Season 4 Episode 4

Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2002 on The WB

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  • Another huge installment. Cordy is back in better than always...with amnesia and everything. Charisma looked beautiful and did a great job. character devolpment for everyone again. there were so many good things about it and Cordy moving in with Connor be


    Slouching Toward Bethlehem

    A big classic episode that is very underrated. all the characters had their moment. and Cordy is back with amnesia which gave us a hilarious episode with dark and emotional moments. plus Charisma looked beautiful. Connor also finally got a lot of screen time. the Wes/Lilah relationship kept growing which was awesome. so many good this about this episode. it was one of Cordy's biggest classics.

    cut to some people on a car that Connor is suddenly next to and some vampires arrive and want to kill them but Connor kills the vampires and the man goes back to his family and that's what Connor always wanted. he goes to the hotel and he sees Cordy and the gang see her and ask her to stay with her but she doesn't know anyone and asks if they're he friends and then 'okay who am I?'

    the credits start

    cut to them going to Cordy and Fred thinks she has amnesia. Cordy sees Connor going away and Lorne almost enters but Gunn takes him away. Fred and Angel to into the office and Cordy is freaked out and she sees a knife. when they come out the phone rings and she hears her voice and someone who talks about a demon broad and Fred takes the phone and tells Angel she's sending Gunn over there and that it was the man's wife. Fred leaves and Angel looks at Cordy and she says she wants to go home. cut to her room and Angel tells her what happened and he wants her to remember but she can't and she wants to be alone now and then she practise calling her name in front of the mirror and then looks at pictures and reads her schoolbook where people say weird things like flaming arrows and she doesn't understand. on one picture she's with Angel and a baby and she doesn't know who's baby that is.

    she goes to walk in the halls and hears someone singing and goes away and Lorne looks outside and there is this guy inside who's weird. she goes downstairs where Angel is drinking blood and takes it all away and Cordy finds a bloodstain and then Gunn and Fred come in saying that they murdered babies and Cordy hides and she's afraid and stands up and wants to leave but sees all those swords. she goes out where some guys attack her but she and Angel knock them all out. she thinks she's a spy but Angel tells her she's save and among friends. and that the Cordy they know is very much at home. cut to her room and she asks if she's a mom and shows Angel the baby but he says it's Connor his son but it's not her child and then they almost kiss and she asks if she was a nun because she finds crosses and he turns into a vampire and she screams and runs away when she bumps into Lorne and he scares her more but Angel stop her and they say they are going to tell her everything now.

    cut to a room after she hears everything and she thinks it was weird and now she knows why she doesn't remember. because who'd want to. Lorne tells her to sing and he comes more greener than usual and he goes away and Angel after him and Cordy is frustrated and she wants to be alone without Fred and Gunn. Angel goes over to Lorne and he says it was that bad and it was horrifying and that evil is coming and it's planning on staying. cut to Wes and Lilah and they talk about Cordy and that Angel knows about them and Wesley says he couldn't care about their relationship and he says he lost the bet and now he has to give her a dollar. they look awesome together. cut to Cordy looking for Angel when she's attacked by a flesh eating demon and she runs and Connor fights him and kills it and says she's not save there and she goes away with him.

    cut to the gang seeing the demon but Lorne says that wasn't it and Angel says they have to find Cordy because she must be terrified. cut to Cordy and Connor in a museum and she asks for his name and he says it's Connor and she thinks it's Angels son and he is and he almost killed Angel and her but she's thankful because he's the first that's honest with her and it means a lot. cut to Lilah being called and she goes to the bathroom and Wesley hears it and says that Cordy is gone to Connor and she has to go to work and she leaves and Wes heard everything. cut to Cordy and Connor and she tells him not to go and that she says she doesn't have anything inside but he knows what she likes and she has the impression that he lost everything too but he says he had nothing to loose. she tells him that she trusts him and to not go away. he stays there close to her. cut to the hotel and they nee to find her and Wes arrives and he knows she's with Connor but Angel is not really concerned.

