Season 1 Episode 6

Sense & Sensitivity

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1999 on The WB

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  • 'You know, Anthony, you can be a rainbow and not a pain-bow.'

    ‘Sense & Sensitivity’ is the sixth episode of Angel and the first ‘comedy’. It succeeded with sharp and very fun dialog.

    Kate is back, she’s a badass cop who never has to pee and always gets what she wants. She asks Angel for help to catch a guy and they do, but he doesn’t do it the way she wanted and gets mad on Angel.

    Meanwhile Angel sends Doyle and Cordy on a mission, Cordy doesn’t like it and while she complains Doyle gets attacked ’Can you say, clueless’?. Cordy keeps complaining to Angel about him unappreciating them and that he doesn’t ever say thanks and stuff like that.

    But meanwhile, W&H aren’t happy with Kate and a guy named Lee talks with Tony who was captured by Kate and says that he will remove Kate.
    They make the cops have to take a sensitivity training, a man with a talking stick. Soon after that the cops begin to change dramatically, suddenly they are all completely sensitive.

    Kate then asks Angel on a date to her father goodbye party. Kate has become sensitive and begins to cry and gives a magnificent performance. Poor Katie, her father never said a word about a better place or called her beautiful (even though she is). Soon the other cops get sensitive too and begin to fight, Angel realised it’s not going well with it and decides to go to the person with the talking stick.

    Meanwhile Cordy and Doyle have to baby-sit Kate who has gone whacky, it was hilarious that she coupled Doyle and Cordy together which freaked out Cordy. And then she grabbed her gun and made them let her go.

    While all the cops get mad, Angel goes to the talking stick-man and touches it. While Doyle and Cordy wait for him at the police station, Angel arrives and instead of helping them he hugs them. He has gone mad or jus overly sensitive.

    Tony then escapes to kill Kate but Angel is right on time to protect her, he knocks out Tony because he felt unheard ‘You can be a rainbow and not a pain-bow’.

    This whole episode was a big adventure, Angel hugging his crew was brilliant and also Angel being sensitive is as must see. I also loved Kate once more, even though her father was a jackass and I hated the way he treated her. ‘Sense & Sensitivity’ ended up to be a great episode with great comedy which opens a door to comedy episodes on Angel.