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  • Cordy or ***?

    I liked the show, except when the writers decided to make Cordelia into a stupid *** the 4th season. Wtf
  • One of the best shows I've ever watched

    I just finished watching the series and I loved it. It was amazing, funny, dark, unpredictable, and at times very emotional. I like to watch buffy and he a handsome man think to netflix
  • One of the best shows I've ever watched

    "Angel" is honestly one of the greatest shows to ever. When I first watched the show, I felt entertained because thanks to this show, I'm planning to become a tv/film writer, director and producer. Also, I really didn't know that this was the spin-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I love this show so much and I couldn't be anymore happier than watch a vampire with a human soul fighting evil. You rock Joss Whedon.
  • Another Masterpiece by Joss Whedon! An Unforgettabe Vampire Story.

    As I huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I heard that Angel had his own show I was immediately interested but I had strong doubts. I mean Buffy is the most Awesometacular, Majestic, Crowd Pleasing, Theraputic, Badass, hip, classy, Romantic, Poetic, Powerfully moving shows in the Entire universe and their is no way that Angel can compare right? Wrong! Angel is a mesmorizing, engrossing and dark tale that is every bit as deep and as charming as Buffy. Angel is an incredibly complex character and one of the most enduring and sympathetic heroes ever created. What makes him interesting is that fact tha he is looking for redemption after being cursed with a Soul. He was an evil Demon like all Vampires until he killed a Gypsy girl and her people sought revenge. His human Soul is what makes him suffer but its also what makes him so noble. Throughout the series Angel is tested and beaten down. His hope is taken away from him but he always finds a way to win it back. The main Antagonist of the series is the evil lawfirm known as Wolfram and Heart. It literally buys and controls all of the evil in the world. Angel and his Friends fight in Los Angelos to inspire others. He is accompained by Cordelia Chase, Wesley Windum Price, Charles Gunn, Doyle, Fred Burkle and Lorne. All of these colorful characters are fascinating to watch on screen and they are given so much charm and life that it is difficult not to fall in love with them! I love Angel Close relationship with his friends in this show. Its whats seperates him from his character on Buffy. I particularly love the close bond that he forms with Cordelia and how much her character grows as a result. She is a much deeper and more heroic character than she was on Buffy yet she is still her awesome bitchy self. There are so many twists and turns on this show that are amazing and keep the audience hooked. I couldn't stop watching this show. The Romance is brilliantly handled and so is the comedy. Joss Whedon seems to know exactly how much add before it becomes overbearing or tiresome. I love the film Nior style of the Show as well as the Iconic and spell binding opening violin theme. David Boreanaz as Angel win you over from the moment that he is introduced. This show has amazing effects, action, and set pieces as well. Darla and her relationsip with Angel is one of the series highlights and the storyline is Sensational! Spike is my favorite character in this series and I am glad he gets to be a main character in the last season. His Rivarly with Angel is one of the most entertaining parts of the show. Angel is a Gem of a television show that I will cherish for the rest of my life! It's magnificent!
  • I'll miss it.

    I just finished watching the series and I loved it. It was amazing, funny, dark, unpredictable, and at times very emotional. The characters become so likeable, with condemnable qualities, but you love them anyway because you've seen their best and worst. For example, Cordelia wasn't a crowd favorite in S1 but as the seasons went on, she was one of my favorite characters. Wesley is the most developed, in my opinion. He goes from this clumsy, whimsical knowledge-driven self-proclaimed "demon hunter" to a headstrong, knowledgeable stand-up guy. Though around S3-S4 the plot at times seems convoluted and crazy, S5 is monumental, bringing back memorable characters and ending in a way that makes Angel what it is.
  • Hiiiii

    I loved Buffy and I miss all those characters and I definitely miss the old days when they would be in their Sunnyvale high school library. When I finished that last episode with so many lives lost (including Spike) who was such a great character. I decided to watch angel which was a similar show and it was nice to see some familiar faces. I loved Angel, Doyle and Cordy together and I was Soo upset when Doyle died!! I gues the actor got in to drugs and died or Then they added more characters and it got better with but then later there was so much drama and love triangles it was hard to watch. And all the stuff with his son Connor... then Cordelia possed and PREGNANT AGAIN and everything sooo messed up!!! On that episode "Your Welcome" where Cordelia "woke up" from her coma and watch the old video of Doyle it made me remember him and get all sad then I find out Cordelia's ACTUALLY DEAD and I just gave up. NO MORE..... The only reason I will probably keep watching is a great character....
  • Angel best show ever

    This is one of my favorite show everyone says buffy was way better i got to the last season of buffy and stopped watching its horrible. buffy stops being good after Angle leaves.
  • The only reason to watch this was Spike.

