Season 1 Episode 5

Rm w/a Vu

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1999 on The WB
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When Cordelia decides that she cannot stand her roach-infested apartment for one more day, Doyle offers to help her find a new place. He makes good on his offer and finds her a beautiful apartment that is well within her budget. But when she starts hearing strange voices, seeing things fly across the room, and waking up at night with her bed levitating off the floor, Cordy must decide how much the perfect apartment is really worth.moreless

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  • "Rm w/a Vu" is a fairly exceptional episode.

    It marks the third major facet of the S1's most visited metaphor: Life in your early twenties. The Fang Gang has now moved to the big city, tried to go out dating, and now they need to find a new place to live. More specifically, Cordelia does, and one of my favorite things about this episode is that we get some very real and significant focus on her, and to a lesser extent, Doyle. These two have had smallish whimpers of development thus far, and here we at last get our attention's worth for them.

    Since finding your own place is a major part of growing up beyond the school years, it's inevitable that it would be touched on and is done pretty well. After finding brown tap water, messy rooms and cockroaches in her apartment, material girl Cordelia has decided she has had enough. The episode's main plot follows her as she tries to find a place and eventually does, but discovers that it's haunted by a rather malicious ghost named Maude who believes her to be her son's fiancee, a woman she clearly despised during her life. The initial assumption is that she dropped dead of a 'heart attack' just before her son disappeared and it is assumed he is the killer.

    The secondary plot concerns Doyle, and gives us more insight into his past, as a particularly nasty demon comes after him looking to collect some unspecified money. The two plots work together well from a story standpoint; Doyle works on finding Cordelia an apartment through his connections in exchange for Angel's help with Griff, the aforementioned demon. And, having cheated them for the last time, the demon and his employees come after Doyle with a taste for blood, only to arrive at Cordelia's new place in the middle of a rather large ghostly upset. It's here that Angel gets the upper hand against the demons, and Doyle's problem is solved.

    Angel weaves in and out of these two plots, continuing his mission to save souls, but this time focusing on his friends: Trying to help Cordy regain her self-worth, and trying to help Doyle find direction. The threads do tie together well, but lack any thematic cohesion and the episode does suffer a little for it. Being an avowed fan of Doyle it's easy to say that I wish there had been more of him, but in this case I truly believe a separate episode for his plot would have made a better fit.

    What does fit is everything Cordelia. There are some very entertaining scenes here, such as seeing unpleasant land lords hit on her, and Doyle fallaciously trying to play chivalry. But where the episode picks up some points is in the character of the ghostly old woman, Maude. Like Cordy she is a material girl. Her life and sense of self-worth were supported not by who she was, but by what she had and how her carefully arranged and stable world was defined. Cordelia lost this stable world when the government discovered that her parents had 'forgotten' to pay their taxes for over twelve years, leaving her to descend into subsequent financial dregs.

    Obviously she was willing to make sacrifices for what she wanted, but had a quickly reachable breaking point as the carefully dependent do; Maude did. Her perfect world was shattered by her son's choice of a fiancee. Though claiming to be acting for his good, Maude clearly cared nothing for her son, being extremely selfish and material as she was. She decided it was easier for her to tolerate the full absence of his life rather than deal with an unwanted set piece in hers.

    The strength of the parallel between the two makes this plot attention-worthy even before we learn the truth of Dennis' murder. The need of both women to control as much as they can around them, to have their worlds go back to the way they were, represents everything they believe themselves to be. This is why the apartment is so hard fought for; Maude sees the removal of any young woman from her house as re-establishing her world in a way she couldn't in life. Cordelia, however, sees the apartment as her; if she doesn't have things, shiny, expensive things, then she is not Cordelia Chase and she becomes nobody. It's in this respect that Maude almost does defeat her.

    It's when she rises from the ground with her charmingly campy "I'm the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history!" speech that the apartment takes second chair, and proving to herself that she's more than a than place or a thing becomes priority. In this, she is able to defeat the ghost both in her mind and in the ghost's; as she takes a stance that transcends the materialistic. This leads to the impulsive, but somewhat unexplained discovery of Dennis' remains hidden in the wall of the apartment that she happened to 'not like' right away.

