Season 1 Episode 6

Sense & Sensitivity

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

In a dark street, a man in a leather jacket, carrying a duffel bag, is running away from a woman chasing him. The man tries to get into a car, but is kicked to the ground by his female pursuer, who turns out to be Kate. Kate is angry at the man called Spivey, who was supposed to come to the station and answer her questions. Spivey was trying to make a break, when Kate caught him. Kate arrests Spivey and takes him down to the station.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Kate is interrogating Spivey. Spivey has information about a man called Little Tony Papazian. They are several hours in, with Spivey telling Kate nothing. It appears that Little Tony murdered a superviser called Caffrey, and Spivey knows where Little Tony is. Spivey refuses to tell Kate anything, and Kate grabs Spivey by the throat and holds him against a wall. Several men appear and stop Kate. Detective Harlan and Kate leave the interrogation room. Harlan tells Kate that Little Tony is gone, and nobody can find him.

Angel is defending himself against snake-like appendages from a creature in the ceiling above him. Cordy and Doyle appear. Doyle gives Angel a sword. Angel slices off one of the tentacles and then stabs up into the creature's belly. Angel instructs Cordy and Doyle to cut up the creature's limbs and both of its heads, then bury each part separately. This creature has apparently come back from the dead, because those precautions weren't taken. Angel leaves, to go clean out the nest. Cordy, distracted by Angel's lack of manners, fails to notice the creature is still alive, and choking Doyle.

In Angel Investigations Headquarters the next day, Cordy and Doyle come in, covered in green creature slime. Angel is telling Cordy that her mother called, when Cordy gets angry with Angel. Cordy tells Angel that he's insensitive. Kate shows up, and Angel takes her into his office.

In Angel's office, Kate is showing Angel her pictures of Little Tony Papazian. Kate explains they have an inditement against Little Tony for the murder of Caffrey, but the police can't find Little Tony. Kate is sure that Little Tony is still in L.A., and hires Angel to find Little Tony. Kate gives Angel a private phone number, so that nobody will know Kate has gone outside the department to find Little Tony.

Later, Cordelia is going through coroner reports while Doyle is searching on the computer. Angel, at Doyle's suggestion, tries to be less insensitive, but fails. Cordy reveals that Little Tony had victims and victim parts washing up on the beach. Doyle uses tidal flow charts to determine where the body parts were being dumped from.

At the police station, Kate's father, shows up, dropping off pension forms. Kate asks about his retirement party, taking place at the Blue Bar, and Kate's father is distant and uncaring. Kate's father leaves as Angel calls.

Angel is in his car when he calls Kate from his cell phone. Little Tony and some henchmen are hiding in a Salvage Depot, and Angel gives Kate the address. Kate tells Angel to leave, because she's bringing cops right away. Angel realizes that Little Tony will be gone soon as a yacht arrives.

Little Tony, Benny, and a henchman are at the dock, waiting for the yacht to pull up. Angel, disguised in a Hawaiian shirt and white hat, sidles up beside them. Pretending to be Herb Saunders, Angel starts chatting idly with Benny and Little Tony, before dropping Benny and the henchman. Little Tony starts running, but is stopped by several cop cruisers. Kate is happy to see Little Tony.

Later on, Little Tony is handcuffed in the back of a cop car, while Kate is grilling Angel. Kate told Angel to leave, and is upset with him. While Angel leaves, Little Tony memorizes Angel's face.

At the station, Little Tony demands his phone call. Little Tony calls Wolfram & Hart, the law firm. A lawyer called Lee Mercer informs Little Tony that Kate is being dealt with swiftly.

Later, Little Tony is attached to a stenographer, while he and Mercer argue with Kate. Mercer, using Angel's involvement in catching Little Tony as an excuse, has been given the ability to transfer Little Tony out of the police station. Mercer also threatens Kate, by telling her if Little Tony receives any more violations of his rights, Mercer will make sure that there is a serious investigation taken out on brutality inflicted by Kate's precinct.

