Season 5 Episode 21

Power Play

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 12, 2004 on The WB

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  • Corruption's The Name of the Game

    Power Play-Drogyn arrives in L.A., badly wounded, to point the finger at his attacker. Wesley discovers a strange symbol in one of his books which turns out to be the mark for an evil, secret society. The circumstances of Fred's death come into question, and as Team Angel tries to figure out who is responsible they begin to fear that their leader has become corrupted by the power Wolfram & Hart have given him.

    Well, kiddies it's the beginning of the end and gang must prepare for the Mother of all Apocalypses. But unfornately, the leader has gone all Tony Montana and switched sides without the gang realizing it. Him and Hamilton are buddies, he doesn't care about innocent people losing their lives and his hair is too perfect!...wait, it was always too perfect! But Angel's mysterious new behavior is shocking and the rest of the gang have no choice but to stop him. What's great about "Power Play" it plays out like a penultimate episode of the series should be. The storylines are finally coming together as Drogyn returns as he was attacked by Angel's assassin no less and believes Angel was behind Fred's death/Illyria's release. You're really wondering throughout, has Angel really been corrupt afterall? And could it come at a worst possible time. Other scenes that bring up questions are how come a primordial demon god and an immortal warrior can't play a simple game on Xbox?! LOL, that scene was priceless though:

    Illyria: "I play this's pointless, and annoys me, yet I'm compelled to play on."

    It was nice seeing Illyria and Drogyn connecting but than Big Bad Hamilton burst through. But Hamilton's no match for God King Illyria....ohh wait...Wesley zapped out half her power. Jeeze, it was brutal watching blue badass get owned by brute. He even stepped on her, the bastard! Also, the Angel killing Drogyn was unexpected as well as the revelation of the Circle of the Black Thorn. So these are the ones who have connecting the Senior Partners to this realm. Hard to believe the blonde senator is the scariest member though, maybe it's because she's the Buffyverse's version of Hilary Clinton. Hey, I love her by the way. The episode ends with one of the strongest moments of the series. Angel reveals it was just an act all this time and waht his been doing these things to join the Black Thorn so he can destory them. The dialogue is great as Angel asks his friends to join him for one final fight and as each person raises there hand just as Hamilton watches a fake glamor through Angel's office window, we know the big finish is here. "Power Play" is a fantastic episode that leads into Angel's unforgettable farwell perfectly!