    The brief flashback that follows gives us the final pieces of the puzzle, and also introduces us to lovable Dennis, who remains a briefly appearing but very likeable 'character' on the show for some time; but it did feel kind of weird. The transition was offbeat and it hurt the pacing of the episode, I believe. I also admit that I felt a bit vindicated by seeing the frail, elderly woman turn out to be the murderer, rather than the 'impulsive' young man. So often the violent, abusive male is also used as a cheap emotional device and I enjoyed watching the cliche being kicked in the head so wonderfully as only a Whedon show can kick.

    As for Doyle's side story: it doesn't beg a whole lot of exploration, since all it needed to do was establish what kind of a past he really does have. In "City of" he mentioned that everyone has something to atone for, and we're starting to see what that means to him. Whatever burdens him clearly weighs heavy on his soul, as he believes that he deserves the shadowy life he's fallen in to. This provides the only real counterpoint here to the A plot; Cordelia needs everything, and Doyle wants nothing.

    So, thanks to some smart and definitely relevant character development, what could have been a 6 episode reaches about an 8. Learning more about Doyle's life was also some good fun, and even though Cordy still has a long way to go, this is an important first step for her character and it was worth seeing. Plus, shes gained a new roommate, one who, as another fan so eloquently put it, is perfect for her: invisible and easily intimidated.moreless
  • Rm w/a Vu

    Rm w/a vu

    The Good;

    Everything, an emotional rollercoaster for Doyle and Cordy and the introduction of Phantom Dennis. Great performance from Beth Grant, a great actress you can also see in Speed, Six Foot Under, Donnie Darko etc

    The Bad;

    Bit of a reach that the ghost can do a perfect imitation of Angel's voice, is she the Terminator or something?

    Best line:

    Cordy (of Angel) "Do you have mousse? Of course you do!"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    Doyle's hand getting jammed in the drawer, Cordy almost getting hanged, Maude Peirson walling her son up.

    Apocalypses: 4

    Angel Cliches

    Damsel in distress; nope, 2.

    Inverting the Hollywood cliche;

    In disguise; 1.

    DB get's his shirt off; wet, dripping and nearly naked 2

    Cordy's tatto; our first glimpse

    Fang Gang in bondage: Cordy almost hung, don't think thats counts

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 4

    Wes: 1

    Fang gang knocked out: yep, Cordy

    Cordy: 8

    Angel: 7

    Wes: 1

    Doyle; 1


    Cordy: none this ep. 3 vamps, ? a demon from her time in Sunnydale

    Angel: 1 demon for Angel. So that gives Angel 8 vamps, 3 demons, 2 humans.

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 1

    Angel: 1

    Alternate Fang Gang: possessed Cordy

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 3

    Characters killed: Dennis and a trio of the flat residents offscreen


    Total number of Angel Investigations:

    3, Angel, Doyle and Cordy

    Angel Investigations shot: loads of gunplay but no

    Angel: 5,

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 1?

    Angel: 1;Buffy

    Kinky dinky:

    Maude calls Cordy a tramp and streetwalker, good thing they didn't go through with the storyline of Corrupt huh?

    Captain Subtext;

    Know the face, different character; 1

    Parking garages;


    Guantanamo bay;

    Once again Angel doesn't hesitate to beat his way to the answers

    Questions and observations;

    Excellent ep with loads of good scenes and some real emotional impact, easily one of the best of season 1. I for one find it heartbreaking that Cordy has only five names in her LA phonebook and 3 are crossed out. Aura, her Sunnydale friend is the girl who finds the corpse in her locker in Welcome to the Hellmouth on Buffy.

    Marks out of 10; 8/10

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Dennis

    It turns out that it's not only Angel who will be searching for redemption on the show. This episode features Cordelia trying to redeem herself for her past crimes. Unlike Angel and his history of death and pain, Cordelia faces up to her past of torment and cruelty she excelled at in Sunnydale High.

    In Rm w/a Vu, Cordelia moves into a new apartment. It has wonderful furniture, tons of living space, vibrant décor and a, uh, ghost problem.

