Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Darla rises from the dead and together her and Dru set out to wreak havoc in the City of Angels.

    Reunion is my absolute favourite episode of Angel. The first time I watched this episode, I was literally in awe. It made me feel so many things and they packed so much into 42 minutes. This episode will blow your mind. Darla is without a doubt my favourite character in any TV show ever. There are so many layers to her- this is what I love about this show. It's about demons and vampires and yet the characters are more realistic than most on TV. There are no stereotypical characters- each character is built as a basic type- funny, serious, evil, street and then so much is built around them that they're unique. Reunion is an episode of pure excellence- I've watched it over and over and it never gets boring. There are so many pivotal and memorable scenes from this episode- Darla waking up as a vampire, attacking Drusilla in the streets, the entire scene with the lawyers in the wine cellar. The stakes were so high- everything was so tense and each scene left you wanting more, so much so, that I was dreading the end because it'd be over. In my first watch, I tried to prolong Angel by watching a certain number a week. This was the first time I lost control- after this ended I simply HAD to see Redefinition. Reunion is a beautiful episode- the episode that solidified my love for this show.

    Darla is a character that changes so much- from seductress to mentally unstable to dying to being one of the most evil character's in this show- and all of this happened realistically. She is probably one of the most unique characters of the Buffyverse- no other character was even close to like her and she's pure TV gold and a joy to watch. A classic example is that when she woke up as a vampire, she didn't automatically run and feed like most vampires- she attacked her sire. Her human self had not fully left the building- she had chosen to die naturally and Drusilla had stolen that from her. The scene in the streets where she beats Drusilla up and asks "Why?" did she do this to her is such a memorable scene- it shows that she is not the same vampire she once was. When she finally does feed, she is back to classic Darla and here they could had her go after Angel to kill him- but what did she do? She slaughtered the W&H lawyers in the wine cellar for punishment of how they treated her when she was human. Darla is a character that I am very drawn to- Julie Benz just plays her to perfection, never hitting a flat note, always stealing the show.

    Drusilla was a much welcomed addition to this episode- she brings a new presence to the show. We know from BtVS exactly what Drusilla is like- evil and insane yet possessing a childlike quality. She is unique also and her and Darla were the best team Angel has ever seen. This episode was excellent without her but she added so much to it- terror and yet humour at the same time- she is very funny. Juliet Landau is always brilliant as her and her and Julie play off each other well- they have great chemistry.

    The main cast were not to be outdone however. David Boreanaz puts in an amazing performance. This is the episode where Angel went into his darkest place (outside Angelus) and David played him very realistically- we can see his decent into darkness very clearly and it's hard to watch him so much in the course of this episode. Charisma, Alexis and J. were great as well- they weren't a huge focus in the episode but they were needed definitely. I felt Charisma shone in the last scene particularly- her performance was heartfelt and real and we could see Cordelia desperate to stop her closest friend fall into this darkness.

    The W&H team (Lilah, Lindsey and Holland) were also excellent in this episode- I thought Christian Kane put in a better performance than usual. Lilah was fantastic to have back- her and Lindsey's relationship is interesing and it was great to see her return after 6 episodes. Holland was also very good here- suitably evil and it was with an amount of satisfaction that I watched Darla kill him with- he had played his part I think and it was time for him to go.

    Reunion is pure gold. It changed the series and was a defining moment of the Darla arc. I wish there was a score higher than 10- Reunion would have deserved it.