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Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2000 on The WB
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Buffy comes to Los Angeles seeking vengeance under the guise of protecting Angel from Faith's violent nature, but Buffy is shocked and hurt to discover her former love siding with her nemesis as he attempts to shelter her. Meanwhile, Wesley is faced with a crisis of loyalties when the Watcher's Council offers a chance at reinstatement if he gives up Faith.moreless

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  • hate faith

  • Angel having some backbone..

    I love this episode mainy because Angel shows his macho side and Buffy's gobsmacked.

    Plus its nice to see that Angel still get jealous when Buffy talks about being with Riley. The cross over episode in Buffy where he goes after her is nice really shows his jealous side when he punches Riley; he becomes a bit aggressive you start questioning whether he's Angelous or Angel.

    I think overall the episode is good but Buffy could have made a bit more of an appearance . she could have been introduced for the whole episode rather than half way through it!moreless
  • Just stunning


    The Good;

    Just when you think it can't get any better, Buffy arrives and all is good with the world.

    The Bad;

    All still fantastic

    Best line:

    NEARLY-Detective (to Kate) Everyone knows you've gone all Scully

    Kate; Mulder's the believer, Scully's the skeptic

    Detective; Scully's the chick, right?

    but the winner, one of my favourites which I use all the time is;

    Buffy; "A cry for help is when you shout 'Help, help!' in a loud voice"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    For all those afraid of needles avoid the syringe scene. Faith's daydream about killing Angel

    Apocalypses: 4

    Angel Cliches

    Damsel in distress; 15,

    Inverting the Hollywood cliche; the popcorn scene. Plus Wes calling Angel on his decision to protect Faith.

    In disguise; 3

    DB get's his shirt off; yep, in the shower again 6

    Cordy's tattoo;3

    Cheap Angel;


    Fang Gang in bondage: Angel in cuffs and possibly Faith too

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 8

    Wes: 2

    Fang gang knocked out:

    Cordy: 9

    Angel: 10

    Wes: 4

    Doyle; 1


    Cordy: 3 vamps, 1 demons

    Angel: 3 demons so 11 vamps, 9 and 1/2 demons, 2 humans.

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 1/2 a demon

    Kate; 3 vamps

    According to Boo's stats Faith has killed 16 vamps, 5 demons, 3 humans. Add another demon to the list here.

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 2

    Alternate Fang Gang:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 6

    Characters killed:


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations:

    3, Angel and Cordy and Wes

    Angel Investigations shot:

    Angel: 8,

    Packing heat;

    Wes; 2

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 1

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost:

    Cordy: 2 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast

    Angel: 1;Buffy

    Kinky dinky:

    Faith let's slip that she's bedded Buffy's new beau, Riley Finn. Which is news to Angel! Does Cordy not keep touch with things in Sunnydale or did she just not want to tell him?

    Captain Subtext;

    Buffy refers to Faith's 'pouty lips and heaving bosom', interesting she thinks of her in that way? The rooftop scene feels riven with hidden passions. Buffy refers to Riley saying she trusts him. Heading for a fall again. The Watcher's Council refer to the insult 'ponce' again.

    Know the face, different character; 2

    Parking garages;


    Guantanamo Bay;

    Kate plans to throw Angel into a cell exposed to the rising sun.

    Buffy characters on Angel; 11

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla

    Questions and observations;

    What exactly does Angel do with the Watcher's team? Surely Kate must lock them up for turning the streets of LA into a bulletfest? Nice to see that Wes and Buffy are now on good terms, unfortunately this probably marks the nadir of the Buffy/Angel romance and the Kate/Angel relationship. Jelly doughnut's again, someone in the writing staff must have a thing for them. Buffy has the worst timing ever when walking in on Faith and Angel. How does Giles find out about Faith? Sources in the Watcher's council or do Wes or Cordy phone Sunnydale. Good acting by Wes, you really think he might have sided with the Watchers for a moment. How can Wes and Buffy just walk into the police station?

