Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2002 on The WB
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Unprepared for the flood of business brought in by advertising, the Angel Investigations crew splits up to cover more ground -- and ends up being spread too thin for its own good. Fred is offered big bucks to solve a demonic puzzle; Angel takes a job from a high-paying businessman; and Gunn and Wesley protect a woman whose zombie ex-boyfriend is stalking her.moreless

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  • Heroes for hire


    The Good;

    Some great comedy and some excellent action, great payoff in the end (literally)

    The Bad;

    Not bad, just lightweight. Don't like the way they can't just come out and say 'gay lover' for Sam Ryan's friend. Wes and Gunn seem to take an awful lot of trouble defeating Brian.

    Best line:

    Justine (about the ice-pick through her hand) "Feeling something is better than feeling nothing" That girl has some SERIOUS damage deep inside and I'm not talking tissue.

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    See above

    Apocalypses: 5

    Angel Cliches

    Inverting the Hollywood cliche; the hero who is out for money

    In disguise; 8

    DB get's his shirt off; 12

    Cordy's tatt; 10

    Cheap Angel; the whole thing 8. Ironically CC who'd always been so mercenary now doesn't care about the money. Although she thinks that $50,000 is way up there on the list of cool things in the world.

    Fang Gang in bondage: Lorne and Fred tied up

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 11

    Wes: 6

    Gunn; 3

    Lorne; 3

    Fred; 1

    Fang gang knocked out: Lorne

    Cordy: 11

    Angel: 14

    Wes: 5

    Doyle; 1

    Gunn; 1

    Lorne; 3

    Kills: Angel kills 7 vamps whilst Gunn and Wes take a demon each

    Cordy: 5 vamps, 3 demons

    Angel; 39 vamps, 52 and 1/2 demons, 7 humans

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 11 demons+3 vamps, 2 humans

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 16 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.

    Gunn; 8 vamps+ 8 demons.

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 2

    Gunn; 1

    Wes; 1

    Alternate Fang Gang:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 8

    Characters killed:


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations:

    5, Angel, Cordy, Wes, Gunn and Fred

    Angel Investigations shot:

    Angel: 11

    Wes; 1

    Packing heat;

    Wes; 5

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 1

    Gunn; 1

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 3 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast+Phantom Dennis

    Angel: 5; Buffy, Darla and The Transcending Furies

    Wes; 2; Virginia and the bleached blonde

    Kinky dinky:

    Allie misses the sex from her dead boyfriend and seems to be open to necrophilia. In a dark scene in an otherwise lightweight ep Justine and Holtz play some serious S&M games. Tying your hair in pigtails and having your boyfriend play the stern headmaster is one thing, sticking icepicks through the hand and consenting not to take it out as a trust exercise quite another! Brian seems to think that Allie is dating both Gunn and Wes at the same time. Fred thinks they want her to marry the Prince

    Captain Subtext;

    The Wes/Gunn/Fred love triangle becomes apparent. Obvious gay subtext between Sam Ryan and his 'friend'. He also notices that Angel is quaffed. Lorne says he never knew the demons intimately. CC and Angel lying on the bed with Connor together at the end, a perfect little family.

    Know the face, different character; 3

    Parking garages;


    Buffy characters on Angel; 16

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru, The Master, Anne, Willow and Harmony

    Questions and observations;

    Obvious Monty Python gag. Angel comments that 'We may have to incorporate' which is what they do in season 5. Eric Bruskotter who plays Brian was in one of my favourite shows Tour of Duty, you can also see him in Starship Troopers, Hamburger Hill and Crimson Tide. Jeffery Dean Morgan as well as appearing in Supernatural and Watchmen was in my favourite erotic thriller ever, Undercover Heat (which I'm sure he's taken off his CV). He's also another Buffy/Angel alumni who turns up in Eliza Dushku's series Tru Calling in the gambling ep.

    Angel's arrival is very Batman.

    Marks out of 10; 7/10, fun comedy ep

  • Provider

    Provider was a really good episode of Angel. It was very entertaining and had some good points for the gang and Angel to consider. There was definitely some character growth in this episode. I think this episode had a good story and lesson not to spread yourself so thin you can't take care of yourself or your family. There was a lot of action, suspense, mystery, and the supernatural. I enjoyed watching this episode and it really did a great job of story telling and Fred is really starting to shine. I enjoy watching Gunn and Wes competing for her, and Angel and Cordy growing closer together. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!moreless
  • So dull!

