Season 1 Episode 10

Parting Gifts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

Angel asks the Oracles to turn back time again. He points out that without Doyle he no longer has a contact to the Powers that Be. The Oracles tell him he will understand soon. For every door that closes, another door opens. Meanwhile, Cordelia is upset because she has nothing tangible to remember Doyle by. But not for long. While in the middle of an audition, she is taken off guard by a vision. She realizes that Doyle must have transferred his powers to her when he kissed her before his death.

They have a new client, an empathic demon named Barney, who is being stalked by a mysterious man on a motorcycle. Angel goes to Barney's apartment to investigate and comes face to face with the stalker. It's Wesley, Buffy's former Watcher. He was fired by the Council and is now a Rogue Demon Hunter. He and Angel quickly realize that the demon Wesley is hunting is not Barney but another demon stalking Barney. They believe it is Kungai Demon is chasing Barney to steal his empathic abilities.

Angel and Wesley track down the Kungai in Koreatown, where the demon is on his deathbed. His horn, that holds his power, has been stolen. This injury is fatal. With his final breath, he names Barney as his killer and in his own language. Barney is back at Angel's apartment with Cordelia. She tells him about Doyle and the gift that he passed on to her. Barney takes Cordelia captive and brings her to an auction, where he puts her "seer's eyes" up for sale. A representative from Wolfram & Hart is the high bidder. However, before her eyes can be extracted, Wesley and Angel show up and save her.