Season 4 Episode 6

Spin the Bottle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on The WB

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  • "Got any weed?"

    Spin The Bottle is without a doubt the funniest episode of Angel and loses out to first place in the entire 'verse to Doppelgangland for the funniest episode. It's almost a direct copy of Buffy 6.08 "Tabula Rasa" but I find this episode much better. Whereas Tabula Rasa took away all of our character's entire memories, this episode took away their memories from after their seventeenth birthday. Cordelia is the nasty b*tch, Fred is a pothead, Wesley is the huge clumsy geek, Gunn is the aggressive tough guy and Angel is an 1700's Irish peasant. What's so great about this episode is that while it is absolutely hilarious, it's one of the most important episodes of the series. Not many episodes are like this but Spin The Bottle is pivotal because it is the episode where our gang mistakenly re-awake Jasmine inside Cordelia. This one scene is probably the most important this season as the rest of the season is built around this. The flash to The Beast's eyes was suitably creepy and mysterious.

    However the reason this episode is so great is that it's just so funny. We haven't really had a funny episode since "Carpe Noctem" which wasn't great but here 90% of the episode is funny. It was so great to see Cordelia back to Sunnydale Cordelia and I thought that seeing as Cordelia has changed so much, the writers did a great job bringing back the b*tch she once was. She had some excellent lines and Charisma Carpenter looked like she was having great fun portraying the nastier side of Cordy. Same goes with Alexis Denisof who was at his funniest here- Wesley has changed so much too and it was so good to see the clumsy geek he once was. Fred was brilliant too and I really really love Teenage Fred; she's just like an immature, crazier version of Fred and her lines about wanting to "score some weed" make me laugh every time. Angel/Liam was funny too but definitely not the highlight. He had an innocent sense of humour and David Boreanaz was great but he was overshadowed by Cordelia, Wesley and Fred. However, Teenage Gunn was completely irritating and served no purpose but to run his mouth off. I really didn't like him and would have much preferred he was knocked out at the start.

    I love the way Lorne narrated the episode; it was a nice touch and it gave Lorne something to do this episode. We are left wondering whether it post NFA Lorne as he seemed slightly different and his description of bringing Cordelia's memories back made me think he was remembering the Jasmine-caused badness. Connor was just extremely annoying here and I really hate the Cordy/Connor thing. He acts like a spoilt child and was ready to kill his own father just to score with Cordelia. He comes across as self-centred and I honestly have no sympathy for him anymore; he's just a bad character. I was glad Angel/Liam beat him up though.

    Spin The Bottle was an incredible episode that was hilarious and pivotal at the same time. A gem of S4 and the series as a whole.
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