Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Angel tries to convince Connor of Jasmine's true nature, but Connor refuses to believe and vows to tear them all apart. Angel and the team barricade themselves in a room. As Connor breaks through, Angel tells the team to escape while he holds the door because someone who knows the truth must live through this. Connor breaks through the door with plenty of backup. A vicious fight ensues and it appears that Connor has subdued Angel.

Wesley, Fred, Gunn, and Lorne escape the car. They pause near the hotel and wonder if there is any way they can save Angel. Two bodies fall from above and crash into the hood of the car. Angel jumps out of the hotel window and quickly gets into the car with the team. As they speed away, Jasmine emerges in the street and walks towards them. She watches coldly as they speed away.

The car radio reports stories of Jasmine's increasing political and religious dominance. The mayor is relinquishing his political position to her, and the head of the local Catholic church vows to remove all of its "false" idols in favor of Jasmine's image. Fred laments that they did not take Connor with them, fearing that he may not wake up. The team is almost out of gas, and they consider next steps.

Jasmine feeds and then heals the severely injured Connor. He awakens and looks at Jasmine, still enraptured. He finds her indescribable. Connor reports that Angel and the team tried to turn him against her. In a matter-of-fact monologue, Jasmine tells him to rest, as they have nothing to fear from Angel. His team members are few in number, but Jasmine's followers are legion. Every day Jasmine fuses with her followers. They are her eyes, skin, limbs and her fists. They will take care of Angel and the rest.

Angel and the team drive to a crowded convenience store to purchase gas. The people look happy and content. Gunn, ever the cocky monster killer, shouts to no one in particular "the big bad free will gang is gassing up!" Members of the crowd, men, women, and children, speak to them with Jasmine's voice: "You are a disease and will be purged." "You can't outrun our love." "My love sings over the wires that binds this world." The gang quickly retreats as a police car with sirens blaring chases after them. From her vantage point at the Hyperion, Jasmine laughs, somewhat smugly.

Police cruisers and helicopters appear to be everywhere looking for the fugitives. They seek sanctuary in the tunnels, but know it's only a matter of time before they are found. The Angel and the team members complain bitterly (they will probably have to eat rats to survive) and express their regret of being forced to hide in such noxious conditions. Fred thinks of Cordelia with sadness. Angel says they must forget about Cordelia because they do not have any other choices. After resting for a minute, the team continues their flight through the dark tunnels.

Connor stands vigil over Cordelia's bed holding her hand. Jasmine joins him. They notice that Cordelia has been wounded. Jasmine is horrified that Angel cut into Cordelia. She explains to Connor that Angel and the team needed Cordelia's blood for their black deceitful cowardly magic. Jasmine commands Connor to leave. She wants to be alone with her mother. Jasmine sits by Cordelia's bedside and Connor, pausing briefly, leaves the room.

The fugitives forlornly make their way through the steam and stink of the tunnels. They still miss the warmth of being near Jasmine and it's tough to kick their Jasmine addiction cold turkey. Fred remembers how enraptured she felt sitting with whom she believed was a goddess when Jasmine has asked Fred to give her a name. As they wonder why Jasmine did not already have a name, Wesley crashes through the floor of the tunnel. Another group of fugitives, a woman, a boy, and a man, who have been hiding since the blackout, suspiciously confront Angel and company. They fight each other until Angel cries enough. The other fugitives are not under Jasmine's control and Gunn recognizes one of them as a former friend. Ominous creature noises capture their attention, and the boy whispers, "It's back."

Connor returns to Cordelia's bedside, but Jasmine has removed Cordelia's body and orders Connor to come with her.

The two fugitive teams continue to move through the underground to a hiding place where they find refuge from the strange creature. Angel checks the bars that secure their hiding place. The boy Matthew, who watched his parents being murdered, assures them that it is secure. Matthew shows them where they tapped into a water pipe, necessary for their survival after two weeks in hiding. Matthew further explains that the monster killed another member of their team when he was out setting traps. They all believe that the world is ending, so it doesn't matter where they go. Fred laments that they were once professional monster killers and now are forced into hiding. Angel vows to kill the tunnel monster.