    cut to Cordy and Connor in bed when Connor tells her they are gonna be attacked and some guys come in and they start to fight. Connor and Cordy fight them all but it's to much and they knock them out but Angel and his gang come in to fight the rest. Lilah is watching everything through a camera and tells them to go away again and the guys leave and Angel tells Cordy to go back with him but she wants to stay with Connor cause he’s the only one who has told her the truth and that's what she needs right now. so Angel and the gang leave. cut to the gang coming over to the hotel and they find Lorne and he tells them that a demon sucked everything out his head and got everything and Gunn blames Wes but Angel says that W&H has now everything they needed to know. cut to Wes going over to Lilah and he says she played him but she says he played himself and chose to go with what he heard. and that because Lorne is his friend she didn't kill him. Wesley says it's never simple. cut to Connor watching Cordy sleep and cut to Angel watching an empty bed.

    Black Out
    Best episode quotes:

    Gunn: OK, but three is where I draw the
    Angel: Cordelia?
    Cordelia: Who are you people?
    Angel: My God! It's you. You're back. Don't you remember? Angel. Um, you see her too, right? I'm not just
    Gunn: No, man, it's real.
    Angel: It's OK. We're friends. You know us. Fred. Gunn. You're dazed or something must Thank God you're back.
    Cordelia: So we know each other?
    Angel: Yeah, really well.
    Cordelia: OK, um... who am I?

    Angel: What do you remember?
    Cordelia: I don't know. Numbers. Animals. Flossing.
    Angel: But not us.
    Cordelia: Or me. I don't remember me.
    Angel: You're Cordelia Chase. You work here. With us. You've been gone for a while, but you're safe now. It's OK. We-we're friends. We're here to help you.
    Cordelia: I've been gone?
    Angel: What's important is that you're back?
    Cordelia: Are there other people here?
    Fred: Um, not to sound all "Movie of the Week", but I think you might have some kind of amnesia. Like maybe you fell or banged your head.
    Gunn: Should we take her to a hospital?
    Cordelia: Hospital? I don't need a Not yet, maybe later.
    Fred: I don't think seeing a doctor will solve her problems.
    Angel: Neither will seeing green. You wanna know what might help you remember? Seeing some of your things. You wanna check for her things out in the garden?
    Gunn: Checking away.
    Angel: Hey, Fred. You wanna help me look in the office?
    Fred: Sure. Excuse us.
    Angel: That could've been a disaster. Hi. Welcome back, you're safe. By the way, there's a green demon right behind you.
    Fred: Don't you think we should tell her? I mean we do live in a world of demons and icky things. She's bound to find out.
    Angel: Well, yeah, sure, but I mean let's be smart. I want her to remember who I am before I freak her out with the whole undead, drinks blood part of my resume.
    Fred: Angel, aren't you curious about why she's back?
    Angel: I hadn't even I was just so happy to see her. Why is she back?
    Fred: I don't know. But if Cordy's been where I think she has, anything's possible.
    Cordelia: OK, that's creepy. So's that.
    Angel: Couldn't really find anything of yours in the office.
    Cordelia: That's OK. Shouldn't someone answer that?
    Angel: The machine'll get it. You really don't have to be afraid.
    Cordelia: Easy for you to say. I don't know that. Don't know you, this place... Hi. You've reached Angel Investigations. We can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks! And wait for the beep. But that voice Oh, my God! It's me. I work here.
    Murray: Uh, yeah, this is Murray, down at the spa. Listen, it's after midnight, and uh, you better get down here. That demon broad came back. Looks like she's gonna try and hatch her blood-sucking little
    Fred: We're here. Uh-huh. OK. We'll be right there.
    Cordelia: Did he say "demon broad"?
    Fred: Yeah. His, um, wife. It's an ugly divorce case thing. You know, private eye stuff. I should get Charles and terminate it before the situation multiplies.
    Angel: OK. I'll just stay here and help Cordelia settle in.
    Fred: Ok.
    Angel: So
    Cordelia: I wanna go home. Know where I live?