    Marks out of 10; 10/10 just great, stunning

  • Alternate title: How Angel got his balls back.

    Now this episode was good. Everything from Faith's inner turmoil to Wesley's interaction with the council to the Buffy/Angel fight was great. This is a personal favorite of mine because Angel finally stood up to Buffy for what he knew was right and didn't hesitate to pop Buffy one in the mouth (which was way less than what the venomous B*tch deserved IMHO) to prove it.

    This episode would have gotten a perfect 10 from me if it had been the official cutoff point between both shows for good, but then they had to turn Angel into a complete wuss and run to Sunnydale to apologize for something when he had nothing to apologize for, so it loses a point for that. I wish Cordy wasn't cut out of the episode so quickly, it would have been sweet to see her tear a strip out of Buffy for the way she acted, because I gaurentee you she would have chopped Buffy down to size if given the chance.moreless
  • Buffy:The Evil Bitch Monster from Hell

    I love Buffy. The show, and the character. Most of the time, at least. But Sanctuary is one of the few ep\'s that makes me HATE her. I\'m all for the B/A relationship. They\'re soulmates, yada yada yada. Those two have sacrificed so much to be together, and to be honest, I liked her the best when she was with him. Riley was annoying and whiny, and the thing is, she didn\'t love him. Spike...they had chemistry, that was for sure, but once again, she didn\'t love him, not like she did Angel. Angel is the only for her, and vice versa.

    But she is a total and utter BITCH, and deserved FAR WORSE from Angel in this ep.

    I guess I can see it from her point of view, but it doesn\'t give her ANY excuse to use Riley as a weapon:

    \"I have someone in my life now. That I love. It\'s not what you and I had. It\'s very new.You know what makes it new? I trust him. I know him.\"

    Just writing those words makes my lip curl. I\'d like nothing more than to reach through the tv and smack her, wail on her for being such an EVIL BITCH!!!!!

    Ok, I\'m done. You always hurt the ones you love.moreless
Thomas Burr

Thomas Burr

Lee Mercer

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Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan


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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy Anne Summers

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Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth Rohm

Detective Kate Lockley

Recurring Role

Christian Kane

Christian Kane

Lindsey McDonald

Recurring Role

Stephanie Romanov

Stephanie Romanov

Lilah Morgan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In a wideshot of Faith after she kills the demon, the knife she used is bent and bloodless.

    • The cut on Buffy's lip (from Angel's punch) disappears in one scene, only to reappear in later ones. Then, by the time Buffy gets to the roof, the cut is completely gone with no signs of blood remaining. Even if Buffy heals quickly, the blood should still be there (unless she stopped to wipe it off and reapply her lipstick while running up the stairs to get Faith).

    • Faith's bruises alter substantially from shot to shot: sometimes they're very clear and raw, sometimes they're almost invisible.

    • When Wesley is playing darts a black and white dart board is used in the close up scene, but in the next bit when he gets up to remove the darts it is a multi-colored board.

    • When Wesley sits down in the bar with the Council there is a close up of the no smoking sign above the table. It reads "Please No Smoking" but in the wide shot it clearly says "Thank you for Not Smoking."

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Angel: (re: Faith) What do want to do, Wesley? Let her starve?
      Wesley: Certainly not. There are far more humane ways to deal with a rabid animal.

    • (Angel pops out of the shower)
      Angel: Everything okay in there?
      Faith: It was touch-and-go for those four minutes you left me alone but somehow I got through it.

    • Faith: I mean, am I your prisoner here?
      Angel: No, you're not my prisoner.
      Faith: So I'm free?
      Angel: Don't know about that... but the door's open.

    • Angel: Donuts?
      Wesley: Developed a sweet fang, have you?

    • Smith: All those alchemists on the Board of Directors and they still make us fly coach. Miserly bastards.

