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  • Another Masterpiece by Joss Whedon! An Unforgettabe Vampire Story.

    As I huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I heard that Angel had his own show I was immediately interested but I had strong doubts. I mean Buffy is the most Awesometacular, Majestic, Crowd Pleasing, Theraputic, Badass, hip, classy, Romantic, Poetic, Powerfully moving shows in the Entire universe and their is no way that Angel can compare right? Wrong! Angel is a mesmorizing, engrossing and dark tale that is every bit as deep and as charming as Buffy. Angel is an incredibly complex character and one of the most enduring and sympathetic heroes ever created. What makes him interesting is that fact tha he is looking for redemption after being cursed with a Soul. He was an evil Demon like all Vampires until he killed a Gypsy girl and her people sought revenge. His human Soul is what makes him suffer but its also what makes him so noble. Throughout the series Angel is tested and beaten down. His hope is taken away from him but he always finds a way to win it back. The main Antagonist of the series is the evil lawfirm known as Wolfram and Heart. It literally buys and controls all of the evil in the world. Angel and his Friends fight in Los Angelos to inspire others. He is accompained by Cordelia Chase, Wesley Windum Price, Charles Gunn, Doyle, Fred Burkle and Lorne. All of these colorful characters are fascinating to watch on screen and they are given so much charm and life that it is difficult not to fall in love with them! I love Angel Close relationship with his friends in this show. Its whats seperates him from his character on Buffy. I particularly love the close bond that he forms with Cordelia and how much her character grows as a result. She is a much deeper and more heroic character than she was on Buffy yet she is still her awesome bitchy self. There are so many twists and turns on this show that are amazing and keep the audience hooked. I couldn't stop watching this show. The Romance is brilliantly handled and so is the comedy. Joss Whedon seems to know exactly how much add before it becomes overbearing or tiresome. I love the film Nior style of the Show as well as the Iconic and spell binding opening violin theme. David Boreanaz as Angel win you over from the moment that he is introduced. This show has amazing effects, action, and set pieces as well. Darla and her relationsip with Angel is one of the series highlights and the storyline is Sensational! Spike is my favorite character in this series and I am glad he gets to be a main character in the last season. His Rivarly with Angel is one of the most entertaining parts of the show. Angel is a Gem of a television show that I will cherish for the rest of my life! It's magnificent!