vail was powerful but not the best oppenent but he didn't need to be. He did his part. Illyria reverting to Fred's form one last time was heartbreaking and also quite symbolic. Fred died in Wesley's arms and now Wesley is dying in Fred's arms. Their dialogue was so simple yet ripped through me every word. "I miss you" and "I love you" weren't exactly original but the best thing that could have been said. It was a breathtaking moment and one that you will never forget. Illyria finally shows some humanity- she cries at Wesley's death and becomes so enraged she shatters Vail's head with a single blow.

    The last scene was short but brilliant. It ended in an alley, where it all began and the last line "Let's go to work" is what the show stands for- never giving up. It's a great last line.

    NFA was an outstanding and unforgettable end to an outstanding and unforgettable show. Every second was tense and it ended the way it should have- went out fighting.


    I'm not the biggest fan of Season 5. A lot of fans see it as the best but not to me (nothing will ever surpass Season 2 for me). It was quite uneven and at times dull and took a while to find it's feet.

    The first half was compromised of good but ultimately forgettable episodes. They weren't bad (well TCTONC was awful) but weren't amazing either. They centred too much on Spike for my likings and other characters felt pushed out as a result.

    No Cordelia was the worst decision Angel ever made. She was the heart of the show and her removal was a huge mistake. Her absence was so noticeable and shook up so much of the show. I really missed her.

    However, after the first half, most episodes were outstanding. "You're Welcome" was brilliant, the return of Cordy was amazing. Fred's death saved the show and from "A Hole In The World" onwards the season was top notch. The ending was perfect and it felt like good old Angel again. The show went out fighting, the way it should have.

    Score: 8/10
    Rank: #4 of #5
  • Angel Investigations takes its final stand against Wolfram and Hart and the Senior Partners. Starring David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet, Mercedes McNab, and Alexis Denisof.

    Man, oh man, its the series finale of Angel. First of all the first scene and the cliffhanger from the last episode lead us into this one. Not only was this a fantastic episode, acting wise if was very well done, as well as the final plot, but this episode also had some fantastic character moments, including Lorne (Andy Hallet) having to kill Lyndsey (guest star Christian Kane). Another character moment is Illyria (Amy Acker), when she kills Cyvus Vail (guest star Dennis Christopher), after he kills Wes (Alexis Denisof). However, there were a couple of things that i didnt like about this episode was the turn for Harmony (Mercedes McNab), who had been doing so well, but turned evil again. Another thing i didnt like was the return of Connor (guest star Vincent Kartheiser). I was never a fan of him, and didnt want him to come back. Overall this was one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Angel and the gang begin taking down the circle of the black thorn.

    Angel and his gang prepare to take down the circle of the black thorn. Each get their own person...or thing, to destroy. And thankfully are all successful. Let me say it was sad to see weasley die, he had become so hard with all that he had been through. Especially losing Fred, his love. And I was disapointed that Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays Buffy, didnt make an appearance like she was suppose to. It would have made the storyline much more interesting. At the end of the episode all who's left in the gang meet up, and then this huge army of evil demons start coming after them. And Angel says his last line, and the shows over. It left us hanging, not knowing if Angel won or not. But all in all it was an ending to one of my favrout shows. And I really enjoyed watching it. I'm just sad to say that this show, along with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, is no longer on the air. Good Bye Angel.
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