    Cordelia is absolutely excellent in this episode. Charisma Carpenter is amazing throughout and there is a hilarious line at least every 30 seconds. The scenes where Cordelia and Doyle go round to various apartments around LA are stand-out moments, the funniest being the creepy apartment super who offers Cordy his bed for the night.

    The scenes involving Cordy trying to cover up all the hauntings are absolutely brilliant. One exchange in particular is hysterical. In the scene, the word "DIE" has just appeared on the wall, written in blood...

    Cordelia: I'm not giving up this apartment!

    Angel: It's haunted

    Cordelia: It's rent-controlled!

    Doyle: Cordy, it says "die"

    Cordelia: Maybe it's not done; maybe it says "die-t". That's friendly... a little judgmental sure.

    As well as being filled to the rim with hilarious lines, Rm w/a Vu also has some terrifying scenes, the most creepy being the flashback to Maude Pearson bricking up her son, Dennis, in the wall. Her casual dialogue as he pleads for her to stop is very effective and you genuinely feel for Dennis, who makes his first appearance, one of the funniest characters in the history of Angel, who decides to stick around with Cordelia in her new apartment.

    Charisma has said that Rm w/a Vu is her favorite episode and it's unsurprising, it's an absolutely hilarious hour and the one of only two Angel episodes written by Jane Espenson, the best comedy writer in the Buffyverse.

    Director: Scott McGillis

    Teleplay: Jane Espenson

    Story: Jane Espenson, David Greenwalt

    Rating: A+moreless
  • Beautiful. Just ... beautiful. :)

    Who *is* Cordelia Chase?

    Is she the lies she tells herself? Is she the attitude she projects? After all, she was all about things leaking. She gave an astonishing read for garbage bags. Cordelia is a woman who is professional enough to prepare for an audition, but not "professional" enough to sleep with the director like the dominiatrix who got the job.

    Is she her crappy apartment in which she does personal affirmations? We saw a rundown of terrible places to live -- starting with her own -- like something out of the ersatz nanny applications Robin Williams voiced in "Mrs. Doubtfire."

    And I'm intrigued by the presence of peanut butter in Angel's bed. That's just *wrong*. ;)

    Oh, btw -- NAKED ANGEL! David's first nude scene on the series -- his lats were so proud.

    Doyle *knows* someone. Griff? Well, not Griff, maybe, but what a charismatic one-shot character.

    At least his house hookup was slightly more reliable -- well, *only* slightly, given the poltergeistilicious apartment he found for her.

    I'm flying right by the Cordy in Angel's dungeon because while that was very much Cordy, she was mostly there for Odd Couple farce. "Don't mind me, I'm just going to change everything around and take up the flooring."

    But who is Cordelia Chase?

    She isn't even the person who first moves into the apartment -- status-seeking and into the material, one step further along from the Cordettes. In just a few short years she is making huge sacrifices to save the world, although she needs a trip through the looking glass to confirm that.

    No. Who she is, sadly, is the person the morning after she moves in with a psychotic ghost.

    She hides things from her friends.

    Her first instinct whenever there is trouble is to circle the wagons, turn inward and not trouble anyone else with what's going on with her in her life.

    This is a charitable instinct. No one wants to be a downer. But she gives so much, and doesn't give anyone else an opportunity to be there for *her*. The apartment has attacked her but she won't let Angel and Doyle know what's going on until the place starts getting completely out of hand and they drag her from it.

    This is a character flaw that will destroy her. It's part of why Cordelia Chase towers as a tragic figure in this series. Her fatal flaw.

    When she gets impregnated with demon seed, she doesn't go into work, and Angel actually has to go to her house to find out what's going on with her. She will endure massive brain trauma before the Powers actually step in and infuse her with demon essence.

    When she can't deny the help she needs, after she returns from her higher dimension with amnesia, she withdraws, runs and hides, allying herself with perhaps the one figure on this bombed-out hellscape more screwed up than she is.