    I liked the show at the time, but basically if Spike had not joined the cast i would have stopped watching it. I loved Fred, and didn't care for Illyria very much. And I absolutely HATED Chordelia. I still don't think a more annoying character has ever existed. She was on a par with the Slayer Potentials for miserable characters. Wow. its been so long since i have thought about this show. David Boreanaz looks great now, and he looked great in Buffy, but he looked his worst in Angel. He gained quite a bit of weight. I remember the episode where he fought Lesley, and Lesley had his shirt off, but Angel certainly didn't, and a belly was very visible.
  • Buffy is better

    So I love Buffy so I finally decided to watch this show on Netflix like 3 days ago and I wasn't happy. I only watched up to like episode 9 season 1. First off, I don't like how they're like private investigators and they charge people for saving! That's stupid. 2nd the killed off Doyle! He was a main character, i shed a little tear when he died lol. He was the only one saving the show cause he was so funny. But to be honest, I was a little biased before watching the show in the 1st place because I love Buffy so much so I guess I just wanted it to be like Buffy w/ all the same characters... maybe I'll give it another chance
  • no remake

    there prob wont b a remake. its too late. and even if they do, david boreanez ((angel)) wont b in it. I wish more than n e body it would happen but buffy wont ever b apart of angel again. Joss whedon said he didnt want the end of angel to b all about buffy. plus, i get y he said that. the buffy angel moments are awkward and they alway make me cringe. dont get me wrong, at times, buffy and angel hav deep powerful moments. god knows sarah michelle gellar's talent is drama and deep depression. And david is so big and dreamy LUV HIM SOO SOO MUCH. i just dont hav n e hope for a remake srry. buffy and angel are over R.I.P. i dont even think they would bring buffy alone bak.
  • buffy

    im waiting for the remake of buffy to come out

  • Buffy was better but still worth a watch if free

    Another series I sat through due to relationship association. Like Buffy it was fun enough to watch but I wouldn't have watched otherwise. Well alone start to finish. And to be honest, years later, I have next to little recollection of the show. But I saw the side bar with this posted so I figured I would give my two cents.
  • A Hero in Disguise

    Angel was always known as the hottie partnered with Buffy. I like the character he plays because he plays it well. It's not easy to be a vampire and a civilian. He proves that. However, he has a team to stand beside him that also plays their roles well. He is more than an entrepeneur, he's a peace maker. The episodes writers know their stuff. The graphics were the best for the late 90's. Always an action packed episode. Go Angel!
  • <3 Angel

    Wow you guys! I remember this show! I have all the seasons b/c the were on sale. I kinda think the last season was the best, and the one w Darla/conner.

    I'm kinda sad by the fact that David has an affair w his wife in real life tho! And I wish Buffy couldda made a cameo for the last episode at least. But I understand where SMG was coming from where she wanted it to be about the show & not her. I hated Spike in buffy, but he was supper funny in Angel! I still think Buffy& Angel 4ever, but now I don't hate spike. He tries.
  • ANGEL!!!!

    This show is a classic to me after he left buffy the vampire, pretty much its a branch off of buffy the vampire. We got to see more of angel and it never felt disappointed. I love most of all the investigations and the the some of buffy's old team joined angel. I loved the beginning, middle and end of this show and it's a great journey to go through. It has a lot of butt kicking action and keep u at the edge of your seat. Comparing this to Bones is totally different in so many ways its in a different category, their both good in there own right. I see as an actor he's matured a lot when playing on Bones it shows. I thought Angel ended to quickly for only 6 seasons I think they made a great mistake. But, hey maybe we wouldn't have BONES!!! :D
  • Better than "Bones"

    The show centers upon a dark hero driven by his shame - an unforgiving guilt inflamed by an overwrought sense of empathy for the all the sins he committed. This drive pushes the hero to violently prevent victimization almost as if it would redeem him from his past. At times the writing would go into directions that seemed to indicate that almost anything could happen...the fantasy suffered from having almost no bounds and needed a bit more structure. Still, an entertaining show that is missed after all these years.
  • Absurd premise that works to perfection


    Fascinating/charming/brilliant and yetlovableensemble cast; quirkyvillainsand guest characters with terrific back stories and makeup work.

    The writers have done a fabulous job making us care about a group of bizarre do-gooders who join together to fight "evil" in so many strange forms.

    The show manages to have a whimsical often hilarious and wacky humor, yet be extremely touching, allowing us to fall in love with each of the very different characters as they travel through remarkably original story arch's.

  • The best TV series that has ever been on, only criticism is that it only went for 5 seasons. Better than Buffy!


    I rewatch the entire series every 12 months or so, and absolutely love the way the characters develop and change. One of the best combinations of action and comedy, with a killer storyline for each season and the overall show. Such a shame that it ended after only 5 seasons.

  • How terribly disappointing.