    Cordelia: This is it? Everything?
    Angel: Fred and Gunn, they moved everything over from your old apartment after you You remember that? You wore it when we went to the ballet.
    Cordelia: The ballet? For real? You and me?
    Angel: We all went, but yeah. Pretty special. I thought maybe you'd remember because... It's too bad. We had, uh, a really good time. Working together too.
    Cordelia: I wish I could remember.
    Angel: Me too. I wanna help you get those memories back.
    Cordelia: Great. But not tonight.
    Angel: I-I understand. If you need any
    Cordelia: I will.
    Angel: You really are among friends.
    Cordelia: Cordelia. Hi. I'm Cordy. I'm Cordelia Chase. I'm Just breathe. Just breathe. Sunnydale. OK, popular. No real surprise there. "Cordelia, homeroom was fun. Too bad it burnt to the ground." What? "Hey, how 'bout that giant snake."
    "Dear Cordelia, thanks for the flaming arrows." Flaming arrows?

    Cordelia: Hello? Somebody down here? Hello? Oh, my God.
    Gunn: How much do I hate those little babies?
    Fred: Tell me about it. I couldn't squish-squash fast enough.
    Gunn: I know we get paid to do it, but that's the kind of mayhem I would do for free.
    Fred: I'm gonna be washing their teeny brains out of my hair for a week.
    Gunn: Hang on. Turn around.
    Fred: What is it?
    Gunn: You don't even want to know. Just hold still.
    Fred: Charles, we should go upstairs. Cordelia doesn't want to know we do this kind of exterminating.
    Gunn: Hang on, almost got it. When do you think fang boy's gonna come clean with her, huh? Spill the really real?
    Fred: I'm sure the time will present itself It's OK. Cordelia...
    Angel: I can explain.
    Cordelia: Wow. How did I?I am a spy. I get it now. You're all spies. Probably all Russian. And you've brainwashed me, and want me to believe we're friends so I'll spill the beans about some nano-techno-thingy that you want.
    Gunn: So... I look Russian to you?
    Cordelia: Black Russian.
    Angel: That's a drink.
    Cordelia: Says the head spy.
    Angel: Nobody here is a spy. Those two guys are lawyers weird as that may seem from Wolfram and Hart. They must know you're back. We'll have to keep her in the hotel so she's safe
    Cordelia: Safe? Is that some kind of joke? Your friends here were just talking about murdering children. And there's-there's-there's singing and blood and-and pointy things. And did I mention the singing? I mean, what the hell is going on here, Angie?
    Angel: Angel.
    Cordelia: Whatever.
    Angel: I know things seem weird. Maybe even scary. But you have to believe me when I tell you we're trying to do everything we can to help you get through this difficult time. The Cordelia that we know the person who you're trying to remember is very much at home here, bizarre as that may seem. So I ask you to look inside, to believe me when I tell you that you're safe and you're among friends who only want the best for you.
    Cordelia: I believe you.

    Cordelia: So, I'm not a spy?
    Angel: No.
    Cordelia: Am I a mom?
    Angel: That's my son. That's Connor. But no, you're not his mother.
    Cordelia: So, we weren't a happy family?
    Angel: Not like that.
    Cordelia: And you and me? We weren't
    Angel: Weren't...
    Cordelia: Together?
    Angel: Not exactly.
    Cordelia: Was I a nun?
    Angel: A what?
    Cordelia: Were we not a happy family because I was a nun?