    And in this fugue, she gets completely taken over by something horrifying. When she begins to suffer some of the consequences of this possession, rather than tell anyone, she just lets it happen.

    And in her final scenes, she won't just come out and say what's going on, to let the group mourn, to say goodbye properly. Instead, she lets them believe she will be right behind them and that they've got a lovely evening of catching up and reminscing ahead of them.

    Cordelia Chase doesn't want to burden anyone with her troubles.

    It's very dramatic, and it makes for good storytelling, but ultimately, it kills her. And one wishes that she might have learned to trust people a little bit more.

    Loved the introduction to Dennis, of course, and his backstory -- so very sad.

    Also, loved a plot point raised by Kate -- if Angel's an investigator, he needs to get himself some bona fides.

    And someday soon, Doyle, we're all going to need to hear it.

    Sooner rather than later, boychik.

    For now, however, "Pope Angel" indeed. Fun fight scene and nice intertwining of storylines. And Cordy gave an outstanding turn as the "biggest bitca in Sunnydale." Her victory was delicious.

    For now, for what we knew, for the fifth episode of Season 1, great, great installment.

    And just a few dark rumblings of what lies ahead.moreless
  • 'I'm not a sniveling, whining little cry-Buffy. I'm the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history. I take crap from no one!'

    ‘Room With A View’ is the first Cordy-centric episode on Angel and it was immediately very sweet. Cordy gets a new apartment but it turns out that she has an unwelcomed dead roommate.

    It begins with Cordy in the office, she did an audition that didn’t go too well. Now one of her friends Aura calls but she doesn’t want to take the phone and talk to her because she isn’t ready for the parade of pain.

    Doyle is very interested in Cordy and asks Angel about her, he says that she used to be rich until everything was taken away from her but at least she’s doing allright. When Cordy comes home, she finds her home filled with cockroaches, she tries to call Doyle to stay over his place but he’s very busy being attacked by a demon so she goes to Angel and dumps her stuff in his home and takes over his place (poor Angel).

    I really loved the way Cordy acted in this episode, when Doyle arrives next day he finds the two and thinks that they slept together. Angel tells him they really didn’t and that he knows about Doyle’s problem and will help him as long as Doyle helps him getting rid of Cordy.

    Doyle takes Cordy for tours to find her own apartment, they are all crappy until the last one who looks perfect but when they leave, it turns out to be haunted. When Cordy goes to sleep overnight she begins to realise it’s haunted to, next day she just tries to ignore everything even though she knows it’s haunted. Her friends come over and they see that the place is haunted and want to take Cordy away from it but she wants to stay. Doyle says to clean the place and to get rid of the ghost.

    While Doyle and Angel try to find some stuff Cordy gets a call from Angel to go to the house but when she arrives it turns out to be the ghost who wanted to kill her, she makes Cordy to act pathetic and then tries to strangle her. Luckily for her Angel and Doyle arrive just on time to save her. They try to help Cordy but she’s very down because of what little old ghost said to her and she acts like a weakling.

    But when old lady ghost takes her to a room to kill Cordy, she calls her a b!tch and that makes her realise what she is. She fights back and casts the old lady out of her room while Angel and Doyle kill some demons that Doyle owes something to.

    When Cordy comes out, she’s possessed by the old lady. She destroys the wall she hated from the start and it has a skeleton in it. Turns out that old lady ghost killed her own son and then had a heart attack the same moment he died. His name is Dennis and his ghost wakes up and destroys the old lady ghost.

    ‘Room With A View’ was an excellent episode that had a few slow moments but most of it was great fun. Doyle got some character development even though that’s what drags down the episode and Cordy gets her own apartment. This episode also introduced the coolest ghost ever, Dennis.

Beth Grant

Beth Grant

Maude Pearson

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Marcus Redmond

Marcus Redmond


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Denney Pierce

Denney Pierce


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Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth Rohm

Detective Kate Lockley

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The website for the Los Angeles Globe-Register article that Doyle looks at concerning the dead Mrs. Pearson has no domain, like .com or .org or anything. It just reads www.lagloberegister/search/...

    • Timecode 35:28. As Cordelia is standing up, facing away from the camera, Charisma's tattoo can be seen.

