Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Angel and Gunn returning to the office. Angel is delirious. Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn finally determine that Drusilla has bitten Darla to turn her back into a vampire. Angel decides he must find Darla before she rises as a vampire.

Angel decides to go to Lindsey's home to find out where Drusilla and Darla are, but he has moved. From talking to the landlord, Angel determines that Drusilla is with Lindsey, and she is looking for a "nursery" and someplace where she can see the stars.

Lindsey and Drusilla are with Darla's body. Holland and Lilah show up and talk about how they are there to help. Everyone has preparations to make, but Lindsey wants to stay with Drusilla and Darla. Holland makes him leave.

Angel and the gang figure out that Drusilla is at a rooftop nursery owned by Wolfram & Hart. Angel goes there alone. He uncovers Darla's body and starts to stake her but is stopped by Drusilla. Darla wakes up while they are fighting. All three of them fight against each other on the roof, even Darla and Drusilla. Darla ends up jumping off of the side and disappearing.

Angel goes back to the office and tells the group to gear up because they are going to Wolfram & Hart. Cordelia and Wesley argue but end up going.

Holland talks to Lindsey in his office and encourages him to form healthy attachments outside the office and invites him to the wine-tasting party. Drusilla is there with Lindsey. Darla shows up at the door and tosses Lindsey aside. She grabs Drusilla and runs off.

In the car on the way, Cordelia has a vision. The gang finally convinces a reluctant Angel to turn around and head towards the person needing help.

Drusilla and Darla fight in the street for a while. Darla asks Drusilla why she turned her into a vampire and Drusilla tells her that she thought that is what she wanted. Darla softens. An angry motorist yells at them for blocking traffic and Darla kills him.

Meanwhile, the gang saves some guy from killing himself for some demon. Angel does it really rough and quick and leaves the rest of them behind while he goes back to Wolfram & Hart.

Drusilla and Darla go shopping. Holland calls them and encourages them to change their killing "spree" to a massacre. Darla viciously kills a retail girl by snapping her neck.

Angel breaks into Wolfram & Hart office with Lindsey and Holland. Holland tells Angel that he is the real project. Darla is merely a tool. Angel threatens to kill Holland but Holland says he won't because he is human and Angel cares too much about life, unlike himself. The police escort Angel out and into a car with Kate. Kate gives Angel a tip on where the vampire girls might be and lets him go.

At the wine testing at Holland's house, Holland praises Lindsey and Lilah for their great work. Darla and Drusilla show up unexpectedly. They tell Holland they are there at his suggestion for a massacre.

Meanwhile, Angel finds a customer at the retail store hiding in a changing room. From talking to her he figures out where Drusilla and Darla are.

Darla and Drusilla tease and taunt the lawyers. Angel shows up and apologizes to Darla for what has happened to her. She says she's not sorry. Holland and Lilah beg Angel to help them, but he decides to leave them to Drusilla and Darla. Angel walks out and locks the doors behind him. Screams and biting can be heard as he walks away.

Angel tells the gang what he has done and doesn't seem sorry about it. They say that what he did was wrong and he needs to change his way of doing things. Wesley says that they are the only things keeping Angel from true darkness. Angel agrees and then tells the three of them they are fired.