Connor vows to kill Angel, but Jasmine tells him to wait. She wants to celebrate her newly acquired political power, and gloats that soon all of the world will be under her control. She vows to free them all from the empty horror of their lives. They won't know what hit them. She and Connor will live in a palace built by billions. They will live as one forever. They hug, but Jasmine senses Connor's sadness and asks why he isn't smiling. Connor does not know, but Jasmine says that Connor has not completely surrendered like Cordelia. Connor is keeping a part of himself from Jasmine. He needs to relinquish his pain, which he does. She calls him father, and he completely surrenders.

The fugitives revisit the place where one of them was taken. Startled, they see a skittering creature scurry away through an opening overhead. The little boy Matthew runs away toward the surface in fright. Wesley chases after him. The creature, which looks like a cross between a large lobster and a predatory insect with long sharp pincers, attacks and captures Wesley. The skittering creature screeches, "We loved her first."

Wesley and the creature discuss "her." The monster mourns his loss of "she." Wes realizes that the creature is talking about Jasmine. The monster is agitated that Wes dares to name her, the one his kind call The Devourer. The creature repeats, "We loved her first. We loved her first." A chunk of blood and flesh drops to the floor near the skittering creature. He moves to the cave wall where one of his captives, tortured unconscious, is stuck.

Fred and Gunn argue as they search for Matthew. Fred wants them to try to rescue Cordelia and Connor. They should not be like Angel and turn off their emotions. Gunn says that they do what they have to, recalling that they killed a man in cold blood. Fred says that she feels everything they have done, and when she thinks about it, the memories eat her up inside. However, having this pain is better than feeling like an empty shell. Their search for Matthew takes them through the cold dankness of the tunnels back outside to the harsh light of the streets.

Angel had shown his vampire face during the fight with the creature, so the leader of the other fugitive team holds him at spear's length. Angel coldly tells them to step aside because one way or another, Angel will pass.

Fred and Gunn continue to search for Matthew on what seem to be empty streets.

Wes watches the skittering creature attend to a captive. Wes learns that the creature is from an older world in another dimension. He is not worried if Wes escapes because he can catch Wes at any time. The creature is using the blood and flesh of his undead captive for some kind of spell. The creature says there is only one word that Jasmine cares about. The creature wonders why his gutted and dismembered captive will not die, and Wes tells him its because it's a vampire. The creature reveals that the word Jasmine cares about is her real name. "Knowing your name takes your power away."

Fred and Gunn find Matthew, who has discovered that the sun once again is shining. Matthew will not come back with them and yells. Gunn startles Fred by knocking out Matthew.

Wes and the skittering creature fight. Wes figures out that Jasmine cannot reveal her name. The creature states that only the high priest keeps her name. As the creature is about to kill Wes, Angel attacks.

Lorne lectures the other fugitives about using pejorative names for demons and beasts. Fred and Gunn return with Matthew. The boy now speaks in Jasmine's voice. She tells Holly to kill them for beating the boy. Fred, Lorne and Gunn are forced to run away, and they run into Connor and his gang. They hear Jasmine's voice saying, "Hello children, I believe you have met my father." The three run away.

The skittering creature gets the best of Angel, but Gunn strikes, giving Angel time to stab the creature in the neck. In his dying breath, the creature cries out to the Devourer that he gives this meat to thee.

Wes finds an orb that is a way into the creature's world, where they can find the high priest who knows Jasmine's real name. Angel senses Connor's presence and knows that something bad is happening. Connor and Jasmine speak Angel's name. Wes figures out the "word magic" that can transport them to the creature's world. Only Angel can go because the atmosphere will kill the mortals. The team holds off Connor while Angel escapes through the portal into the creature's world. Connor and his forces bring the fight to Angel's team. Jasmine laughs as the scars of battle appear on her body but heal instantly.

Angel emerges in what looks to be a very desolate world. He faces a horde of creatures that are ready to attack him. "What now?" he wonders.
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