    • In this episode, the entrance to Cordelia's apartment is an exterior door. In all future episodes it's an interior hallway.

    • After Cordelia showers in Angel's apartment, she is combing through her hair with her fingers and looking in a coffee pot (because Angel doesn't have any mirrors). She sets the pot back down on the table and Angel walks past, you can see his reflection on the coffee pot.

    • One of the Kaliff demons shoots a tile on the edge of the fireplace, but in subsequent shots, both during the fight and later, once Cordelia is settling into her apartment, it is intact again.

    • The noose used to hang Cordy changes appearance from shot to shot, sometimes appearing as a straight cord with a loop at the end, other times appearing as a large loop twisted around itself.

    • When Angel dials up the office from the police station, you can hear and see him dialing too many numbers.
      One explanation may be that this episode takes place after the introduction of 10-digit dialing (requiring the area code to be dialed along with the seven digit telephone number) was introduced in Los Angeles.

    • When Cordelia is cutting up the floor in Angel's apartment, the Chock'o'nuts can over Doyle's shoulder changes facing from one shot to the next.

    • When Doyle enters the office in the morning and looks at his watch, it's obviously not working: the sweep hand isn't moving.

    • When Doyle enters the office in the morning, he puts the key in the lock and opens the door, but never actually turns the key to unlock.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Angel: I can get Doyle to pay you the money. You have my guarantee.
      Griff: I saw what I saw, right? You're a vampire. How come you're helping some little demon half-breed?
      Angel: It's a good offer. You should take it. On the other hand, you're making me want to fight some more. You get lucky, you might last ten minutes. Really lucky and you're unconscious for the last five.
      Griff: You get Doyle to pay, and he's safe.
      Angel: Thanks. Good meeting.

    • Cordelia: (referring to her new apartment) Yes! And part of it being perfect is there being one tiny flaw for me to fix.
      Doyle: Ah, must be why you find me so fascinating.

    • Cordelia: Get this, I tried to call Doyle -- I sunk that low -- and there was no answer. So, here I am. Not that you were a last resort, just that I had nowhere else to go.

    • Cordelia: My apartment. It's like the barrio or the projects or whatever. And I live there! I am a girl from the projects!

    • Angel: Sooner or later I'm gonna need to hear it.
      Doyle: What?
      Angel: The story of your life.
      Doyle: Ah, and quite a tale it is, too. Full of ribald adventures and beautiful damsels with loose morals.

    • Cordelia: It's her. I know it. The place has that weird little old lady smell like... violets and aspercreme.
      Doyle: Well, they didn't find her body for three weeks so it wasn't violets there at the end, I'm thinking.

    • Cordelia: You know what? I get it. You're a ghost. You're dead! Big accomplishment! Move on! You see a light anywhere? Go towards it, okay? Ooh, cold wind. Scary. What're you gonna do, chap me to death?

    • Doyle: Well, it can't get any worse than this, can it?
      Cordelia: You can't tell anything from the hallway.
      Doyle: (Doyle sees the apartment) Hey, you're right! You know what I smell in here? (sees Cordy's angry face) Potential.

    • Doyle: Well the things you learn. I had no idea Angel was Queen of the Winter Ball.

    • Cordelia: Yesterday, your cousin called, with one of those names from your part of England.
      Doyle: My part of England?
      Cordelia: Connor or Fergus.

    • Doyle: Hey, Cordy, you're looking great, by the way.
      Cordelia: I wouldn't know, man doesn't have a mirror. Like it would kill him to not see himself.

    • Doyle: If you ever want to, you know, spend one night away from the place, maybe give me a call.
      Cordelia: Well, stranger things have happened. No... wait... they really haven't.

    • Cordelia: They gave it to a blonde who showed up in a skin-tight leather catsuit. She's supposed to be a housewife! She looked like catwoman taking out the cat trash!

    • Cordelia: (Looking at her new place) Oh my gosh. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
      Doyle: (Looking at her) Nope. Never.

    • Doyle: What about friendship and family and all the things that are priceless like they say in that credit card commercial?