    • Faith: I've gotta be the first slayer in history to be sponsored by a vampire.
      Angel: Yeah. Well I've got some experience in that area too.
      Faith: Oh god. B, how am I ever going to make things right with her?
      Angel: Faith, this isn't about Buffy.
      Faith: All my life there was only one person who tried to be my friend. Went out of their way when I had no right, or reason to expect her to, and I screwed her. Not to mention her boyfriend, only him literally.
      Angel: and I never...
      Faith: No not you, the new one. (Faith sees that Angel had no idea that Buffy had a new boyfriend) Oh my god. Angel I'm so sorry, I...
      Angel: No. There, you can say it. That's good.

    • Kate: Why should I listen to anything you have to say? I despise you - you and everything you represent. And when I say "represent" and "thing" I do mean your clients.
      Lindsey: Well, be that as it may, I believe that I have some information that will be of interest to you. Because while it is true that we differ on a great many issues we do have one thing in common.
      Kate: Uh... our bodies are both 80% water?

    • Angel: I know Faith did some bad things to you.
      Buffy: You can't possibly know.
      Angel: You can't possibly know what she's going through.
      Buffy: But of course you do. I'm sorry. I can't be in your club. I've never murdered anyone.

    • Buffy: Giles heard that... that she tried to kill you.
      Angel: That's true.
      Buffy: So you decided to punish her with a severe cuddling.

    • Lilah: (to their new assassin) This is strictly a handshake deal.
      Lindsey: Not that it's necessary for you to have hands in order for us to do business with you.
      Lilah: That was species-ist of me, I apologize.

    • Faith: So, how does this work?
      Angel: There's no real simple answer to that. I won't lie to you and tell you it'll be easy. Because it won't be. Just because you've decided to change doesn't mean the world's ready for you to. Truth is, no matter how much you suffer, no matter how many good deeds you do to try to make up for the past, you may never balance out the cosmic scale. The only thing I can promise you is that you'll probably be haunted, and maybe for the rest of your life.
      Faith: (indicates the microwave) So, how does this work?
      Angel: Uh, power level, time, start. Sure that popcorn is gonna be enough for you?
      Faith: Yeah. I can live off the stuff. Tell Cordelia I'll pay her back.
      Angel: Actually I think it belonged to Wesley.
      Faith: Oh, maybe we just don't mention it then.

    • Lindsey: Is he dead?
      Lilah: Well, he is a vampire, so technically yes, he is dead. But not by her hand. She is his house guest.
      Lindsey: What?
      Lilah: That's right. The reason our little assassin hasn't made good on her contract is because she's rooming with the mark.
      Lindsey: We hired her to kill him.
      Lilah: I believe I covered that with the assassin part.
      Lindsey: And he ends up inviting her to spend the night.
      Lilah: I told you he wouldn't be easy. He can't be bought, and apparently he can't be killed, even by a vampire Slayer. Rumor has it he used to actually date one.

    • Angel: You should be resting.
      Faith: I've been asleep for eight months. You rest.

    • Kendrick: Come on, Kate. Everybody knows you've gone all Scully. Anytime one of these weird cases crosses anyone's desk, you're always there. What's goin' on with you?
      Kate: Scully's the skeptic.
      Kendrick: Huh?
      Kate: Mulder's the believer; Scully's the skeptic.
      Kendrick: Scully's the chick, right?
      Kate: Yes. - But she's not the one that wants to believe.
      Kendrick: And you wanna believe.
      Kate: Oh, I already believe. That's the problem.

    • Wesley: I can't tell you how sorry I am that I allowed this to happen.
      Cordelia: I believe it was Faith who allowed her elbow to collide with my face.

    • Buffy: You hit me.
      Angel: Not to go all schoolyard on you, but you hit me first. And in case you've forgotten, you're a little bit stronger than I am.