At Angel Investigations HQ, Cordy asks Angel about the case. Angel tells her that the Little Tony case isn't over yet. Doyle enters, confirming Angel's suspicions. A informant told Doyle that Little Tony's planning something.

Kate arrives at the Blue Bar, and is congratulated by her father on catching Little Tony Papazian. Harlan shows up and informs Kate that because of her actions towards Little Tony, all the cops have to take sensitivity training.

At the station, all the cops are being trained to be sensitive. Allen, the sensitivity leader, begins passing around a stick, that allows the holder to speak, without being judged by everyone else. After Kate cracks a joke, Allen starts talking to Kate about her sarcasm, anger, and fear, and asks Kate who she's afraid is going to hurt her.

Doyle takes Angel to his informant, Johnny Red. Johnny reveals to Angel that Little Tony is angry at a woman, and Little Tony is planning on getting revenge against her. Angel decides this woman is probably Kate.

At the police station, Angel warns Kate that Little Tony might have taken out a contract on her. Kate is acting strangely, as though the sensitivity training has affected her profoundly. Kate asks Angel to come to her father's retirement party, and Angel accepts.

In Allen's mansion, Allen tells Mercer that the plan is working, in regards of Kate's precinct. Allen has an altar set up on a table, with lit candles.

At her father's retirement party, Kate is nervous about giving a speech. Kate introduces Angel to her father. Kate's father is grateful that she is with a man, insinuating that he thought Kate was a lesbian. Once everybody is listening to Kate, Kate begins giving her speech, which gets very emotional and much too personal. The other cops are also acting strangely, rooting for Kate's speech. All the cops begin crying and acting over-emotional. Kate's father is the only cop who is acting normally, and he leaves.

At Angel Investigations HQ, Cordy and Doyle are waiting when Angel brings Kate in. Cordy voices her opinion that Kate is drunk. Kate voices her opinion that Doyle has a secret crush on Cordy. Angel leaves Cordy and Doyle to watch Kate, while Angel goes and finds Allen, the leader of the sensitivity training.

Angel shows up at Allen's altar in his mansion, startling Allen.

In Angel's office, Kate pulls out a gun, threatening to kill both Cordy and Doyle if they don't let her find her father. Cordy and Doyle let Kate leave.

In Allen's mansion, Allen tries to hit Angel with the talking stick. Angel catches the stick and vamps out.

At the cop station, the sensitive cops decide to release all of the prisoners, including Little Tony. The prisoners attack Heath, who let them out. Kate runs into the station, shouting for her father.

Angel, Cordy and Doyle all arrive in front of the police station at the same time. Cordy and Doyle warn Angel about Kate, realizing the same thing is happening to all the cops. Angel hugs them, revealing that he has also been affected.

Angel explains that Allen's talking stick makes anybody who touches it extra-sensitive. Mercer's intention was for Allen to make all the cops sensitive, so that they'd break Little Tony out of jail, giving him a clean get-away. Little Tony doesn't actually have a contract out on Kate, but was planning on killing her himself. Cordy and Doyle realize Kate is in danger, but the station has been locked from the inside.

Little Tony is now armed, and has taken all the prisoners as his men. Together, they wade through the chaos of emotional police officers, intent on killing Kate. Little Tony shoots a cop on the way.

Angel, still acting emotional, breaks into the cop station with Cordy and Doyle.

Little Tony, who has finally found Kate, is approached by Angel. Angel gets angry with Little Tony, and hits him with a chair, before pummelling him. Angel and Kate hug.

Mercer tells Little Tony that Wolfram & Hart are no longer working for him, because he is a liability. Mercer seems more interested in Angel than in Little Tony.

At the station the next day, Angel and Kate discuss the events of the day before. All the cops believe that there was spiked bunch at the Blue Bar, which would lead to such strange behaviours by an entire precinct. Kate's father arrives, tells her that she acted stupid, and wants to pretend it never happened. Angel watches this callous moment from a distance, before leaving.
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