Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on The WB

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  • Four words: Gunn in a suit

    The gang is still trying to wrap their lobes around a very pregnant Cordy. Connor tries to simplify it saying it is their child, end of story. Our heroes know better and get into research mode PDQ. And walks Gwen. Seems she needs help retrieving a kidnapped girl and she needs someone suave and she picks Gunn! He is more than ready to get out of hotel hell and agrees. Cordy continues to manipulate Connor to her side and further away from Angel and co. She also tries to make sure the gang doesnt find out anything about her pregnancy or the beasts boss. Gunn and Gwen manage to get what they went after, only it wasnt a little girl. It was a device that can de-electrify Gwen. Gunn helps her try it on for size and they enjoy some kisses (Go Gunn!) At the hotel Lorne shows up with good news, he can get his path reading mojo back and will be able to read Cordy after he does. He goes to an abandoned building and sets up. Cordy is in the shadows, stalking him with a knife. She is just about to draw the knife when the lights come on and Angel is right behind her. The gig is up!
    She makes to run but Fred and Wes are armed. She is outnumbered until Connor bursts in and takes everyone down in one fell swoop. Cordy walks out holding hands and grinning evilly. This isnt going to be good.