    Cordelia: That's... everything? It all makes perfect sense now. I was a cheerleader, a princess and a warrior. And I have visions and super powers and I'm the target of an evil law firm because I've spent the last three months living on a higher plane, fighting for the forces of good, who wage a battle against demons and evilies and squishy bug babies, 'cause all that stuff's real and that's the world I live in. And I think I know why I don't remember any of this 'cause, hey who'd want to!
    Lorne: Um, sea breeze?
    Angel: I know it's a lot to take in.
    Cordelia: Says the vampire with a soul and his wacky gang of sidekicks.
    Gunn: Um, not a sidekick.
    Angel: I think there's a way we might be able to sort this out. Pick a song.
    Cordelia: Yeah What?
    Fred: So Lorne can read you.
    Gunn: You sing, he sees your future.
    Angel: Hopefully he'll be able to explain what's happened and how we can get your memory back.
    Cordelia: I can't just sing. I-I don't even know if I'm even musical. Am I?
    Gunn: Sure? You remember any songs?
    Cordelia: W-well, there's so many. How do I pick?
    Angel: It doesn't really matter. I'm kinda a ballad man myself, but, uh... just pick anything.
    Cordelia: Because the greatest love of all is happening to me. I've found the greatest love of all inside of me. The greatest love of all is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself
    Fred: Does he look a little green to you... I mean, more than usual?
    Lorne: Uh, great, enough. OK! You were great. You were great. E-everything's great. We're all just, uh... I see, uh, a very, very, um...
    Cordelia: Was I really that bad?
    Angel: Wasn't you. It was... the song. It reminds him of... um...
    Cordelia: Oh, come on! You guys aren't even good liars. This is ridiculous.
    Gunn: Where you going?
    Cordelia: Out. Away. Does it matter?
    Fred: But it's not safe.
    Cordelia: Oh, right, 'cause of evil ninja law firm.
    Gunn: We'll come with, just in case.
    Cordelia: You keep telling me I was a higher being. Don't make me turn you into a rat.
    Gunn: Can she do that?
    Fred: Um... come on. How 'bout a sandwich. Let's go to the kitchen.
    Gunn: We have cookies.
    Cordelia: I don't want a sandwich. I don't want cookies. I wanna talk to Angel, sans sidekicks.
    Gunn: I am not a sidekick.

    Angel: Lorne. Talk to me. What'd you see?
    Lorne: Go away.
    Angel: If it's that bad, I need to know.
    Lorne: It's that bad. G'night.
    Angel: I need details.
    Lorne: I got none. Just a splitting migraine, a tummy full of rattlesnakes, and a strong suspicion I'm gonna lose my lunch again if I don't start drinking myself silly.
    Angel: C'mon, Lorne. You gotta give me something.
    Lorne: Do the words "slouching towards Bethlehem" ring a bell? Or how about despair, torment, terror? And I'm not referring to little missy's choice of song, either, although that was horrifying in its own right. What I saw was jumbled. It was pieces, flashes. It was enough to make my skin crawl away and scamper under the bed. Evil's coming, Angel, and it's planning on staying.

    Lilah: It's not a secret.
    Wesley: What isn't a secret?
    Lilah: Us. The firm knows that we're... doing this.
    Wesley: Isn't it their job to know this sort of thing. The sordid details of their employees lives.
    Lilah: Mmm... Yeah, I just thought I should tell you. Sordid. Rrreow. Angel knows too.
    Wesley: I don't work for Angel anymore. And I could care less what he thinks.
    Lilah: You faker. That's what you said when he was sleeping with the fishes. We both know how that played out.
    Wesley: That was different. So Angel knows about our relationship. Big deal.
    Lilah: A dollar. You owe me a dollar.
    Wesley: Oh, damn!
    Lilah: You called this a relationship. You lost the bet. You said it first. Sign it first, as proof.
    Wesley: Proof of what?
    Lilah: Of now. Of this.

    Cordelia: How cool is that?
    Connor: I love that one. I wish I'd killed it.
    Cordelia: Kind of a funny way to express your affection. I love you... bang, you're dead. I gotta ask, why were you at the hotel? You live there?
    Connor: No.
    Cordelia: Just decided to drop by?
    Connor: I saw you were back.
    Cordelia: So, we know each other? We're friends?
    Connor: You were nice to me once.
    Cordelia: What about the others? You friends with them?
    Connor: This way.
    Cordelia: Um, if we're gonna be climbing ladders together, maybe, I don't know, you could throw a name at me.
    Connor: Connor.
    Cordelia: Connor? Really, that's funny, Angel has a baby named Connor. Did he name it af Oh, my God. You're him. You're Angel's son.
    Connor: It's not like I got to choose.
    Cordelia: What is this place?
    Connor: Home.
    Cordelia: This is home? If you're Angel's son, why don't you live with him?
    Connor: They didn't tell you? I sunk him to the bottom of the ocean... to punish him.
    Cordelia: You're serious.
    Connor: I tried to kill you too. I was new to this world. Didn't understand. Put a knife to your throat. Sorry.
    Cordelia: Thank you. You're the first person who's been straight with me. 'S told me the truth. Means a lot.

