Season 5 Episode 21

Power Play

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 12, 2004 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Angel: This isn't a keep fighting the good fight kind of deal. Let's be clear on this. I'm talking about killing every ... single ... member ... of the Black Thorn. We don't walk away from that.
      Lorne: Do we crawl away at least?
      Angel: We do this, the senior partners will rain their full wrath. They'll make an example of us. I'm talkin' full-on hell, not the basic fire-and-brimstone kind that we're used to.
      Gunn: We know the drill.
      Angel: No, you don't. Ten to one, we're gone when the smoke clears. They will do everything in their power to destroy us. So ... I need you to be sure. Power endures. We can't bring down the senior partners, but for one bright, shining moment we can show them that they don't own us. You need to decide for yourselves, if that's worth dying for. I can't order you to do this. But I can't do it without you. So ... we'll vote as a team. Think about what I'm asking you to do. Think about what I'm asking you to give.
      Spike: Kill 'em all, right? Burn the house down, while we're still in it.
      Angel: Something like that.

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