Season 5 Episode 21

Power Play

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 12, 2004 on The WB

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  • The beginning of the end.

    Power Play is an excellent episode that was shocking and sets up the next episode nicely. It isn't amazing or the best episode this season but was still brilliant.

    This episode really only serves the purpose of setting the finale. It shows Angel seemingly turning evil and how the rest of the gang cope with this. The teaser set up the episode well and I liked that the episode is 19 hours earlier, building up to the events of the teaser. It was about the journey this episode rather than the destination and worked very well.

    I was quite worried that Angel was seemingly going bad. While I didn't fully believe it, I was sort of wondering. We've seen this sort of attitude lots of times before in S2 when he reverted to Dark Angel and it seemed as though history was repeating itself. The making us believe he killed Fred was shocking and really made me begin to hate him but the end speech thankfully took away that concern. The last scenes all played homage to our three dead regulars- Doyle by playing his musical score from "Hero", a flashback to Cordy and the whole Fred thing. It was nice to remember them all as we get so near the end of the series and made me reflect on them and what they brought to the show. Looking back on Season 1 is weird, as we've come so far since then and it's almost like a different show. This episode and the next really brought the original mission statement back.

    Seeing Illyria get smashed about by Hamilton was shocking to say the least. In every fight she's in, Illyria usually throws one or two punches and she's won, whereas here she actually bleeds here! Poor old Lyrie. Power Play is an excellent episode that sets up Not Fade Away and reminds us where the series started and how far it has come. It is pivotal and really can't be missed.
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