    Cordelia: You're not leaving.
    Connor: I thought you were sleeping.
    Cordelia: Just, don't go, OK?
    Connor: I'm locking the door. You're safe.
    Cordelia: Then why am I so scared? I'm trying to remember little things. Do I have brothers and sisters? What's my favorite food? Who was my first kiss? There's nothing there. Just an empty... Do you know how lonely that makes me feel?
    Connor: You like shoes. And donuts. And you're very brave.
    Cordelia: Really? Donuts?
    Connor: And, you're brave.
    Cordelia: When was I brave?
    Connor: Now. Tonight. You lost everything and you're still strong.
    Cordelia: I have this horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen. Or maybe has happened. And I can't remember it. And I don't know what to do or who to trust except you. I don't know why, but I trust you. Why do I get the feeling that you've lost everything too?
    Connor: I had nothing to lose.
    Cordelia: Don't go too far, OK?

    Gunn: That's right, monkey boys. Don't mess with the big dog! (to Angel and Fred) It's better than sidekick.
    Angel: Did they hurt you? Are you OK?
    Cordelia: Yeah, I'm OK.
    Connor: I didn't expect so many.
    Angel: You tried. I appreciate it. And I really like what you've, um, done with the...nice. We should probably get you back home.
    Cordelia: Actually, I'd like to stay here. With Connor.
    Angel: I don't think that's the best idea. Connor's a great fighter. I helped train him. But you need more than just muscle right now.
    Cordelia: You're right. I need someone who won't lie to me... like you did. All of you, I know you were trying to help, but the truth is the only way to do that, and that's what Connor's given to me.
    Angel: Keep her safe.

    Fred: If it makes you feel better, I would have chosen you.
    Angel: Thanks. But no, it doesn't.
    Gunn: Hey, just remember, man, that's not really Cordy well, not all of her.
    Angel: Maybe she's right. Maybe we should've spilled everything from the start, you know? Played it all card-up.
    Gunn: You mean demons and monsters and vamps card-up? Wouldn't've worked.
    Fred: She's confused is all. Give her time. She'll see the truth: who the real champion is.
    Gunn: Damn straight! If Team Angel hadn't shown up with a little clobbering time, Wolfram and Hart would've nabbed her and probably
    Fred: Oh, my God!
    Angel: Lorne?
    Fred: Is he alive?
    Angel: What happened? Who did this?
    Lorne: W...
    Gunn: Wesley? Not again.
    Angel: Wolfram and Hart.
    Gunn: OK, but-but why? I thought Cordy was their target.
    Angel: They must've known Lorne read her.
    Gunn: OK wait, so are you saying that the slam dance at Connor's place was a decoy?
    Angel: And we fell for it like a bunch of rookies. They weren't after Cordy, they were after what Lorne saw when she sang.
    Fred: They sucked it out of his head?
    Lorne: Mm-hmm.
    Angel: How much? What'd they get?
    Lorne: They had they had a demon. I-I wouldn't talk. And the thing burrowed... inside. And took Cordy out.
    Angel: Lorne, how much did they get?
    Lorne: All of it.
    Fred: They tricked us.
    Gunn: Wolfram and Hart or Wesley. He's the one who showed up with the hot tip about Junior. How do we know he's not the one playing us?
    Angel: We don't. But what we do know is that Wolfram and Hart may now know more about Cordy's doom and gloom thing than we do. And that's a problem.

    Lilah: Ooh. A drop-by. That's a surprise.
    Wesley: Is it?
    Lilah: Well, that it took you so long, yeah.
    Wesley: You played me.
    Lilah: You played yourself.
    Wesley: On the phone, you wanted me to hear that so I would tell Angel.
    Lilah: Free will. Look it up.
    Wesley: Lilah...
    Lilah: I was just doing my job. You're the one who decided to take what you overheard and give it to the good-n-plentys. So before you go all righteous fury, figure out who you're really mad at here.
    Wesley: What was the real plan?
    Lilah: Let's just say, I could've had Lorne's brain in a jar, but I left it in his head 'cause he's a friend of yours.
    Wesley: What's that supposed to do? Lull me into trusting you again?
    Lilah: If I'd thought you'd ever trust me, I would've never played you like that.
    Wesley: It's never simple, is it?

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