    I severely lament the direction Angel (as a whole) has gone. I have not read any of the comics, nor do I intend to as I began to lose serious interest with the show and story about half way through the second TV season. By the time I reached the last TV episode I was not only unimpressed but disappointed and felt unfulfilled. This show had such high potential; it is upsetting to see it face-plant to the ground. It turned into an Inu Yasha or Xena in the way that there is never a real solid plot, each episode is almost entirely self serving and there isn't a settled end in sight. It was almost as if the writers wanted to make the story so complicated and so involved that the series became too complicated and ended up being confusing and contradictive. Many of the characters I felt were pivotal in the story were killed off or manipulated into pathetic roles, specifically in the case of Cordelia and Wesley. I enjoyed the first season immensely and wished the plot as whole was similar to the first season. It became too cheesy, too splat, too complicated, too predictable and too redundant. I felt as though the writers were struggling to scratch the bottom of the barrel for more thrills and plot twists so badly that they missed sight of the direction of the plot. It was all about shock value after a while. And as a side note, as was brought up early on in the series, I wanted to see Angel achieve humanity… a plot element that was almost entirely missed, though his fate was briefly mentioned in the last TV episode of the fifth season. How terribly disappointing.
  • angel is a spin off of buffy the vampire slayer....angel is a vampire with a soul and tries to do good trying to make up for all the evil he did when he was a souless monster.

    i would tell you how he got his soul but thats for you to find out not for me to tell you.the show starts right in the middle of whats happening.

    i love this show for lots of reasons.

    1.i love the fighting scenes which can be very good.david when he does do the stunts he pulls them off very well.

    2.i love how dark and scary the show can get.

    3.i love how they balanced the horror,drama with the comedy it can very nice to the ears.

    4.i love all the characters who have lots of depth and have alot of personlity.even the characters that you grow to hate have alot of depth and personlity.

    5.i love how each season the story goes into a new direction.the show is always fresh.

    6.this show will have you speechless b/c alot of characters can get killed off even the ones you start to one is safe on angel.

    7.i also love all the monsters that on this show they are always scary even though some of them come off chessy..the ones that are scary you think about them alot.

    i would have given this show a 10 but the only problem i had with this show was sometimes angel as a mian character can get alittle annoying with his showing no emotion and sometimes how he handle things.for example angel let some bad people get eated up by vampires he knew.even though they are bad he dont seem to see they are human.he have alot of moments when he just bascially tells everyone off and dont care anymore.thats only when his down though which can be alot.

    with all that being said joss whedon knows how to handle a scifi show.this is a good show to watch..
  • A great spin off on a great show!

    Angel is one of the best shows I have seen, the only show that can beat it would be the show that it is base on, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The only difference of the two show is the fact that Angel has more adult themes to it. But with this show you are introduced to a whole variety of new characters along with some old ones that you get to see grow as people. This show also show how wacky a city can be even if it isn't on a Hellmouth. As the show progresses, it seams to get even better.
  • This spinoff made a huge name for itself! It was equally enjoyable as Buffy.

    Praise netflix, first of all, because I probably never would have watched Angel if I hadn't watched Buffy on it. I purchased all 5 seasons and watched them within a month and a half or so. The very beginning of season 1 was a little slow, but quickly picked up. And don't get me wrong, I love Doyle and all, but the addition of Wesley really sealed the deal for me (he's that kind of nerdy hot). Then with each additional character: Gunn, Fred, Lorne, Connor... the story lines got so much more involved. This isn't the type of warm-hearted, all better by the end of the episode show. Their lives weren't even enjoyable half the time, but the key was the fight for good over evil. And besides, who doesn't love that late '90s - early '00s special effects and monster makeup?

    NOOOOO Why does Cordy have to die for? I have been watching every series on FOXTEL waiting for Cordelia and Angel to finally hook up? Please i Loved Cordelia Nooooo!! So guttered right now ARRRGH !!!

    She and Angel have been the stars of Angel. Alot of people have come and gone and yet Cordy and Angel are still there, i know Angel is the star but he always had Cordelia by his side, if only they ended up together ARRRRGH this was the one main reason i Loved to watch but reading the YOUR WELCOME Episode, i was not expecting that and now im so bummed, Why could they not have had a fling or get it on before then but for them not to even hook up at all is a total killer in my book.

    i have been put off from Angel cos Cordelia is killed off ARRRRGH So angry right now :(
    I LOVE all the characters and the story but why kill off Cordelia WHY???
  • Angel is one of the best Cult Classic Spinoff Series of All Time. I watch this show once a year the whole way through along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show took every thing that made Buffy a great show and gave it a more dark and adult tone.

