Season 4 Episode 6

Spin the Bottle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Narrated by Lorne, this episode picks up where the previous one left off. Angel admits to Cordy that he has feelings for her, but says he doesn't know how she felt about him. He says they had made a date to meet at the bluffs, and that was the last he ever saw of her. Lorne shows up and says he's acquired a spell to return Cordy's memory, with no side effects - he promises. Six people are needed for the spell, so Lorne calls Wesley to come to the hotel. At the hotel, Wes asks Fred about what happened with Seidel. Gunn sees this dialogue and figures out that Fred went to Wesley for help in killing Seidel. Gunn threatens to kill Wes if Wes goes near Fred. Wes responds by shooting out a nifty knife from a contraption on his arm. Meanwhile, Connor fends off some vampires who are attacking a prostitute in an alley. The girl is so thankful that she offers to have sex with Connor - for $50. Connor doesn't have the cash, though, so he's out of luck. Back at the hotel, the gang sits in a circle and does the spell. They all ingest some white smoke and start acting very stoned. Lorne passes out behind the counter. Cordy accidentally breaks the bottle used in the spell and things get even weirder. The Fang Gang reverts back to their sixteen-year-old personalities. Cordy is bitchy Queen C from Sunnydale, who thinks she's part of some prank done by immature sophomores. Gunn is lone wolf guy, not trusting anyone. Wes is soon-to-be-watcher guy, trying to take charge of the situation. Fred, shockingly, just wants some weed to smoke. And Angel thinks he's still "Liam," and is shocked by the girls' clothing, and his lack of an Irish accent. They discover an unconscious Lorne behind the counter and freak out. They tie up Lorne and ponder killing him. Fred is sure that their situation is the work of the government, or aliens, but Wes convinces them that it's all a test set up for them. They've been locked in this hotel, Wes says, and their job is to split up and find a vampire, and kill him. The gang splits up to search the hotel, and Fred still wants some weed. Cordy and Angel go into a hotel room and Cordy tries to hit on him. Angel is shocked when he suddenly vamps out (though Cordy doesn't see him do this). Angel excuses himself and rushes to the restroom, where he discovers that he has no reflection. Angel realizes that he's the vampire the gang has been searching for. When they regroup downstairs, Angel nervously tries to hide the fact that he's a vampire. He's doing pretty good at it until Lorne wakes up and tells them that Angel's a vamp. Angel then knocks Lorne unconscious. The gang attacks Angel, and he freaks out and attacks them back. Angel says he's going to kill Fred and Cordy, so Wes tells the girls to run while Wes fends off Angel. Wes doesn't do a very good job, though, and Angel goes after Cordy. She starts screaming, and Connor suddenly arrives and attacks Angel. Cordy tells Connor that she'll reward him handsomely (hint, hint) if he kills Angel. Back in the lobby, Fred is tending to an injured Gunn when Lorne wakes up and tries to talk some sense into Ms. Burkle. He asks her to listen to her heart, and so she unties him and lets him feed her some of the powder from the bottle. Fred regains her memory. Fred rushes downstairs and screams at Connor and Angel to not kill each other. They all go back upstairs and receive the powder to regain their memories. Cordy gets her memory back and has a vision of a horrible, devilish monster (but she doesn't tell the others). She runs off, and Angel runs after her. Angel asks if she's regained her memory, and Cordy says she remembers everything. "Were we in love?" Angel asks. "We were," Cordy tells him, but she can't deal with this, and she needs some time to think, and so she leaves.
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