    Is anyone interested in anything that happens in this episode? Are we really scared that Fred is in danger? Everyone's acting out of character. It seems like this episode was a bunch of stories they couldn't work into full episodes. Feels like it was thrown together in about five minutes.

    They couldn't even come up with a good premise to suddenly have so many customers. Why don't they continue to have such a flood of customers? Did they take their "web site" down? Why not just have the millionaire show up and hand them some money if you need to explain how they stay afloat? Lame.moreless
  • Angel gets greedy.

    Provider is a so-so episode that's ultimately pointless but has a few good scenes that keep it from being bad. It feels somewhat chucked in and the plots were same old.

    None of the three main storylines here particularly interested me. The worst was probably Angel at the vampire's nest. It was just completely uninteresting and I really could have done without it. The Gunn/Wesley scenes with the zombie boyfriend were marginally better but still nothing great. The best was probably Fred and Lorne at the demon base which was pretty entertaining, though they also were pointless. Cordelia basically assumed the role of babysitter here and wasn't particularly necessary here- a shame considering her character was really excellent last week and this week was reduced to talking in a baby voice and trying to float. I loved the nice little family moments between her, Angel and Connor though and they really did feel like a mother and father. The end scene was just adorable and I don't usually like all that sappy stuff but this was great and made me think "awww". I really like the Cangel arc and am extremely annoyed they brought Groosalugg back just to prolong it until the end of the season.

    The Holtz and Justine scenes were completely and utterly pointless and felt tacked on to the episode. Why, in this completely random filler, did the writers decide that putting in a snippet of the main arc? It just jarred with the rest of the episode. In fact, this scene was pointless any way you look at it, it just really reinforced Justine's commitment to Holtz. They should have used it in Couplet, if anywhere. Thank God we didn't have to put up with Sahjhan though as then this episode would have annoyed me much more having to watch Jack Conley try to look remotely scary. Also some nice Fred love interest moments and it's obvious they're setting her up for a big romance with either Wesley or Gunn with Wesley seeming the obvious choice. However, I actually prefer Fred with Gunn. I can just picture the Fresley supporters choking with indignation right now :P Nah I liked Fred and Wes too but ONLY in S5- their scenes in S4 aggravated me no end.

    At least the demons all looked pretty convincing and we didn't have to put up with looking at an actor in bad makeup all episode. The demons were all pretty convincing looking and their speech was funny.

    Provider is a good, if ultimately skippable episode that doesn't see much running in the DVD player. You should watch it but if you really don't want to, don't worry- you're not missing much.moreless
  • More like Avoider

    Provider-Unprepared for the flood of business brought in by advertising, the Angel Investigations crew splits up to cover more ground -- and ends up being spread too thin for its own good. Fred is offered big bucks to solve a demonic puzzle; Angel takes a job from a high-paying businessman; and Gunn and Wesley protect a woman whose zombie ex-boyfriend is stalking her.

    A complete dull episode that just drags on doesn't interest at all. The episode is split into 3 or 4 storylines but neither are remotely interesing. We see Angel being greedy through most of the episode and fight some demons, Cordy pretty much babysits Connor, while Wes and Gunn fight off some girl's zombie boyfriend and Fred almost gets her head cut she wouldn't get saved really. The only funny parts are Lorne communicating with those rich demons with their click clacking language and the Wesley and Gunn accidently knocking off the head of that demon. But everything else was just blah! Also, the Holtz and Justine scenes continue to bore me. All and All, so far the worst episode of this season that doesn't absolutely nothing interesing.moreless
Sunny Mabrey

Sunny Mabrey


Guest Star

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Sam Ryan

Guest Star

Alan Henry Brown

Alan Henry Brown

Lead Nahdrah

Guest Star

Andy Hallett

Andy Hallett


Recurring Role

Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman


Recurring Role

Keith Szarabajka

Keith Szarabajka


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Cordelia comes to rescue Fred from getting her head chopped off she comes with baby Connor in her hands. In this scene you can see Connor's head. But in the next scene with Cordy and the baby, Connor's head is covered with his blanket.