    • Cordelia: My urination just hasn't been public enough lately.

    • Doyle: No... no-no-no-no! Angel, man, how could you?
      Angel: Could I what?
      Doyle: You know I was crazy about her — and I was wearing her down, too. But no — handsome brooding vampire guy has to swoop in, all sensitive mouth and overhanging forehead! How about leaving some scraps for the homely-looking fellas who don't turn evil when they get some?
      Angel: Cordelia stayed over because there's something wrong with her place. I was on the sofa.
      Doyle: Oh. That's okay, I suppose.

    • Cordelia: Angel, at some point in recent history you got peanut butter on the bed.
      Angel: I don't eat.
      Cordelia: Well, then I don't even want to know how it got there.

    • Cordelia: Like I'm still getting punished.
      Angel: Punished for what?
      Cordelia: I don't know. For how I was? For everything I said in high school just 'cause I could get away with it? And then it all ended and I had to pay. But this apartment.. I could be me again. Punishment over — welcome back to your life! Like, like...I couldn't be that awful if I get to have a place like that? It's just like you!
      Angel: Working for redemption.
      Cordelia: I meant because you used to have that mansion.

    • Cordelia: Roaches! Live ones, dead ones...all, all skinny feet and creepy antlers.
      Angel: Antlers?
      Cordelia: Oh my god, I wonder how many stowed away in that bag! Also, the water is all brown and spurty and not hot! I am dying for a shower. I actually smell. Smell me. I never smell. I didn't know I could. I'm just going to have to stay here until I find a decent place, however long that takes. And when I do you're completely invited over. Hey, you can just dump my stuff on your couch, or let me have the bed, whatever you feel good about. Also, my suitcase is still out in the hall.

    • Doyle: She's really something, isn't she? It's like wrestling a tiger just to get to know her. Tell me stuff.
      Angel: What stuff?
      Doyle: About Cordelia.
      Angel: Well, I... I know she can't type or file. Until today I had some hope regarding the phone.

    • Kate: I wish I could be more help.
      Angel: That's okay. Just knowing things that didn't happen, that's a help. You know, eliminating the possibilities.
      Kate: Now you're talking like a detective.
      Angel: I am a detective.
      Kate: Well, see, the thing about detectives is they have resumes and business licenses and last names. Pop stars and popes, those are the one-name guys.
      Angel: You got me. I'm a pope.

    • Cordy: I'm a bitch?
      Maude: Take off the bed sheets, make a noose. Go on. It'll all be over soon.
      Cordy: I'm not a sniveling whiny little Cry-Buffy. I'm the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history. I take crap from no one.
      Maude: You are going to make yourself a noose and put it around...
      Cordy: Back off, Poligrip! You think you're bad? Being all mean and haunty? Picking on poor pathetic Cordy? Well, get ready to haul your wrinkly translucent ass out of this place, because lady, the bitch is back.

    • Angel: (talking about Cordelia's high school friends) People called them the Cordettes. A bunch of girls from wealthy families. They ruled the high school. Decided what was in, who was popular. It was like the Soviet Secret Police... if they cared a lot about shoes.

    • Cordelia: How come Patrick Swayzee's never dead when you need him?

    • Doyle: Angel Investigations, we hope you're helpless. No, wait...

    • (after seeing the word DIE appear in blood on the wall in Cordelia's apartment)
      Doyle: Dear sweet...
      Angel: Come on.
      Cordelia: I am not giving up this apartment!
      Angel: It's haunted.
      Cordelia: It's rent controlled.
      Doyle: Cordy it says "DIE"!
      Cordelia: Hey maybe it's not done yet, maybe it's "DIET," that's friendly! A little judgmental, sure...

  • NOTES (13)

    • The scene near the end of the episode where Dennis is being bricked up into the wall is shown in the opening credits of each episode.

    • In this episode we learn two new things about vampires: first, an invitation can be given out before the vampire gets to the door, and second, the invitation can work without even describing a specific place.
      That is why Angel can just walk in Cordelia's new apartment.

