Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Excuse Me While My Jaw Drops!

    Reunion-Drusilla has turned Darla back into a vampire, and Angel must catch them before she rises again and the two go back to their old ways. As he becomes more and more frantic, Angel begins to go off the deep end, and his staff worries that they are the only thing standing between Angel and real darkness.

    One of the darkest and best episodes of Angel's short lived 5 year run! Nothing can express how truly awesome this hour of television was. First off, Darla and Drusilla make an awesome gruesome twosome as they reck havok in the streets of L.A. Juilett Landau continues to prefect the art of insanity as the psychopathtic Drusilla and as much as it was sad to see Darla die, Darla as a vampire is just too much fun and Julie excels back into her villian roots. The whole cast is solid throughout this hour, with Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn trying to stop Angel from being so consumed with stopping Darla and Drusilla. Also, Sam Anderson continues to impress as Holland Manners and I should give him more credit. Kate returns and does the most logical thing since her existence and help Angel for once. The episode is also filled with stunning fight scenes like the 3-way fight between Drusilla, Darla and Angel on the garden roof and brutally distrubing scene like Darla and Drusilla killing the women of the clothing store. But best part is the unforgettable and astonishing ending where Angel just turns his back and leaves all the Wolfarm and Hart lawyers to be killed by Dru and Darla! It's one of the most shocking moments I've ever witnessed on TV show (expect for The Body on Buffy, but anyway) and you can't believe Angel would have so much hate in him to do such an act. Then to top it all off, he fires Wesley, Cordy and Gunn! All and All, a classic and powerful episode from start to finish with great acting, great setting, and the most shocking moments ever!
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