Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Girls just want to have fun!

    Darla and Dru are ready to rumble. Dru is one lunatic vampire and lots of fun to watch. Heck their all fun to watch when their bad, but Dru takes the prize for crazy.
    Angel & Team are on the hunt to stop them before the girls ramp up the rampage. The friction that has been building as Angel sets his own priorities goes into high gear as Angel proceeds with single minded pursuit against Darla and Dru.

    Holland Manners from W&H confirms to Angel that he is the special project that is behind all the steps they've taken to bring Darla and Dru back...seems mostly it has to do with keeping him occupied and I would imagine tortured, disillusioned and in conflict with the rest of Angel Investigations.

    Kate's back briefly, releasing Angel from custody to stop Darla & Dru's massacre. Still not sure why they keep bringing her back. I like her, but they need to do something more significant with her as a story line.

    Darla & Dru crash a W&H party for a private massacre. Angel shows up, but upon realizing D&Ds intent, just can't bring himself to intervene on W&H behalf. He locks them all in from the outside. Angel tells Wes, Gunn & Cordy what he did and they are shocked and tell him he was wrong. They tell him he must change. He agrees and fires them all.
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