    • Steve Paymer (who is said to live in Cordelia's apartment building) in actuality does live in the same apartment building as episode writer Jane Espenson.

    • Music:
      As Angel listens to music in his apartment -- "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven

      When Cordelia's radio turns on by itself -- "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love" by The Mills Brothers

    • On Kate's computer screen, two of the officers who have encountered the Pearson Arms apartments are listed as Richard Wagner and Joseph Green. Richard Wagner (Ree-card Vog-nur) and Giuseppe Verdi (transliteration to English as Joseph Green) are two very famous composers.

    • On the DVD commentary, Jane Espenson takes credit for creating phantom Dennis. She also mentions that whenever a character is re-introduced, the original writer gets a small residual payment. However, since we never actually "see" phantom Dennis in any later episodes (only special effects), Jane has not received any residual payments.

    • Cordelia mentions the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Graduation Day Part 2" (3x22) when Doyle says, "Hey, your high school diploma is all burned." She says, "Yeah, it was a rough ceremony."

    • This is the first "appearance" of recurring "character" phantom Dennis. The flashbacks in this episode are the only occurence where he is played by an actor, after this he is always invisible.

    • Angel is invited into Cordelia's new apartment. He is seen inside Doyle's home, so must have been invited in at one time. Of course Doyle was part demon and the not-wholly-human quirk been used to skirt this issue in other episodes.

    • Cordelia's old apartment is #4B, her new apartment is #212 Pearson Arms.

    • Angel is listening to Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" in his apartment when Cordelia arrives, which is also the song he was whistling when he visited the hospital in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Killed by Death" (2x18).

      The choice of music now (and then) may also be sort of an inside joke, as any time he experiences a moment of true happiness (joy), he turns evil.

    • Doyle's telephone number is 555-0189.

    • Presumably, Aura is the same Aura who found an "extreme dead guy" in her locker in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (1x01).


    • Cordelia: Hey, hey Phantom Dennis, put that back.
      A play on words of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, a movie by George Lucas.

    • Cordelia: Well, get ready to haul your wrinkly translucent ass out of this place, because lady, the bitch is back.
      "The Bitch is Back" is the title of a 1974 song by Elton John.

    • Cordelia: Little old lady ghost. How come Patrick Swayze is never dead when you need him?
      Patrick Swayze is an actor who starred as Sam Wheat in the 1990 film Ghost. Plot: Sam and Molly are a very happy couple and deeply in love. Walking back to their new apartment after a night out at the theatre, they encounter a thief in a dark alley, and Sam is murdered. He finds himself trapped as a ghost and realizes that his death was no accident. He must warn Molly about the danger that she is in. But as a ghost he can not be seen or heard by the living, and so he tries to communicate with Molly through Oda Mae Brown, a psychic who didn't even realize that her powers were real.

    • Cordelia: Listen good, Casper, you haven't won a thing here! I'll die before I give up the apartment. You hear me? I'll die!
      Casper is a comic book "friendly ghost" from Harvey Comics who has inspired television and films. The most popular of which was the 1995 film of the same name. Plot: Furious that her late father only willed her his gloomy-looking mansion rather than his millions, Carrigan Crittenden is ready to burn the place to the ground when she discovers a map to a treasure hidden in the house. But when she enters the rickety mansion to seek her claim, she is frightened away by a wicked wave of ghosts. Determined to get her hands on this hidden fortune, she hires afterlife therapist Dr. James Harvey to exorcise the ghosts from the mansion. Harvey and his daughter Kat move in, and soon Kat meets Casper, the ghost of a young boy who's "the friendliest ghost you know." But not so friendly are Casper's uncles, Stretch, Fatso and Stinkie, who are determined to drive all "fleshies" away. Ultimately, it is up to Harvey and Kat to help the ghosts cross over to the other side.

    • Doyle: It's all about money. What about friendship and family all those things that are priceless, like they say in those credit card commercial?
      Mastercard has commercials about how many things are priceless but "for everything else, there's Mastercard."

    • Cordelia: She looked like Catwoman taking out the cat-trash.
      Catwoman is a costumed cat-burglar from the Batman comic books by DC Comics.