    Angel is one of my favorite shows of all time and is perfect because it had the genious of Joss Whedon behind it. The creative team for this project did an awesome job. The actors played their parts perfectly and made viewers really connect with the characters. I really enjoyed how the series progressed through the seasons, having occassional cross overs on and from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The story lines were interesting, the bad guys were powerful, and the humor was classic. There was so much drama and intrigue, and I love how it all came together in season four with Jasmine as the grand puppet master controling every thing to position every one where they were. This was a brilliant and disturbing twist! I enjoyed the supernatural aspects of the show, and the costumes and make up were the best I've seen on tv other than Buffy, as far as supernatural creatures, etc... This series also followed the traditional Heroes Quest pattern. The flash backs in this series gave us more insights into Angel's past, which were very creative and fun. Angel is one of the Best Series ever that has been on Television in Modern Times!!!!!!!
  • Angel is my alltime favorite T.V. show. I own all 5 seasons on D.V.D. Angel is one of the only T.V. shows that I can watch over and over.

    GREAT SHOW! It's difficult to say exactly which episode is my favorite,because they are all so entertaining. All of the characters on the show are so good at the parts they play,I really can't decide who is my favorite. And I MUST give an A+ to all of the creators of all of those demons, there were some that made you think maybe these creatures could be real. My favorite of all of the demons is defintely Lorne. I LOVE HIS SINGING. Lorne should have made a C.D.of songs(I think). One of my favorite episodes was the one where Lorne was in Vegas and the gang had to rescue him.
  • A decent spin off based on the dark vampire love interest from BtVS.

    As a buffy fan I appreciate this show in more ways than one. Although it doesn't live up to its parent show's quality it is still pure Whedon genius. What I love more about this is that it expands the Buffyverse in really incredible ways by extending the same fantastical feel to the wider world (beyond little ol' Sunnydale). Although the show ends on a cliffhanger, I won't hold it against Joss considering the conditions under which it was canceled. If you love Buffy this is definitely more of the same, so long as you can get used to Joss's (and Greenwalt's and Fury's and Espenson's etc...) brilliance without the Slayer.
  • Spin-offs don't usually do a lot for me as they never seem to be a patch on the original but Joss Whedon managed a pretty good one when he gave David Boreanaz his own show after his three years on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

    I suppose everybody was a little apprehensive when David Boreanaz left "Buffy" at the end of three seasons in order to launch his own show. Any spin-off is a risk but, thankfully, this one worked very well, due, I believe to the excellent casting choices made by the producers.

    David was joined by Charisma Carpenter continuing her role as Cordelia Chase, Amy Acker as the shy, sometimes weird but extremely loveable Winnifred "Fred" Burkle, Alexis Denisof as Wesley, J. August Richards as Gunn, Glenn Quinn as Doyle and Andy Hallet as Lorne.

    The cast gelled very well together and the plots were good enough to keep audiences watching for five seasons. The excellent Julie Benz reprising as Angel's vampire love interest, Darla, was also a great idea as Darla proved to be extremely popular with audiences.

    Throughout the run of the show, several "Buffy" alumni made regular guest appearances which gave it a 'homey' feeling. The evil law firm of Wolfram and Hart kept Angel and his team on their toes and all in all, it was a spin-off that actually worked and had many excellent episodes.
  • almost as good as Buffy.... almost.

    When this show ended it was upsetting to say the least. As a big Buffy fan it was no mean feat for the programme to actually make me feel more empathy for Angel than Buffy. Based on how Cordelia was portrayed in Buffy it was also surprising how likeable she became as she matured through the series in Angel. The characters in Angel are extremely likeable and varied, everyone has a favourite (mines Fred). Even the worst episodes of Angel were watchable and the storyline was constantly full of suspense. However i did feel it was a little farfetched when Angel had a son.
  • Angel the Vampire with soul, after helping Buffy defeat the Mayor at the end of it's Third Season Angel left Sunnydale. He then moves to L.A.where he attempts to atone for his crimes.

    I personally think that Angel is better than Buffy the Vampire Slayer but that's my personal opinion. I really liked the metaphor that Lawyers are evil, throught the series Angel has numerous Story archs most are good (Darla, Pylea, Holtz.) but there were some bad ones such as the infamous Jasmine story arch. The characters in Angel are great and well written, the episodes are great, and the acting is good. The plots always have a twist whether for good or for bad their always good, I really wished they would of made a Sixth Season, but I would completely recommend this series to anyone.
  • I think Angel is one of the greatest spin-offs. Sometimes I think that they should bring it back for one final season. Angel is remembered as a vampire cursed with a conscience or a vampire fighting for redemption. It was so sad to see lovable characters

    I think Angel is one of the greatest spin-offs. Sometimes I think that they should bring it back for one final season. Angel is remembered as a vampire cursed with a conscience or a vampire fighting for redemption. It was so sad to see lovable characters die (Doyle & Cordy).