Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2003 on The WB

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  • The Truth Unfolds

    Soulless-Angel's soul has been removed, and Angelus has come to the fore. Now, in the middle of a city shrouded in eternal night, the gang must try to get information from one of the most dangerous vampires ever to roam the earth.

    An very dark and impressive episode with a chilling performance from David. He immediately recaptures the sinister and cold attitude that made Angelus such a highlight in Buffy's 2nd season. It's great to see Angelus as he tortures the whole gang with the truth, yet using lies and deception to create tension in the group. Like the Gunn-Wesley-Fred triangle that been going on since last season and watching the tension explode between them is hard to watch. From Wesley kissing Fred for the first time, to Gunn walking in after it, to Wesley and Gunn fighting each other only for Fred to get hurt in the crossfire. There is also shocking scenes like Angelus strangling Fred, to Cordelia offering herself for him to the oracle family being found slaughtered. I got to say Wesley was solid throughout going toe to toe with words at Angelus, just goes to show how strong he has become with Alexis giving a wonderful performance. The episode ends with a big cliffhanger as just when the gang decides to bring Angel back, his soul is gone! All and All, a superb episode with strong acting, great writting and a lot of tension.
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