    • After Fred completes the puzzle the Nahdrahs drag her to their leader in an adjacent room, but in the previous scene, when Lorne is snooping, the room was upstairs.

    • When the Nahdrahs are first about to cut Fred's head off, they make sure that her pigtails are not going to be harmed by the blade. The second time, they are less thoughtful.

    • Angel says that he has to pay for three phone lines, but in the beginning of the episode Cordelia asks Angel to cover lines three and four.

    • When Gunn hits Brian with a wooden stake at the front door, you can see the (rubber prop) stake bend considerably.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Angel: (to baby Connor) How's my little magna cum laude, Notre Dame, class of 2020?

    • Fred: There's a young woman whose dead boyfriend is stalking her.
      Angel: That's terrible. Did you...
      Cordy: I ran her credit. She's solvent.
      Angel: Nice.

    • Lorne: They either have to consult with the prince or go eat a cheese monkey. Did -- did I mention rusty with the lingo?

    • Wes: Adorable.
      Gunn: So sweet.
      Wes: I meant the baby.
      Gunn: I meant the hot mama.

    • Lorne: Hey, is my breath stinky?
      Angel: Yes.

    • Angel: Finding Holtz is our number one priority.
      Gunn: I thought you said...
      Angel: Finding Holtz and making money are our..
      (Cordelia clears throat loudly)
      Angel: Finding Holtz, making money, and helping the helpless are our three number one priorities.

    • Angel: (Angel's phone rings) Hello? Hello? (Still rings) Hello?!
      Guy: I think that's your voicemail.
      Angel: Damn it!

    • Cordelia: (about Fred) We kind of need her head at work.
      Fred: Firmly attached to her body!
      Cordelia: I think that goes without saying. (to Lorne) Say it!
      Lorne: (Click, pop, click) I told them to do it, and what would happen if they didn't.
      Cordelia: Lorne, we are in no position to be threatening these nice people!
      Lorne: Sure we are! Where are Angel, Wes, and Gunn? I can't see them from here.
      Cordelia: Out making money!
      Lorne: Oh, so when I said that they were surrounded by killer warriors, I was streching the truth a little?
      Cordelia: Just enough to get us all killed!

    • Wesley: The internet article I'm currently writing posits a formula for the genome mapping of creatures who don't have genes. It's an exciting arena.
      Lorne: One I'm sure we can all download at I'

    • Fred: I think I'm onto something here.
      Lorne: Yeah, me too. Unfortunately it requires a vomitorium.

    • Lorne: Uh, if this is about the baby formula I snagged from the fridge last night, sorry. I was feeling a little peckish and it was that or a glass of pig's blood. And by the way, baby formula and Kahlua--not as bad as it sounds.

    • Angel: You been drinking?
      Lorne: Oh, I can hold my liquor, Mister. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my fire water.
      Fred: Aren't they the same thing?
      Lorne: Well hey, Fred girl! No, this is special fire water, used to loosen the tongue of my Garwok snitch. They light the water on fire and there's chanting and a bong and... look out Houston!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Cordy: Lorne, it's all snap, crackle, pop to me.
      This is a reference to the popular Rice Crispies characters by the same name.

    • Fred: If you can keep your head when those about you are losing theirs guess you're pretty lucky. I could kiss you both.

      Fred's line alludes to the first line of the poem If... by Rudyard Kipling
      "If you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you".
      Arguably Kipling's most famous poem If... is considered inspirational and motivational and a guide to the rules of grown-up life.

    • Lorne: . . . Jules Verne meets Leona Helmsley.

      Lorne's comment about the decor of the Nahdrah's ship references author Jules Verne (1828-1905) and billionaire Leona Helmsley (1920- ). Verne wrote several novels that relied upon then-undiscovered modes of travel (e.g. space, air, underwater) most famously in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which is undoubtedly what Lorne is referring too. Helmsley married a real estate tycoon and became a symbol for lavishness and excess; she was later convicted of tax evasion and spent 18 months in prison. Her poor treatment of her employees earned her the title "The Queen of Mean."