Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Angel crashes through the window of Wolfram & Hart, we see no indication that this created any kind of pressure differential. All large buildings are pressurized; there should have been a very strong breeze throughout the entire scene in Lindsey's office. In addition to things blowing about, the doors to his office should have been quite difficult to open, and would have slammed shut almost immediately after being released.

    • During the monologue Angel gives, after Cordelia calls him General Custer there is a shot of Gunn where you see Cordelia screen left talking, but there is no sound.

    • Darla's vampire face is different than the one she had in Buffy the Vampire Slayer before Angel killed her. It seems logical that the face should be the same since she is the same person. Likely this was simply due to the fact that there was a different effects crew on Angel.

    • After Kate takes Angel's handcuffs off in the cop car, he opens the door and walks away. Real cop cars have a child lock so people in the backseat cannot leave under their own steam. The cop has to open the door for them from the outside.

    • When Angel pulls the sheet off Darla's face, her eyelids flutter, and a pulse is visible in her throat. Also, when Drusilla and Angel begin to fight, the sheet is back over Darla's face.

    • When Angel spins his car around after Cordelia has a vision, you can see that Cordelia is a mannequin and the rest are stuntmen.

    • Given that most "newborn" vampires we've seen rise after being buried, it's a safe bet that the process usually takes more than 24 hours. While it's possible that it varies from victim to victim, there's no way Angel could have known for a fact that Darla would rise before sunrise the next day.

    • When Darla first sits up after awakening, her hair is disheveled and dirty, and her dress is covered in dirt. When she attacks Angel moments later, it looks like she took a little time to straighten herself up after rising - her hair is mostly straightened, with no dirt in it, and her dress looks as though it's been thoroughly brushed off, leaving only a few small stains.

    • Aren't newly sired vampires supposed to be pretty weak before their first feed? How did Darla hold Angel by the throat and lift him off the ground right after she rose?

    • When Angel spins his car around after Cordy's vision, you can see the skidmarks from previous unused takes.

    • A common movie/TV shooting practice causes one goof: the convertible has no rear view mirror. Typically directors remove it because it interferes with shooting people in the front seat.

    • When Angel is sprawled on the couch, the position of his hand varies from shot to shot: at one angle it's in a fist and on the arm, in another it's spread out and hanging over the edge, and then back again.

  • Quotes

    • Darla: All I'm sensing right now is big, stinky fear. (walks toward Lindsey) But not from you. Do you know what I'm getting from you, Lindsey? Nothing. Why aren't you afraid?
      Lindsey: I don't know.
      Darla: You could die here. Chances are you will.
      Lindsey: Yeah.
      Darla: And you don't care?
      Lindsey: I care. I guess I just don't mind.

    • Drusilla: I saw you coming, my lovely. The moon showed me. It told me to come into the 20th century.
      Angel: It's the 21st century, Dru.
      Drusilla: Hmm... I'm still lagging.

    • Wesley: Angel, are you certain about this? A burial isn't necessary for a newly made vampire.
      Angel: It would be for Drusilla. She's a classicist.
      Cordelia: She's a loony.
      Angel: Forget mausoleums. Stick with cemeteries, something with a view of the night sky.
      Cordelia: So, just outside cemeteries, then?

    • Drusilla: You have beautiful skin.
      Lilah: I moisturize.
      Drusilla: That was very thoughtful of you.

    • Drusilla: Oh. I'm ringing. - Do you hear it? I'm ringing - all - over! (Darla grabs the phone) Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

    • Lindsey: Can she hear you?
      Drusilla: She's dead.

    • Angel: We've got to find Darla.
      (Angel looks in cabinet)
      Gunn: She probably ain't in there.

    • Lilah: For God's sake help us.
      Holland: Angel, please. People are going to die.
      Angel: And yet, somehow, I just can't seem to care. (Angel closes the wine cellar doors.)
      Drusilla: ...Daddy.

    • Drusilla: It's not daddy. It's never daddy. Sss! It's the Angel-beast.
      Darla: Come to punish us?
      Drusilla: Yeah. Yeah. Spank us till Tuesday. Rrr! We promise to be bad if you do.

    • Angel: I can crush the life out of you before they lift a finger.
      Holland: I'm sure you can, just as sure as I am that you won't.
      Angel: Won't I?
      Holland: You don't kill humans.
      Angel: You don't qualify.

    • Wesley: And you - just walked away?
      Angel: No, I walked to my car and then I drove away.

    • Wesley: The three of us are the only things standing between you and real darkness.
      Gunn: You best believe that, man.
      Angel: I do... you're all fired.

    • Wesley: (Darla's) dead already, and come nightfall she will rise again.
      Angel: (pulling out a stake) No she won't, I can save her from that.

    • Darla: Dru, honey, in our new digs, we have to put in a people cellar.

    • Angel: You set things in motion, play your little games up here in your glass and chrome tower, and people die, innocent people.
      Holland: And yet, I just can't seem to care.

    • Angel: I'd be careful who you offer your hand to, Mr. Manners. You might just lose it. Isn't that right, Lindsey?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Gunn: You had me at "Everyone Gear Up."
      In Cameron Crowe's 1996 film, Jerry Maguire, the title character (played by Tom Cruise), attempts to reunite with his estranged wife at the end and upon finding her, launches into a weepy speech about how sorry he is and how much he loves her, before she even has a chance to talk. When he's finished, she responds with "You had me at 'Hello,'" a line which has since become a bit of pop culture, and even inspired a country song.

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