    • Buffy: Do you have any idea what it was like for me to see you with her? That you went behind my back...
      Angel: Buffy, this wasn't about you. This was about saving somebody's soul. That's what I do here, and you're not a part of it. That was your idea, remember? We stay away from each other.
      Buffy: I came here because you were in danger.
      Angel: I'm in danger every day. You came here because of Faith. You were looking for vengeance.
      Buffy: I have a right to it.
      Angel: Not in my city.
      Buffy: I have someone in my life now. That I love. It's not what you and I had. It's very new. You know what makes it new? I trust him. I know him.
      Angel: That's great. It's nice. You moved on. I can't. You found someone new. I'm not allowed to, remember? I see you again, it cuts me up inside. And the person I share that with is me. You don't know me anymore, so don't come down here with your great new life and expect me to do things your way. Go home.
      Buffy: See, Faith wins again.

    • Angel: He'll come around.
      Cordelia: Wesley? Sure. People always get a little funny right after they've been sadistically tortured. Well, you'd know.

    • Faith: Buffy, I am so s-
      Buffy: If you apologize to me, I will beat you to death.
      Faith: Go ahead.

    • Mercer: This is getting ridiculous. The first assassin kills the second assassin, who was sent to kill the first assassin, who didn't assassinate anyone, until we hired the second assassin to assassinate her.
      Lindsey: All right. This obviously isn't working.

    • Angel: For a taciturn shadowy guy, I got a big mouth.

    • Angel: It wasn't too long ago that you were the one making the case for her rehabilitation.
      Wesley: It wasn't too long ago that I had full feeling in my right arm.

    • Wesley: I do not, however, understand why the woman who brutally tortured me last night, this morning gets pastries.

  • NOTES (9)

    • This episode continues the events of Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode "Who Are You?" (4x16). Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dusku, Kevin Owers, Alastair Duncan and Jeff Ricketts appear in both episodes.

    • This episode scored a rating of 5.3/8 in the overnight Nielsen ratings, ranking number 1 out of 15 WB shows airing for that week.

    • This episode marks Sarah Michelle Gellar's final appearance on the show. She would be seen again during "Just Rewards" in season five but only in archived footage.

    • David Boreanaz does the "Previously, on Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer" voiceover.

    • Cordelia is only briefly seen in this episode. She only appears in the first scene (after the main title) where she tricks Angel into letting her go on vacation.

    • Joss is credited as a co-writer on this episode because Tim felt uncomfortable writing Buffy's character. Joss wrote the scenes that Buffy was in.

    • This is the last time that Buffy and Wesley see each other.

    • This is the only time that we see the characters of Faith and Kate in the same episode.

    • Although it may have been out of spite, when Buffy tells Angel she loves Riley, it's actually the only time (as far as the viewers are concerned) that Buffy ever says it. According to Riley, Buffy never did love him.


    • Smith: All those alchemists on the Board of Directors and they still make us fly coach.
      Alchemists are supposed be able to turn base metals into gold.

    • Wesley: One-eighty.
      When Wesley throws and hits one of the watchers in the neck with a syringe, he whispers "180". 180 is the highest score you can get in darts aka "throwing the arrows" (a game very popular in England) in a single turn: (3 darts * triple 20 = 180).

    • Faith: (watching tv)
      The first thing we glimpse on TV when Faith is channel-surfing is the preachy 1945 film noir classic The Lost Weekend. A nice fit with the twelve-steppy theme of the episode, and maybe some ironic reflection on it.

    • Kate: Mulder is the believer. Scully is the skeptic.
      Fox mulder and Dana Scully are two F.B.I. agents who investigate paranormal occurences on the tv show The X-Files. Kate's obession with the supernatural is becoming a joke with her colleagues and they call her Scully. She corrects them by saying that she believes in this stuff and should therefore be identified with Mulder.

    • Wesley: (after getting one of the goons with the sedative) That's for calling me a ponce.
      A ponce is British slang for an effeminate man.